Tetris 99 Is Getting A Physical Release In Preparation For More Offline Modes

Tetris 99 Cover

Tetris 99 is receiving a physical edition that will come bundled with a twelve-month subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. The physical version of Tetris 99 will also include the Big Block DLC, which adds several modes that don't require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play.

Tetris 99 is a game that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch and is considered to be one of the best reasons to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which is required to play the online mode of the game. The game has received downloadable content in the form of the Big Block DLC, which allows people to play the game offline. The Big Block DLC adds the CPU Battle mode to the game, which allows the player to take on computer-controlled opponents, and the Marathon mode, which acts as an endless mode.

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One of the reasons why Tetris 99 is receiving a physical edition is due to the Big Block DLC adding more functions for those who purchased it. The official Tetris 99 page on the Nintendo website lists a Local Arena mode and a 2P Share Battle mode as coming to the game later this year. The Local Arena mode allows eight people to play each other locally, while the 2P Share Battle mode allows two players to grab a Joy-Con and play against each other.

It might seem like a strange idea to release a physical version of Tetris 99, as the game is a free download and it only takes up around five hundred megabytes of space. It seems likely that the September release of the game is going to be part of a push to attract people back to Nintendo Switch Online, as the bulk of the current subscribers joined the service when it launched in September 2018 and most of them purchased the annual plan. Nintendo has already offered Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions with other games, like Super Mario Maker 2, so it's possible that the physical edition of Tetris 99 is just a way of dolling up a new annual sub, especially as we still don't know how much it will cost to buy.

The physical edition of Tetris 99 will be available on September 20, 2019.

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