You Can Win A Luigi’s Mansion 3 Theme In Tetris 99 Just In Time For Halloween

Nintendo is hosting another "Maximus Cup" in Tetris 99 with a Luigi's Mansion 3 theme on offer.

With Halloween fast approaching and the release of Luigi's Mansion 3 getting closer, Nintendo is gearing up for a cross-promotion in Tetris 99 to garner hype. Much like similar events in the past, this weekend will see a new "Maximus Cup" event with a theme up for grabs. Based on Luigi's next outing, players will drop blocks and vacuum ghosts as they attempt to become king of Tetris...or whatever you call the winner in Tetris 99. I can't quite seem to grab a victory.

The event will run from October 25 until October 29. As with prior themes, players will simply need to earn 100 points in matches over the weekend to claim their reward. You'll earn a fixed amount of points based on your finishing position, with higher places granting more points overall. It's fairly easy to earn this, even if you aren't quite skilled at Tetris.

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A short trailer released on Nintendo of Japan's Twitter account gives us a glimpse of the theme in action. As players get higher in rank, Tetris 99 ramps up the music and intensity to really test your mettle. This trailer shows how the song will warp when the numbers thin out. Surprisingly, the iconic Luigi's Mansion theme isn't present, instead using music specifically from the new sequel.

These little events are a great way to incentivize returning to Tetris 99. While an addicting game in its own right, being able to earn cosmetic items like this goes a long way for players unable to clinch victory. As I said above, I've come close, but can't quite last long enough. With Nintendo giving out little prizes simply for playing, it feels like I'm working towards a goal other than a simple win.

We're likely to see a few more "Maximus Cups" before the end of 2019, possibly with some past themes making a return. That would be good for collectors that missed certain events since the Big Block DLC does not include a way to earn them through tickets. Even if we don't, Tetris 99 is fun enough on its own to be worth occupying space on your Switch. These events are just icing on the cake.

Source: Nintendo of Japan

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