23 Things Only True Fans Remember About That 70s Show

That '70s Show was a cultural phenomenon and a fantastic look at life in the 70s. It was also filled with creepy things most people never noticed!

That ‘70s Show is one of the most popular shows of all time, especially among younger grown-ups. But you have to know that there were some things that went on that were not on the up and up. There were moments, characters, and behind-the-scenes junk, that were creepier than Pennywise bending to the will of a little girl demon with long black hair. Everyone loves That ‘70s Show, and you likely wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. Unless you hate it with a passion, but then again, I can’t imagine the show being worth your time in that case.

Anyway, we know that That ‘70s Show is intensely focused on three things that The Heathens of Denis Leary’s show on FX loves so much. You know the three, and rock and roll isn’t the biggest of the three. This is to be expected as the show is about teens in the ‘70s when everyone wanted to be free as a bird and burn their bras. But there are times and situations where they go too far. We’re not talking about Kitty’s menopause, Bob’s ladies’ objectification, or Red’s overbearing character. We’re going with the things that you probably missed. These teens have never been called squeaky clean, but That ‘70s Show seems safe enough. Little did we know how many secrets are held behind the scenes, nor how many creepy facts that we missed the first time around. After reading these 23, you’ll likely want to rewatch the entire series, putting your favorite Netflix binge on the back burner.

23 Eric…The Most Overrated Character

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Eric Forman is supposedly the normal, shy, and intelligent one of the group. But in actuality, he’s nothing like he seems. He’s the worst friend, always tried to throw his friends under the bus, always trying to pressure Donna into things she doesn’t want to do, and is a Grade-A creep. He never hesitates to steal from his parents, lie, or do the most selfish thing possible. The way he gets away with anything he wants is sickening.

Kelso and Hyde get the bad rep, and he comes out squeaky clean.

He even ditched Donna on their wedding day. But what puzzles us is how she never left him. He’s likely the most gender bias of the group! The only one who sees the real him is his father, and everyone thinks he’s the bad guy!

22 No Wonder You Hate Musicals

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This is hands down, the most awkward episode that ever aired. It was called That ‘70s Musical and it’s one of the lowest rated of all time. The whole episode focuses on Fez’s fantasies and dreams…musical style. Now that’s creepy. While musical fans might love this episode, others will think it was overdone and is everything that That ‘70s Show isn’t, in a bad way.

Fans of Fez even think it was too much, and seemed lower budget-than usual, even though the costumes hint that it was not. Sure, the 1970s loved musicals, but that doesn’t mean that That ‘70s Show needed one, now did it? When the episode is ahead of Randy’s first appearance in how bad fans hated, you know it’s god-awful.

21 Laurie’s Heartbreaking End

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You remember when Laurie disappeared from That ‘70s Show only to pop up seasons later replaced by another actress? The reason for that was quite shocking. She, who Eric called every name in the book, was indeed a self-admitted drink addict. She was eventually asked to leave the show so she could take care of her problems. Turns out, that didn’t happen. In 2013, she checked herself into rehab, but it was too late.

She was only 43 at the time.

I bet watching the show, you never knew that Laurie was such a mess. The poor girl’s problem made acting impossible, and it was the literal end of her. Now you’ll never look at Laurie the same way again.

20 Jackie Was Illegal

This is the most known fact that creeps people out. When Mila Kunis auditioned for the role of Jackie, she was just 14-years-old. She lied about her age, saying she would be 18…she just didn’t say when. So maybe that was just an omission of the truth, but it was still dirty. Since Ashton Kutcher was twenty at the time, it made their relationship really awkward. They were to act as if they were one year apart, not six.

It’s amazing how producers let her continue on since she was only 14. She had to have gotten consent from her parents to perform on such a stage. The jokes alone should have been over her head, this was the ‘90s. How crude the cast must have been for the young girl.

19 They Hated Those Kisses

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Speaking of Mila and Ashton, we all know that they are married as of 2015. But on the show, they literally hated working with each other. Mila thought he was cute, but did not like him as a person. As for Ashton, he thought, “hey, isn’t this illegal?” After all, any sane man would be grossed out kissing a 14-year-old girl. On the set, there were no sparks, and the only chemistry was the homework that Ashton did for Mila.

Fast-forward about ten years and they meet up, marry, and have a couple of kids!

