Tetris Royale To Release On Mobile Devices

It looks like Nintendo may have some competition in the realm of Tetris battle royales.

Tetris 99 was a big success when it released earlier this year. Exclusive to the Switch via Nintendo Switch Online, it not only grabbed players’ attention due to its unique take on the battle royale genre, but it also showed what Nintendo was capable of doing in terms of bringing extra value to their online service.

While Switch owners have been able to feel the joy of beating other players at Tetris, there are obviously some who haven’t had the money to buy themselves Nintendo’s latest console. Those unfortunate souls have had to sit in silence, never getting to show off their superior block placing skills. Well worry no longer folks, as a new Tetris battle royale is coming to your phone.

Tetris Royale is a new game that’s coming to smartphones this year from The Tetris Company, and a mobile company by the name of N3twork. It looks like it will be quite similar to Tetris 99, except the player count will get up to 100, so they managed to figure out how to cram one extra player into their game.

The game will feature seasonal leaderboards, a single player mode, daily competitions, and daily challenges. You can earn special rewards from completing these challenges, such as power-ups, and special customization options to make your Tetris boards look extra spiffy.

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It seems like a rather bold move to challenge Nintendo by essentially making the exact same game, but considering that this game is primarily for smartphones, it’s not really direct competition.

The big question is exactly how bad the microtransaction system is going to to be in Tetris Royale. It’s incredibly likely that this game will adopt some kind of standard free to play business model, and if it goes down a particularly scummy route with its additional purchases, then you might be better off doing your Tetris battles on your Switch.

There’s no release date as of yet for Tetris Royale, but according to N3twork, there should be a beta launching sometime this year on iOS, and Android devices. As long as the game doesn’t constantly ask for your credit card number, you might be able to enjoy a Tetris battle royale game everywhere you go.

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