15Ash Catches Wild Animals And Makes Them Fight


First, the entire concept of Pokémon training is evil. In real life, when people train animals to battle against one another for fame and profit, it’s called dog fighting, cock fighting,  monkey knife fighting, and it’s immoral as well as illegal. Ash is a ten-year-old who comes from a legacy

of these “trainers” (yes, both Ash’s father and grandfather engaged in this disturbing sport), and dreams of nothing less than being the greatest in the world at capturing myriad monsters and raising them to commit heinous acts of violence against one another.

It’s probably a good thing that Ash is a horrible trainer, because his affection for the creatures overwhelms his ambition, but don’t let that affection fool you. All trainers are scum. Even D-bag At Large Gary Oak eventually gets out of the game and becomes a teacher. Ash is in it for life.

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