They may be inseparable now, but looking back on the show, you’ll notice that the two weren’t all that cozy. They may have been friends, but they sure did hate those kisses. Which just so happened to be Mila’s first! Hopefully, he’ll be her last as well.

18 Topher Grace…World’s Worst

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Now that we’ve gotten that kiss out of the way, you may not be surprised to hear that multiple sources from the show say that Topher Grace was the worst kisser. Donna (or rather Laura) said that Topher was not her favorite. She says that Piper from Orange is the New Black is much better.

But you know who said it better than her respectful note? Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He took part in the first gay kiss on North American television when he kissed Topher Grace. He said he is proud of the kiss as it showed the world that it was normal. But his words when asked how it was were, “Probably one the worst kissers I’ve ever kissed.” Can’t win them all, Eric. Buddy didn’t even like it.

17 Leo’s Actor Was Probably ...

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You know Leo from That ‘70s Show? That hippie was so likable in the strangest way. He was Chong, for goodness’ sake. The character was literally based on the actor! So much so, that during his absence on That ‘70s Show, he was actually taken to jail for making jokes about distributing paraphernalia. Or at least, that’s what his wife says. The cops say he had obvious intent to distribute.

Now? He’s living on the west coast and owns his own company. Guess what kind of company? Yep, Leo for life! His slogan is "make America high again." Bringing the circle back like a boss with Tweets like, “In order to find peace we must have peace in our hearts. We can only change ourselves. We must lead by example. Lose the ego.”

16 The Most Inconsistent Moment

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This little plot here is the most annoying thing that happened in That ‘70s Show. It’s when Eric decides to go teach…in Africa. This is quite strange considering as moral as he seemed, he never really did anything for anyone else that didn’t benefit him. Sure, he goes to Africa for a scholarship, but why did he even want to teach? If it meant leaving Donna, the real Eric never would have done it. The show would have been better off if Eric had passed away instead. The idea of him going to Africa doesn’t add up.

Has to be something legal going on there.

In real life, he had to film Spider-Man 3, but they could have done better. I mean, The Vampire Diaries got rid of their main character and everything was smooth and made sense. Does anyone really like main characters anyway?

15 Fez’s Worst Side

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This scene is forever seared into our brains. On the episode, "Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to [Perish]" Fez decided to go Trick-or-Treating. He filters through costumes before landing on a Dr. Frank-N-Furter costume. This, of course, flabbergasts Kelso as he says, "Yeah I don't know if you know this, but you're dressed like a girl... and not a nice girl."

We kind of agree with Kelso here. Not the girl part as much as the totally creeped out part. While cross-dressing is becoming more and more popular, it’s safe to say that this outfit went too far…for anyone. The creepy outfit did nothing for him and makes us cringe. I believe he ends up going with Batman, or perhaps that’s a different season. Either way, it’s much better and it helps him avoid getting himself thrown in jail.

14 Bohemian Rhapsody

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This episode is one of the most messed up. Two really crappy things happen that annoy us to no end. First of all, the new character, Charlie Richardson, ends his stay on the show by falling off the water tower…and never living again. Plus, Hyde misunderstands Jackie due to jealousy and runs way to Vegas to get married…illegally, considering the dancer he marries is already married.

The episode was a mess. 

Charlie was only there to replace Eric since Eric had moved to Africa, and Sam (Hyde’s not-wife) was the most annoying character.

Plus, have you ever thought about how Charlie fell? As one note says, “Charlie likely had extremely weak endurance to physical trauma, given that Kelso and the other boys in the group have survived falling off the water tower.” Morbid, right?

13 The Water Tower

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Now about that water tower. How inappropriate and creepy was that place? First off, the gang is constantly painting the worst stuff on it. Such as paraphernalia or male/female anatomy. The most notable of these is in the first episode and one later episode where Fez paints a male part, saying he wants it to look like it’s, “coming right at him.” That one actually got Fez arrested. Bummer.

Although there are a lot of troubles caused by the water tower, the worst part about it, is that it’s extremely unsafe. They can hardly climb up there without at least one person falling off. Every main male character has fallen off at least one, while Kelso has fallen off, as he says, “at least one time in every grade since first grade.”

