Terry Crews Might Stream Crackdown 3 On Twitch, And More If Viewers Aren't Toxic

Terry Crews recently opened up about Crackdown 3, toxic Twitch viewers, and why he prefers newly-launched streaming service Caffeine.

Terry Crews recently opened up to Screen Rant about Crackdown 3, toxic Twitch viewers and why he prefers recently launched streaming app Caffeine.

Terry Crews is an actor, activist, artist, former NFL player, and gamer. As well as currently appearing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he plays NYPD Sergeant Terry Jeffords, Crews also has a big gaming project up his sleeve.

He stars as Commander Jaxon in Microsoft’s upcoming game, Crackdown 3, set to release on February 15th. The title takes place ten years after the events of Crackdown 2 and centers around a terrorist attack, which cuts the world's power. The Agency is once again called upon to strike back against Terra Nova, a mysterious organization that appears to be responsible. When the first strike fails, Jaxon is tasked with leading players characters, super-powered agents, to finish the job.

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With his love of gaming well documented, it would stand to reason that Terry may be up for streaming Crackdown 3. However, when asked about Twitch by Screen Rant he was quite scathing about the community saying, “Well you know, one thing about Twitch is that it can just be really really toxic at times, especially now.”

It's a bold statement to make, but not altogether surprising, especially given some of Twitch’s latest scandals. Just last month there was uproar when a streamer, who allegedly beat his wife during a stream, was allowed back onto the platform just a couple of weeks later.

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His dislike of Twitch, however, doesn’t rule out the possibility of streaming. It seems that Terry has in fact taken to recently launched streaming service Caffeine. He says of the platform “But there is an app called Caffeine that is more insular, a little more protected, and the people who you’re gonna play with, your social circle, is hand-picked. And, so that’s the app I’ve been streaming on.”

Caffeine was set up by two former Apple executives and is currently in beta. Ben Keighran, former product design lead for Apple TV, says "Our goal was to re-imagine every aspect of live broadcasting—ignoring the good things we could do and focusing on the really great things instead."

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It remains to be seen how Caffeine fares against its competitors, but a thumbs up from Crews certainly won’t do it any harm. The actor hasn’t entirely ruled out Twitch either saying “I might do one big Twitch [stream], just to see how it goes, and hopefully it doesn’t get too mean.”

With the game set to release later this week, I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out.

Crackdown 3 releases on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on 15 February.

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