Tfue Might Be Facing A Permanent Ban On Twitch

Tfue just became Twitch's number one streamer in Ninja's absence, and began his reign by using a questionable word that might equal a ban.

Tfue is experiencing heat right now for violating the all-too-familiar Twitch guideline regarding hateful conduct and race. While streaming Minecraft last night, Tfue was speaking in a silly voice directed at the NPC pillagers he was fighting. During the fight, Tfue stated, "y'all motherf***ers killed that n***a," instantly creating controversy by using the racial slur.

Considering Tfue just passed Shroud for number one on the platform in follows, this was not a great way to start his reign at the top. Plenty of buzz has already popped up on Twitch, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter. Even Keemstar picked up the news and discussed the possibility of a permaban in his most recent episode of "#DramaAlert," adding to the publicity.

Although it appears that Tfue had no hateful intent behind the riff, whether or not this will affect the severity of Twitch's reaction is unclear. Other streamers have been banned for similar cases – others have been given a pass. Most notably, Ninja's use of the same slur back in March was forgiven despite mixed reactions, due to the fact he was singing lyrics; Tfue doesn't seem to have much of a case here, however.

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In the past, streamers PinkWardlol and TF Blade were accused of using the slur, but adamantly denied it. Upon Twitch reviewing the clips, the findings were inconclusive yet led to temporary suspensions for the streamers. If Twitch acts consistently, then Tfue can expect some type of similar punishment.

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This incident might lead to another temporary suspension for the new top streamer, but it also might spell his permanent removal from the platform. Twitch has a 3-strike rule, meaning that streamers can be suspended twice for violating guidelines. On the third violation, Twitch reserves the right to remove the streamer from the platform. Unfortunately for Tfue, he was suspended two times in the past; once for saying "coon" on stream (which Tfue claims was unrelated to the racial slur) and another for an unspecified reason.

As of now, neither Tfue nor Twitch has addressed the occurrence, which seems to be pretty telling. Twitch is receiving heavy criticism for giving streamers with large audiences special treatment and so far, this inaction might end up causing more problems for their growing reputation for holding double standards.

Sources: Dotesports, DailyDot

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