25 Thanos Comics That Made Us Go "Same"

After Infinity War was released the internet to the opportunity to create funny comics about the Mad Titan, Thanos.

Thanos has become equally loved and hated by fans old and new since the release of Infinity War. This villain, brought to life by the amazing Josh Brolin, was given a certain depth that probably surprised many movie goers and comic book fans. Apparently the studio decided to foregoThanos’ usual desire to get the attention of Mistress Death, at least for now, and delved a bit into why he’s considered the Mad Titan which gave his quest a bit more soul than before. He’s not trying to win the heart of an entity, he’s trying to bring balance to the universe.

Too bad that Thanos’ idea of “balance” is to wipe out half the universe in order to conserve resources. It’s not as if he could have just, we don’t know, created more resources or anything, right? No matter where you stand on the matter, you can still relate to a good deal of things about Thanos, whether it be his actions of even just thoughts on how he operates or interacts with others. We’re taking a look at 25 comics about Thanos that will make you go “same!” Beware heavy spoilers ahead for the Marvel Universe!

25 How Can You Say No?

via: Tumblr.com

Thanos isn’t exactly one for genuinely smiling. If you’re lucky you might catch him chuckling darkly when he’s about to give Mistress Death yet another sorely unwanted “gift”. However, an all-powerful gauntlet fitted with two extremely powerful Infinity Stones? That’s enough to turn anyone’s frown upside down, even everyone’s favourite purple villain.

Look at this guy, he almost looks adorable as he blushes and daydreams about wiping out half the universe.

24 Can’t Even Stand Up To Stretch

via: Deviantart.com (Fadri)

Anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the Game of Thrones TV series knows two universal truths. Winter is coming, and you can’t trust Littlefinger. Aiden Gillen will never have another role where the audience doesn’t immediately suspect his character is up to something.

Thanos and Littlefinger do have one thing in common. They both love chaos. 

That’s all right though, because he will  always play a stellar villain. If anything, it’s amazing that we haven’t seen Littlefinger appear in the extended multiverse that Marvel is a part of. At least he’ll make a great seat cushion, Thanos!

Comic by Fadri.

23 Nebula Wants To Conquer Worlds Too!

via: Deviantart.com (Kuhsor)

If there’s anything that Thanos is known for, it’s consecutively winning the “Worst Father of the Year” award. Let’s list just some of the ways he's earned the title. He obviously picks favourites in front of his other children, he forces them to undergo modifications that they don’t want no matter how painful or extreme, he pits his children against each other in an effort to make them “strong”, and 95% of the time is the entire reason why they are in need of a parent in the first place!

This illustration is a clear painting of the Thanos household, with poor Nebula left out, once again, while Gamora gets all the attention. No wonder she and her sister don’t get along.

22 Daddy Issues For Days

via: Funnyton.com

Peter Quill didn’t know anything about his dad while he lived on Earth, other than the fact that he just wasn’t there. Growing up in outer space, Peter ended up finding a father figure in Yondu, the space bandit who kidnapped him as a child. While he may have missed his family, he was likely too busy dealing with space stuff to really think about who his real father might be.

Maybe Thanos, Gamora, and Nebula need a sit down with Dr.Phil. 

Until his real father turned out to be a giant, sentient planet that tries to trick him into seeding the entire universe with his spores, making everything there is just like him. It’s understandable that Quill is going to have some trauma. But, he might have to make room for his therapist to help Gamora and Nebula sort out their own daddy issues. After being adopted and raised by the very villain, who destroyed their homes in the first place, they're may want to talk it out. 

21 Not Even Once, Mantis

via: Funnyton.com

Thanos is referred to again and again in the Marvel comic book universe as a god. Considering the kind of power levels that he boasts, that sort of comparison isn’t exactly off the mark. This huge purple alien can take on the Hulk and beat him so badly that he refuses to appear again after ward.

Keep in mind that up until now, the Hulk has been treated as some kind of unstoppable force by the rest of the Marvel Universe. The very idea of Mantis even attempting to take on Thanos is essentially a joke and of itself, even for a hero who’s considered one of the fiercest fighters and strongest psychics in the galaxy.

