The 15 Most Crazy Glitches In CoD History

Over the years, glitches have become more and more frequent within AAA games – especially among franchises that are getting released on a yearly basis. Most of the time, glitches are harmless and are used purely from an entertainment standpoint. But sometimes, glitches can be very dangerous and harmful to a game's community as they can often be used to take advantage of other players and even steal items that would otherwise be purchased via real life money.

Although all major game developers have a large QA team that dedicate themselves to solving bugs and glitches, many are still continuing to make it into the game. This has left many questioning why these glitches are still occurring. Many have speculated that the issues are caused from the unrealistic time-frames that are being set on AAA games. Some have even wondered if it was a result of poor development and possibly even cheap outsourcing. Our best bet would place the unrealistic times as the main reason as to why we continue to receive such poorly developed and tested games.

On the list, you’ll find glitches that let players outside of popular maps, hidden hiding spots that only glitching can get you to, and even black market glitches that let you unlock all items completely free! Have you got a favorite Call of Duty glitch? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

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15 The Snake Glitch

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The infamous snake glitch – which many have formed a love/hate relationship with – has to be among one of the funniest troll glitches in Call of Duty’s multiplayer. This frustrating (yet hilarious) glitch first originated in Call of Duty 3, but has since made a spectacular comeback in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. While the glitch did appear in other titles in the franchise, it was Black Ops that really helped gain its popularity.

The snake glitch – which was mostly used in multiplayer – essentially allowed the player to remain in the prone stance while being able to move with running speed. Many players have abused this glitch and gained excessive kill-streaks as a result of their fast movement and limited hit area.

To perform the glitch on PS3, the player was required to press and hold down circle while double-tapping the X button. The player would need to repeat these steps until their character would move between a standing and crouching animation.

14 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Corpse Glitch

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We have all experienced a graphical glitch at some point while play through a video game – if you haven’t, you are either extremely lucky or have obviously not played any recent games within the past few years. It comes to no surprise that many games within the Call of Duty series are plagued with all sorts of glitches – especially graphical ones.

Found in the trenches of Call of Duty: Black Ops, during the campaign mission S.O.G. is the corpse of a Marine. While everything may seem normal, it isn’t until you notice the Marine’s face that you realize something definitely isn’t right because if you are to look closely, you will notice that his mouth is moving – despite being deceased. If that isn’t weird enough, if the corpse is shot, its head will begin twisting at unnatural angles – creepy right?

13 Hidden Glitch Spots

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While it may be considered cheating, we all have to admit that when finding a hidden glitch spot it does feel pretty good – especially when it gives you an advantage against other players. While glitch spots can be found in locations such as story mode and even zombies, it is in multiplayer that they become important. Using these, you will be able to add extra kills to your KDR – and maybe even top the final rankings.

There are definitely far too many glitch spots to pick just one favorite, as each spot holds a different appeal – whether it is for comedy purposes, hide and seek, or even to get an advantage over other players in multiplayer.

While I can’t pick a favorite, I can highly recommend the following hidden glitch spots: Advanced Warfare’s Horizon room, the waterfall in Black Ops III’s Hunted map, and even the secret buildings within Black Op III’s Fringe map.

12 Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Last Stand Glitch

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Easily one of the coolest glitches to come out of Call of Duty 4 was the Last Stand grenade glitch, which required access to the Last Stand perk. This perk is necessary to coordinate the glitch. Using the perk, if the player is only killed with body shots, they would enter Last Stand mode, where they can fire at enemies from the ground.

However, the Last Stand glitch further morphed into an extremely over used and abused glitch where players –once in Last Stand mode– where able to drop a grenade with a zero second timer that would explode instantly, killing anyone near the player.

This glitch was replicated by holding either a Stun Grenade or Flashbang when being hit by bullets. Once enough damage occurred, the player would be placed into Last Stand, where their stun/flash grenade would turn into an instantly exploding frag grenade.

11 Zombies Pile Up Glitches

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It is no secret that Call of Duty Zombies is one of the community’s favorite modes – with many players stating that it is the only reason they purchase Call of Duty. But, as with many games, leveling up can get quite tedious, especially the higher your rank. That is why many players have set out to find glitches that make playing this mode much easier – this eventually opened the door to glitches such as the zombie pile up.

