Tetris 99 Gets An Offline Mode As Paid DLC; New Tournament Offers Classic GB Skin As Prize

Tetris 99's Big Block DLC will let you play a single-player, offline version of the game, and an upcoming tournament offers a new skin for high scores

Tetris 99 Cover

Tetris 99 is the best reason to own a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, but it’s now possible to play the game without needing to face other players online, as the first paid DLC pack for Tetris 99 allows offline play.

It’s now possible to purchase the Big Block DLC pack for Tetris 99, which unlocks the CPU Battle mode and Marathon mode. The CPU Battle mode is essentially a single player version of the base game, where the player gets to challenge 98 computer controlled opponents instead of the maniacs who do nothing but play Tetris 99 all day. The Marathon mode is essentially the Endless mode from other puzzle games, where the player has to survive for as long as they can and earn as high a score as possible.

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The main change that the Big Block DLC mode brings to Tetris 99 is that it allows people to play the game without requiring a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It's possible to download the Tetris 99 app for free and purchase the Big Block DLC in order to own a single player version of the game, which will allow players to experience the game without needing to commit to a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.


The other big news in the world of Tetris 99 is that the upcoming 3rd Maximus Cup will offer a special prize to those who earn enough points through competing in matches - a skin that makes the game resemble the original Tetris on the Game Boy.

In order to unlock the Game Boy skin, the player needs to earn one hundred points by competing in matches. The number of points the player earns will be higher depending on their final position in each match. In order to compete in the 3rd Maximus Cup, the player will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently spoke highly of Tetris 99 and the effect it was having on Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions, to the point where he implied that more free games were on the way. It seems that Nintendo isn't done with Tetris 99 if they are adding new content and paid DLC to the game.

The Big Block DLC for Tetris 99 is available now for $9.99. The 3rd Maximus Cup is due to run from May 17 to May 19, 2019.

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