Tetris 99 Gets Update, Unfortunately No New Maps Or Guns

It’s odd for a battle royale game to get an update that doesn’t feature a Poison Trap or a new legend, but Tetris 99 isn’t any old battle royale. Ready your Pro Controllers, because there’s an update coming.

We live in a strange world, don’t we? The flavor of the month comes and goes, and nobody but industry pundits can predict what’s going to be the Next Big Thing™ (and they’re not usually very accurate). We couldn’t tell you what flavor battle royale games are (probably salty with a hint of raspberry), but it looks as though they’re going to reign supreme for the foreseeable future.

Now, we all knew about Fortnite. You can hardly miss it, with all the drama that super-popular streamer Ninja seems to get embroiled in. Apex Legends was much more of a curveball (where did it come from?), but has very quickly established itself as the hottest property in the battle royale space.

And then there’s Tetris 99.

Developers and publishers are falling over themselves to add battle royale modes to some of the biggest franchises. It’s a bit of a natural transition in some cases, such as Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode. Battle royale Tetris, of all things, is absolutely unnatural, but it works surprisingly well. If you’re a competitive gamer with a knack for puzzles, this free software is the biggest perk of a Nintendo Switch Online subscription -- even if you really want those NES controllers, which you probably don’t.

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Tetris 99 has been available since February, though, so the Tetris veterans among you have probably mastered the art and are racking up those wins as we speak (if you need a little more help, check out our in-depth guide to winning games). The enthusiasts among you will probably welcome this subtle yet possibly important update, especially if you’d rather play while your Switch is docked.

Firstly, as you can see above, the win screen has been altered to give it a little more oomph. New sensitivity options have also been added to make the game much more friendly to Pro Controller users. Helpful Redditor Negyxo explains:

“For those wondering... High sensitivity is the old default hard drop. New 'Low Sensitivity' makes it so a half press doesn't register as a hard drop. Makes it less twitchy but more reliable for people using the pro controller.”

Aside from that, a new system for awarding points based on a player’s placing in events has been added. It's nothing major, all in all, but little tweaks and buffs are always welcome. Let’s hope this super unconventional hit continues to get the support it deserves.

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