12 Chuck Norris’ Foot In Your…

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Or rather, Red’s. The truth is, long ago, when casting was starting, producers had Chuck Norris set as Red Foreman. The only reason he turned it down was that Walker, Texas Ranger was still airing, and he didn’t have time for anything else. Would it not have been crazy if Chuck Norris was Red? Red is, and always will be, mine and many a fan’s favorite character. Or at least one of them.

Would that have been amplified had Chuck played him?

The difference would have likely been a roundhouse kick rather than the foot in the you-know-where. Don’t know if Mr. Norris would have made us take Red more seriously or less. He’s at the top of every joke list and has his own websites with nothing but over-exaggerations of his own skill. But can anyone really say no to Chuck Norris?

11 Chuck Norris Would Never Do This

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Can we just talk about how Fez’s character is just awful? He is the known creeper of the group, and it’s often blamed on his race. He’s even called Fez, short for Foreign Exchange Student. Wilmer Valderrama was the only one with any respect as he made up an accent so that it wouldn’t be connected with any specific country. This is much like Ralph on Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

While the show’s racism comes out in Fez, the worst part is that they literally make him a creep. He is always spying on the girls and forever obsessed with women. Overall, the character is badly portrayed and gives “foreigners” a bad name. It’s true that it’s the ‘70s, but considering that the show started filming in the ‘90s, you’d think Fez could have been more tasteful.

10 More Than Sporting Calvin Klein

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Remember the episode where Leo falls in love with Kitty? Well, in that episode, Kelso gets a job as a model, which makes Jackie very jealous as that is her dream, not his. However, his first assignment turns out to be as an underwear model. That’s when she tries to get him to promise he won’t model in his underwear. He refuses, and models anyway, showing up in the newspaper.

This episode was loosely based on one of Ashton Kutcher’s first jobs. While attending the University of Iowa in August 1996, where his planned major was biochemical engineering, Kutcher did many things to get through college. He worked at the General Mills plant in Cedar Rapids, and sometimes donated blood for money. He entered the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" modeling competition, placed first, and dropped out of college, and pursued a career in modeling. His first gigs were underwear companies like Joe Boxer and Calvin Klein.

9 Brits Can Be Creepy Too

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If you thought that That ‘70s Show went too far, then you probably shouldn’t even watch the British adaption. It was stranger than strange. It was such a let down that it had ten episodes recorded, but only a few aired before it was taken down. Called, Days Like These, the remake is very similar to the original but everyone has a British accent and everything feels a little off.

People say that Kelso studied Ashton Kutcher hardcore and that Eric looks like Emma Stone!

It’s definitely worth a watch as it takes us to some sort of Twilight Zone of That ‘70s Show. Why remake such a good show though? It’s not like it’s in a different language. Perhaps the Brits couldn’t understand the accents, because you know, a lot of Americans can’t understand what in the world anyone on the British version of this show is saying!

8 Hyde May Not Be Who You Think

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You may love Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde, but you also loved Bill Cosby. That’s right, Danny Masterson has been accused of a Bill Cosby in 2017. After months filled with multiple allegations, Danny Masterson refused to give up his innocence of the early 2000s. But if he does, it would mean that while on That ‘70s Show, he was doing some very illegal and malicious things behind the scenes.

To this day, he denies misconduct, and it is believed the Church of Scientology is covering his behind in the matter. This has happened in the past, as the church considers admitting that a member has done something wrong is a “suppressive act." We really hope that these allegations are incorrect, a misunderstanding, or something more. Because it sure would be hard to see Hyde charged with such a thing and added to “that” list.

7 Why The Canadian Hate, Eh?

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Did you know that That ‘70s Show was racist against Canadians? So strange, but it takes a Canadian to catch this one. Now, I don’t remember many Canadian jokes on the show, but there was one called Canadian Road Trip where the gang makes fun of Margaret Trudeau’s promiscuity. This would be similar to doing so with the First Lady of the United States, something that would not be allowed. If you don’t think they are trying to offend Canada just a little, pay attention to the signs. Like literal signs.

Winnipeg is even spelled wrong on the city limit sign!

One Canadian even claimed that Kitty once muttered, “Canadians don’t matter,” which would have been a straightforward bash. Not something you want to get mixed up in, but isn’t their hate for Canada kind of off? After all, Tommy Chong himself is Canadian.