20 Dad-os

via: Funnyton.com

Thanos is one of the most terrifyingly powerful villains that Marvel heroes ever face. He’s just about invulnerable, he’s extremely intelligent and resourceful, and can easily go toe-to-toe with the Hulk when need be. He is easily one of the most intimidating figures anyone can meet. Unless you are Nebula or Gamora. You see, Thanos has a strange hobby of “collecting” children from places he’s destroyed to raise as his own, eventually becoming his agents.

Maybe he tells Dad jokes? 

Considering that Nebula and Gamora grew up under his guidance, and even Nebula outright refers to him as “dad”, it’s easy so imagine that where everyone else sees a villain, they just see some dangerous elderly father figure that they need to stop.

19 Not Like This!

via: Gagnova.com

Thanos’ ultimate goal in Infinity War is to slow the use of resources by, literally, halving the universes’ population. Or at least that’s what he claims. How do we really know that he’s just tired of a crowded commute on his way to work? Anyone who has ever been on a crowded subway, bus, or streetcar can easily say that they’ve been squished in on more than one occasion.

Conveniently, Thanos offers the nice and simple solution of just snapping his problems away. He could of course just made the subway car bigger, but who are we to just how an all powerful being gets comfortable on his commute in?

Comic by Komik Sonma.

18 Really, Thanos? Did He Really Have To Go?

via: Pinterest.ca

Go ahead and ask someone who has seen Infinity War what the saddest moment in the movie was. If they answer anything else other than Peter Parker being turned into dust by the Infinity Stones, then they’re either lying or wrong. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, is way in over his head during the events of Infinity War, and Tony Stark is right to be scared out of his wits for Peter’s safety during the whole ordeal.

It doesn’t matter how competent the high schooler is, he's still a kid. Anyone who’s seen the heart-breaking scene would know exactly would agree with this tweeter. We would do anything to save the lovable kid, even if it means taking his place on the battlefield. Not today, Thanos! Not today.

17 It’s Past Your Bedtime Parker!

via: Pinterest.ca

Peter Parker is a kid, plain and simple. The casting team deserves a raise for not only finding the perfect Spiderman, but also finding an actor that for once can pass as a teen. Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, as good looking as they are, are not convincing teens in the least. On that, Thanos agrees on, as shown in this comic.

Maybe he is't the worst dad ever after all.

Considering Thanos’ tendency to take care of children he comes in contact with, it’s a surprise that he didn’t call a time out during the fight to give him a lecture and send him to back home to bed using his Infinity Stones.

16 Everyone And Their Neighbour Have A Mom Named Martha

via: Pinterest.ca

Dawn of Justice was a dark and visually stunning movie, and had the most awesome superhero introduction ever when Wonder Woman shows up to save the day. Nothing, however, will ever take back just how awful the sudden reconciliation between Batman and Superman was.

For those who missed it, it more or less boils down to Superman desperately saying his mother was in danger, while also using her first name (Martha) which just so happened to coincide with Batman’s mother’s name. This outright stupid moment is hilariously parodied here when Captain America tries it on Thanos, who point blank says that that’s not going to work here.

15 Get Help!

via: Pinterest.ca

In the Marvel universe, Thor isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. While he’s gotten better as the franchise has worn on, Thor is still regularly teased about his less than stellar intellect. That doesn’t mean that Thor isn’t capable of outside-the-box thinking, it just means that they aren’t always the best ideas, and are often implemented at the exact wrong moment.

Thor, we love you. But,"Get Help" isn't going to work in this situation sweetheart. 

Thor: Ragnarok introduced us to one of Thor’s favourite distractions, a manoeuvre called “Get Help” that involves him bodily hurling his brother Loki at his enemies to surprise them. Loki’s reluctance can give you an idea who came up with such a ridiculous idea in the first place.

14 Your Tesseract Was Declined, Sir

via: Pinterst.ca

Loki may be a person of interest to the Avengers, but he’s still not their favourite person. Loki’s actor Tom Hiddleston has described Loki’s attitude in the latest Avengers as having bought a pizza for the Avengers, but forgetting his wallet. All he has to pay for it is his Tesseract, an artifact that contains one of the Infinity Stones.

This is hilariously demonstrated in this comic, with Thanos being some kind of delivery boy who suddenly finds he needs to bring out his debit machine. Too bad Thanos only takes Tesseract with unwanted cashback though.

