Tfue Protests Dellor's Permanent Twitch Ban By Doing The Same Thing That Got Dellor Banned

Tfue Smashes Keyboard To Protest Dellor Twitch Ban

Burning time while awaiting news on the fate of Fortnite, Tfue pulled off a risky stunt by smashing a keyboard on stream. Veteran YouTuber and Twitch streamer Matt "Dellor" Vaughn was recently banned permanently from the platform following an outburst that ended with him smashing a keyboard on his head; Twitch justified the ban by pointing to "self-harm" as the reason (not to mention multiple past infractions). Many Dellor fans have rushed to his defense, namely Tfue, who protested Dellor's ban by smashing a keyboard across his knee after saying, "can we get some 'free Dellor' in the chat, please."

Tfue's concerned teammates can be heard warning him not to hurt himself, though the Fortnite star essentially ignores them and carries out the keyboard's assassination. Considering Dellor's turbulent history and the method used to carry out the destruction on his own keyboard, Tfue is likely in the clear this time (despite the sensitivity of the topic).

Tfue is no stranger to ducking in and out of the streaming world. He has dealt with suspensions himself – and only just returned to Twitch after almost a 3-week hiatus, citing mental health concerns as the cause for his break.

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It seems like the break from Twitch treated Tfue well, however, as he has returned in full-form, retaining a healthy amount of viewership since coming back. Even without Fortnite due to "The End" event, the streamer still managed to haul in over 300,000 viewers at the peak of the broadcast.

Dellor has also stayed afloat despite his permanent removal from Twitch, pulling in over 20,000 viewers during an unannounced YouTube livestream test.

Leading up to the successful YouTube stream, he tried to appeal his ban on Twitch despite acknowledging the low chances of success. It seems Dellor knew his fate was sealed after this situation, but has nevertheless remained determined to continue his career as a gamer, streamer, and content creator.

Twitch has always been uneasy with the streamer's antics on their platform and finally pulled the plug on him, but it seems clear that Dellor's fans have held steadfast with their faith in him. With Tfue now in the fray, his continued support is likely to only strengthen from here. It may be "The End" for Fortnite, but not for Dellor just yet.

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