The zombie pile up glitch involves players standing in unreachable positions and simply killing zombies without any effort at all. It is also an excellent way for players to gain fast experience without having to do all of the extra content to gain bonus experience points.

The zombie pile up glitch has been around since the very beginning, and although the developers are constantly patching these glitches, more continue to arise after each update.

If you are going to attempt glitches like this, beware of the consequences as the game developers have very strict rules when exploiting glitches that allow high experience gains – with many people often getting banned.

10 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Walk Glitch

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If I was to be asked which type of glitches were my favorite, I wouldn’t hesitate to say ones based around animation. This is simply because they are very entertaining and usually result in hours of fun when messing around in the game’s multiplayer – and this is exactly one of those moments. The zombie walk glitch is an animation-based glitch from Black Ops that causes the player to walk like a zombie after using the Valkyrie Rockets and any piece of equipment.

In order to replicate the glitch, the player must pull out their Valkyrie Rockets and then use their equipment. When the player is switching between the two, there will be a period of time when the player has no weapon or equipment. During this time, the player must quickly switch back to their Valkyrie Rockets. The player will have no weapon, crosshairs, or hands in their view. When viewing the player in third-person, the character will be holding a knife that looks as if it is floating mid-air.

Once that is all done, the player can move their right stick slowly forward to begin walking like a zombie.

9 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III: Black Market Glitch

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When Call of Duty: Black Ops III was released, it received some pretty harsh criticism in regards to its gameplay and graphics. However, after a few months had passed and despite the poor reviews, many players had considered Black Ops III as one of their top games in the Call of Duty franchise.

With the continual updates of new DLC and additions to the Black Market, it was quite clear that Treyarch was making a killing from all of the microtransactions being made. So when the Black Market glitch became known by the community, you could just imagine how worried Treyarch must have been.

While there have been a number of Black Market glitches since launch, this one was a little different as it allowed players to essentially get any Black Market variant completely free. In order for this glitch to work, the player needed to use the Gun Smith to create numerous copies of new weapon variants. This particular glitch has since been patched, but that hasn't stopped played from searching for new black market glitches.

8 Call Of Duty: Black Ops III: Infinite Fade Glitch

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The infinite fade glitch has been around for many years, and even dates back to the previous Call of Duty games such as Black Ops. The infinite fade - or as some like to call it, the rapid fire glitch – is purely just a glitched animation. Although this glitch may appear to give the player unlimited ammo, it doesn’t. The glitch doesn’t even affect gameplay in any form, as the bullets that are spraying out of your gun do not even inflict damage when shot at another player.

While the infinite fade glitch holds no purpose other than merely being used as a cool effect for players doing trick shots, it is still a cool glitch to show off and surprise your friends with.

To replicate the infinite fade/rapid fire glitch on PS4, you will want shot one bullet out of your magazine and proceed to hold square to reload. While still holding square, press and hold the right trigger to fire your weapon. Now, while still holding in the other buttons, spam the triangle button to swap your weapons.

7 Call Of Duty: Ghosts Flooded Glitch

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While glitches may be fun –especially ones related multiplayer– they more often than not result in players hating you. This is one of those glitches, as it gives you the upper hand over other players in your match. Unlike more recent titles in the series, the Call of Duty: Ghosts map Flooded has large areas of water you cannot swim in – or so people thought.

The flooded glitch allows players swim in the flooded areas of the map, which would otherwise cause you to lose health. In order for this glitch to work, players would find an area of water that was deep enough to stand in, but not cause damage. They would then call in a Trinity Rocket, but as they are waiting for the rocket to open, they would move into a prone stance. After the Trinity Rocket scene finished, the player will be seen in a prone position under the water.

This is where the trolling begins, as the player is able to move about freely under the water without losing any health. As you can imagine – after the community caught wind of it – it quickly became very over used and frustrating.

6 Wall Breaching Glitches

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Wall breaching is a popular glitch that is used throughout many games within the Call of Duty series. The wall breaching glitch –just like many of the other glitches mentioned in the list– is used most commonly in multiplayer. The glitch provides the player with an advantage over others, as it allows people to glitch into walls, objects, and even outside of the map.