6 Suzy’s Gross, Right?

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This one is so vague! There was a girl name Suzy Simpson (Alyson Hannigan of American Pie and How I Met Your Mother) who had a crush on Kelso. Since Fez had a crush on Suzy, Kelso set them up on a date, but tagged along. When Fez realizes that Suzy likes Kelso, the two get into a big fight. Thankfully, it soon blows over and Suzy realizes that Kelso is expecting a baby with Brooke and Fez is married. Even though it was just to get that green card (which is another story). Still, she decides neither of them are worth it despite Fez’s admiration. Her leaving line states that she spent time in France and that she, “did things that American girls think is gross!”

Of course, this interests the boys, but have you ever really thought about what she meant?

5 Topher Didn’t Fit In With The Boys

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Here’s the deal: the cast of That ‘70s Show got along really well. Jackie, Donna, Kelso, Hyde, the whole gang. Wait…are we missing someone? That’s right, Eric just didn’t seem to be as involved as everyone else. Although he has randomly shown up at get-togethers, for the most part, he’s absent. And back in the day, rumor had it that he was the only one that didn’t hang out after filming. When Ashton had Punk’d, he was the only main cast under 30 that didn’t get Punk’d.

That’s sort of strange, wouldn’t you say?

Whenever they were filming the finale, he got there, did what he needed to, then bolted like his life depended on it. This was the finale, everyone was emotional! Or at least…almost everyone. Sure would like to ask Ashton about this, because it seemed everyone liked him.

4 Who’s Next? Gene Simmons?

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Now if we want to bring music into this, then check out Season 3, Episode 14: Radio Daze. It’s during the circle scene, and some very special guests are playing D&D. The most important of those being Alice Cooper.

But others include Curtis Armstrong from Revenge of the Nerds and Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family.

But the star was Alice Cooper who says, “well, there’s my Rod of Cancelation, but it’s chancy,” and, “let’s get out there and slay that dragon!” This has to be someone’s nightmare, but it’s our fantasy. However, in this episode, Eric does have a nightmare that Donna is flirting with Alice Cooper at a party. And a strange nightmare it was. But all I can think now is, I want to play Dungeons and Dragons with Alice Cooper.

3 It’s Not Always Strawberry

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You know how they can’t get by one episode without referencing the “circle” on That ‘70s Show? Anyone over the age of twelve knows and has always known what it referred to. Every single episode shows the gang sitting in a circle doing a very ‘70s thing. We know what it is, but did you know that most of the time, it was actually a special effect that sent out strawberry scented smoke? Danny Masterson (Hyde) confessed to this. But he also confessed to something a little more interesting. He admitted that he, Laura Prepon (Donna), and Ashton Kutcher (Kelso), actually had their own circle. Sometimes, whenever you see that smoke, it sure isn’t strawberry. It is indeed, the real deal! No wonder they looked that way.

2 The Lost Episode

Via: creepypasta.com

There’s a CreepyPasta about everything (check out Candle Cove), including That ‘70s Show. Normally they seem pretty bonkers, but this one is just realistic enough to give us the heebie-jeebies! It begins when a superfan downloads a torrent of a so-called lost episode.

He starts watching it and gets this creepy, chaotic vibe from it.

It focuses on Eric’s parent’s strange addiction to Droopy the Dog. The storyline doesn’t make sense, but the gist of it is that everyone is actually a bloodthirsty lizard… Yes, that is extremely creepy. The fan thought the violence and absence of censorship was what was really crazy though.

After he watches it and is freaked out, he sends the torrent to the recycling bin. But what do you know, the next morning it’s back with a part two! Like any other CreepyPasta story, the viewer is driven crazy thinking that “we are the lizards,” his love for That ‘70s Show ruined.

1 That ‘80s…No

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Who would have thought that they would try to create a That ‘80s Show? We did, but we didn’t think it would be such a flop. There were 13 episodes, but none of them ever became popular. The fact of the matter was that the show just wasn’t good. It was weird, creepy, and nothing compared to its prequel. Even though producers swear that the show isn’t even “related” to That ‘70s show. Albeit, the main character is Eric’s cousin. If the show would have picked up, no doubt there would have been some crossovers.

Maybe it was too much because the main character’s ex was bi, and had a crush on his sister. That’s just the top of the iceberg, so it seems the world wasn’t ready for such…a progressive show yet. Either that…or it was just awful.

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