Comic by Cyanwhisky.

13 No Fighting, Kids!

via: Pinterst.ca

There’s not much more cute than re-imagining super powered heroes as kids, and then putting them into kid-like situations. This comic is adorably placing kid-Avengers at the arcade, playing the brand new Thanos game.

Give Cap a little space guys, he doesn't do well under pressure!

It’s hard to tell what Captain America is playing here, whether this supposed to be Galaga or Space Invaders. Either way he might not be playing for long with everyone trying to backseat game for him. The Hulk isn’t exactly happy about being used as a step stool though, so this gaming session might be over even sooner.

12 It’s Always Brighter On The Dark Side

via: Pinterst.ca

There aren’t many things that are constant in Hollywood. One of those things though is that the bad guys always have better dramatic timing and stylists than the heroes. As the villain-turned-hero Megamind of the movie of the same name tells us, the only thing that divides a villain from a supervillain is presentation.

Boy, do the Black Order deliver in Infinity War. Not only is their space ship a flying donut, they also make use of surgical needles to persuade Doctor Strange, who is a surgeon himself, to give up the Time Stone. Even Thanos gets in on the drama, using an iconic finger snap to end half the universe after letting the Avengers think that they won for a second. Now that is presentation, and it’s no wonder that Peter wants to get in on it.

Comic by Cyanwhisky.

11 Blocked, Wakandan Style

via pinterest.com

Black Panther brought the lesser known Marvel nation of Wakanda directly into the limelight, and have empirically proven that they are the strongest, most highly advanced, and dignified nation on the planet. While they still follow traditional and rituals for certain things, make no mistake that Wakanda as a society is far more evolved than just about anywhere else on Earth, and maybe even parts of space.

Lets get those shoulders moving, as we do the Jabari tribe chant!

One of the rituals they observe occur when a new king is ascending the throne. Anyone of royal heritage can challenge the new king, but in certain cases, the challenge can be blocked by the Wakandans symbolically crossing their arms over their chest. The Jabari tribe is know for their aggressive chant, that mimics the sound of a gorilla. In this comic, the mix the two. Not even Thanos can ignore something like that.

Comic by Cyanwhisky.

10 There Can Only Be One

via: Quirkbyte.com

Mad Titan, meet the Merc with the Mouth. Deadpool is extremely well known, especially nowadays with his twice over successful movie franchise. This foul mouthed, wisecracking, fourth-wall breaking mercenary is probably as insane as Thanos ever was, even if his craziness took a different route.

Unfortunately, that route took him straight into the arms of Mistress Death, much to Thanos’ horror and rage. However, the Mad Titan is in a bind, if he ends Wade, the hero will be with Death forever. Thanos’ solution was to take away Deadpool’s ability to be taken out entirely, making him completely immortal. Except now he’ll have to put up with Wade as a rival forever. Tough break, Thanos!

9 Please Don’t

via: Quirkbyte.com

Thanos and Wade Wilson are probably the last people you would think of if asked about top romantic rivals without reading any of the comic books. In a strange twist of fate though, Deadpool ends up catching the eye of the stoic Mistress Death, much to Thanos’ eternal frustration.

Wade, please don't poke the with a stick. Please. 

Now that Deadpool and Thanos are rivals, Deadpool takes great pleasure pranking the Mad Titan whenever he can. It’s probably not a good idea to comply with this sign however. Thanos already took out half the Universe. We don’t need him needing a reason to destroy the other half.

8 Thanos Copter

via: Quirkbyte.com

The Silver Age of comic books brought about some of the more ridiculous storylines and gadgets in comic book history. Whether you think of Bat Baby, or Polka Dot Man, or any other weird thing that writers have come up with, this image alone right about takes the cake.

Apparently, the all-powerful space faring alien Thanos prefers to get around via simple helicopter. With his name emblazoned on the tail, no less. This image by itself needs no context to be funny. Just the thought of Thanos sitting through flying lessons and then spending his resources on a completely normal helicopter to go after getting the Cosmic Cube is enough for a good chuckle.

