15Sonic the Hedgehog

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What list of fast characters would be complete without the original “gotta go fast” cartoon hedgehog? For decades this irreverent rodent has been gracing our screens and spin-attacking into our hearts.

While it’s clear that Sonic loves to go fast, pinning down his top speed can

be a little tricky. The original games (Sonic 1, 2, and 3) reported his speed in excess of 767 miles per hour (that’s 1,234.37 kph for the rest of the world, also coincidentally the speed of sound). If we go to Sonic Unleaded, the checkpoints would report his speed to be over 2,500 miles per hour. The Sonic Adventure DX manual lists his top speed at 3,840 miles per hour. And then we have Sonic Heroes, where the big baddy robot E-123 Omega calculated his speed to be 'possibly in excess of the speed of light.' We’re only a game or two away from Sonic being able to run through time, or possibly dimensions.

Estimated Top Speed: exponentially increasing as we speak.

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