When using the glitch within multiplayer matches, the player is able to hide –in most instances– without being seen by other players. In order to do this glitch, you will need to learn how to successfully do the Backwards Mantle Glitch. The backwards mantle glitch requires you to stand directly in front of the object you want to breach through. The player will then jump forward and quickly move backwards while tapping the jump button. You will also want to note that should you touch the ground after jumping, the glitch will not work.

While the glitch may be very tricky to learn, it can be perfected with a lot of practice.

5 Call Of Duty Tablet Glitch

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Who doesn’t love a good animation glitch – especially when they serve no purpose other than being a hilarious trick that will confuse your friends and other players online. The tablet glitch is most commonly found in Call of Duty: Black Ops III where players have reported being able to move around the map with the tablet appearing open in their hands.

The interesting thing about this glitch is that it has multiple different methods of getting it to occur – thanks to the constant updates made to the game. Players have been able to successfully get the glitch to work by spamming Rolling Thunder after a score streak, and even by using a method of switching between the purifier and dart.

Another way of getting this glitch to occur was found by Mr Purifier, who states that in order to get the glitch working, the player will need a care package and lightning strike available. After getting those two items, the player will then press right on the d-pad while hovering over care package. When the player has the care package marker ready to deploy, press up on the d-pad and over lightning strike. Proceed by pressing right trigger to lay the care package down and immediately press right on the d-pad to pull out the tablet.

4 Call Of Duty: Black Ops II: Brutus Glitch

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Thanks to a glitch within Call of Duty: Black Ops II, players were able to spawn an unlimited number of Brutus’ on the Zombies map Mob of the Dead. Originally, only a maximum of four Brutus’ were able to spawn on the map. If you are in need of power-ups, the Brutus glitch is a fantastic method as when they all die, they will drop an insane amount of power-ups!

The rumored founder of the glitch –Glitching Queen– stated that for the best outcome, the player will require a team of at least three people with one person remaining on the ground, while two hide in an unreachable glitch spot. Once a Brutus spawns, the player will need to shoot off his helmet and let him die in your current zombie pile up. Once he respawns, zap him with your electric hands as this will cause him to respawn again.

If you follow this process, he will continue to respawn and multiply like crazy. It should be noted though, that your screen will shake uncontrollably, and be almost impossible to use. This glitch can also cause your game to lag out and even put your PlayStation offline.

3 Prestige Glitches

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I think we can all agree that while prestige rank isn’t one of the most important features in Call of Duty, we all secretly deep down want to have the highest rank possible simply for bragging right. And let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than seeing a young child that is three prestige levels higher than you. But, have you ever considered that the players running around with these high prestige ranks might not even have earned them legitimately? Many players have in fact used glitches to duplicate other player’s prestige ranks onto their own account.

While this is a highly bannable glitch, many players have been lucky enough not to be caught. So, how does one get a higher prestige without all of the hard work? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Many of the prestige glitches involve switching between two accounts and even owning two controllers. Others glitches may also require the player to own a modded account that can be purchased for real-life money.

2 Bodies Appear Through Walls

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Clipping through walls and other objects in games is quite a common occurrence, with many players and cameras being able to pass through walls, props, or even other players. While this glitch isn’t a game breaker, it does happen to ruin the player experience in online multiplayer games such as Call of Duty. The reason why this glitch is such an issue with the Call of Duty series is due to players being unfairly killed during online multiplayer matches.

This graphical glitch occurs when a player is positioned next to an object or wall in the prone stance. In most castes –should the player be positioned correctly– limbs such as arms and legs will clip through the walls. Should the player be able to access the other side of the wall/object, the player has a very high likelihood of being killed by another player.

1 Out Of Map Glitches

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Glitches that allow the player to explore the outside of each map have always been among the most sot after glitches, as many players have often wondered what lies outside the walls of each map. The outside of some maps are rather bare and often result in you falling through the floor. However, some maps actually hold some interesting features such as secret rooms.

Maps such as Redwood and Exodus in Black Ops III offer the player the opportunity to explore secret rooms that are located outside of the map. While these rooms hold no advantages or easter eggs, they are still a very interesting place to show off to your friends and other players. Most of the out of map glitches are usually performed using the backwards mantle glitch or even a method that is similar to the tablet glitch.

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