15The Snake Glitch

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The infamous snake glitch – which many have formed a love/hate relationship with – has to be among one of the funniest troll glitches in Call of Duty’s multiplayer. This frustrating (yet hilarious) glitch first originated in Call of Duty 3, but has since made a spectacular comeback in the

Call of Duty: Black Ops series. While the glitch did appear in other titles in the franchise, it was Black Ops that really helped gain its popularity.

The snake glitch – which was mostly used in multiplayer – essentially allowed the player to remain in the prone stance while being able to move with running speed. Many players have abused this glitch and gained excessive kill-streaks as a result of their fast movement and limited hit area.

To perform the glitch on PS3, the player was required to press and hold down circle while double-tapping the X button. The player would need to repeat these steps until their character would move between a standing and crouching animation.

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