7 Sprinkle Them On

via: Quirkbyte.com

It’s one thing to watch a handsome chef with some serious flair sprinkle some salt on his dish. It’s quite another to watch Thanos do the same using the six base elements that make up the universe. Josh Brolin, being a very good looking man himself, definitely went up in the world in terms of popularity ever since he appeared on screen as the Mad Titan.

Move over Salt Bae, Infinity Stone Bae has arrived. 

His portrayal of the super villain had many former non-fans come flocking over to Thanos’ side, at least in the sense of thinking that the giant purple alien isn’t such a bad looker himself. It was only a matter of time before a comparison like this was made, for better or for worse.

6 The Ultimate Proposal

via: Reddit.com

It’s not everyday that you set out to destroy half the universe. After searching long and hard for all the right tools to do it, you gathers your friends, family, and adversaries around you, and you attempt to pull off the most dramatic finger snap ever. What if you weren’t really looking to take out the universe though?

What if you were looking for a connection? Captain America seems to have the right idea here. Instead of holding Thanos’ fingers to stop him, he proposes instead. Maybe that’s all that Thanos needs at the end of the day is for someone to pop the question.

Comic by daulaubockhoi.

5 Cosmic Butterfingers

via: Reddit.com

Oh, comic book Silver Age. How we do and don’t miss your absolute hokiness, your ridiculous plots and gloriously chaste dialogue and artwork. This was back in the day that saying the least of today’s curse words in one of these old books would have likely had mother’s fainting and fathers angrily calling the publisher, because their wife thinks that they taught their kid a new way to curse.

Come on Thanos, you had one job buddy. One job. 

“Drat” is such a dated and tame phrase to use these days, but even back then you’d think that dropping the Cosmic Cube would make him say a whole lot more!

4 Getting Exactly What Was Coming

via: Steemit.com

There has been a few times in cinematic history when the release of a movie has the actual studio reaching out to the audience beforehand. This isn’t referring to regular publicity or an interview. In some cases, some studios have personally reach out with a letter, and Infinity War has joined those ranks with a touching letter from the Russo brothers.

In it, they state that the team that put the movie into motion worked extremely hard on it, and asked fans to respect this labour of love by not spoiling anything from it, especially the ending. Thanos shows a good example on what to do when some wise guy tries to ruin it for everyone.

3 Outside The Box Thinker

via: Tumblr.ca

Thanos is an incredibly strong fighter. He’s more than capable of taking on the Hulk in hand to hand combat, and win very easily. So easily in fact that the fearless Hulk refuses to come out of Banner again. However, aside from brute force, Thanos is more than capable of coming up with creative ways to defeat his enemies.

Thanos is a true out-of-the-box thinker, we should give him a gold star. 

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is impossible to move if it isn’t picked up by someone unworthy. Since Thanos can’t use the hammer against Thor the old fashioned way, he’s more than happy to use alternative methods to reach his goal. Namely, beating the hammer with Thor instead. Remind us to never get on his bad side.

2 None Of It Matters If She Doesn’t Care

via: Tumblr.com

Thanos has famously crushed over the mysterious and stoic Mistress Death for decades. Mistress Death is the embodiment of entropy in the Marvel universe, and is essentially the Grim Reaper. Thanos is fascinated by her, but she refuses to even give him the time of day. It certainly veers into creepy territory when Thanos keeps calling her “beloved”, even when she clearly doesn’t feel the same way.

Unfortunately for her, Thanos will never take the hint, and will continue on giving futile grand gestures for all time. So if there is anything to take away from Thanos winning and be happy about, it's the fact that it all doesn’t matter because she doesn’t care.

Comic by bradtendo.

1 Copyright Blues

via: Joyreactor.com

Thanks to movie copyright issues, fans of the Marvel movies who have never read the comics can be forgiven if they didn’t realize that many of their other favourite superhero groups exist in the same universe. Or at least, they’re supposed to.

Why can't they all get along? Is that too much to ask for?

For example, did you know that mutants, as in X-Men mutants, are canonically a part of the Marvel comic book universe? Scarlett Witch and her late brother Quicksilver are in fact mutants themselves, but due to Marvel having sold its movie rights to the X-Men, they can’t properly identify them as mutants, and we’ll never see their father Magneto show up. Turns out the greatest villain of all is the copyright contract.

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