Tesla Cars Will Get A Racing Game You Can Play With The Steering Wheel (Presumably While Parked)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed that his company's electric cars will be launching a racing game that can be controlled with the steering wheel.

This comes after news that Cuphead is set to be ported to certain Tesla models, with the cars already having a selection of old-school Atari games installed.

Well, if you're going to buy a car that allows you to play games, you might as well have at least one racing title, which is exactly the logic Musk seems to have taken into consideration.

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The Tesla chief recently sat down for a chinwag with Bethesda director Todd Howard and E3 host Geoff Keighley, discussing video games, space colonization, and artificial intelligence. Musk would open up on some of Tesla's plans as it relates to the porting of games during the chat.

He showed a clip of someone playing Cuphead with a controller before showing 2018 racing game Beach Buggy Racing 2 being played with the steering wheel. If you're concerned about the game being played while the car is being driven, you probably shouldn't; Tesla's games can only be played while the car is in park.

“I mean, if you have a racing game and you have a steering wheel...it’s sitting right there, waiting to be steered,” Musk said after the clips were shown.

He also revealed that the brake pedal could be used for the game but not the gas.

"The brake is wired in," he explained. "And I think we’ll probably have the scroll wheel for the gas pedal just so somebody doesn’t accidentally... " "Launch themselves," Howard cut in.

"Stepping on the break, when you’re stationary, is not a problem," Musk added.

The Tesla CEO did not reveal when Beach Buggy Racing 2 will launch for the cars but we don't imagine too many Tesla owners cutting impatient figures over this development.

They might feel a little more eager to play Fallout Shelter, though. Oh yeah, that game's coming to Teslas too.

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