The 15 Most Powerful Enemies In Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is one of the best isometric RPGs in the business. Blizzard has always taken good care of this franchise and nurtured its gaming legacy. Diablo is a household name to many people around the world who never played the game but have heard of it. Even my grade school acquaintances would comment on finding the "Cow Level" and all the efforts it took to bring down the Prime Evil Diablo. People still play Diablo 2 with all of its online functions that are made to work on modern computers. Diablo 3 released in 2012 and its expansion, Reaper of Souls, in 2014. Diablo 3 also became available on consoles and marking a new found support for game console owners. Many fans enjoy playing couch co-op because of the many console specific features. Diablo 3's success in the home console market even opened the door for Overwatch on consoles.

Diablo has always been an intense explosion of demon killing action and endless loot. The monster designs are top notch and the moment to moment action never gets dull. The game has evolved over time through patch updates that add new features, levels, enemies, and items. Diablo 3 has killed many would-be heroes many times over, but players have killed trillion more monsters in return. Diablo pays special attention to detail when it comes to its monster variety and bosses. Making those bosses memorable by having you adapt to over come them. Nothing is better than knowing you beat a hard boss and survived a horde of difficult monsters encounters. Here are the top 15 Most Powerful enemies in Diablo 3!

15 The Skeleton King

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The Skeleton King is the first major boss in Diablo 3 that players will face. He can be found inside the tombs of the Tristram Cathedral. He used to rule Tristram as King Leoric and became corrupted by Diablo. Diablo raised him from the dead as The Skeleton King in order to stop the player from reaching the Fallen Star. The Skeleton King is formidable and a good introduction to boss battles in Diablo 3. He has a high health pool but has no enrage mode on Torment difficulties. He will summon several skeletons that will aid and distract the player. His "Wraith Walk" attack summons a small ghost that will track the player for a teleportation strike. His "March of the Black King" is a three swing attack that covers a wide area; the first initial swing deals the most damage to the player.

14 Belial

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Belial is The Lord of Lies and is in charge of The Realm of Lies in Hell. He possessed the body of Hakan II of Caldeum in order to weaken the nation and replaced the elite guards with demons. Belial is a three phase boss fight and the final boss for Act 2. His first phase has the player fighting a group of Veiled Evokers and Veiled Sentinels; snake like demons that can stealth and reappear. After phase 1, Belial will fight you and call in more reinforcements throughout phase 2. Belial in this phase will attack you head on and use insects as projectiles. He will transform into his true demon form once he has a quarter of health left. His phase 3 form takes up most of the screen and traps the player on a circular platform; Belial becomes immobile in the middle. His main attacks are slamming his fists, using lighting breath to cover the arena, and summon green meteors from the sky. Belial will constantly summon meteors if the player hasn't beaten him in three minutes on Torment difficulty.

13 The Sand Wasp

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Diablo 3 has many creatures that are dangerous and can kill the player many times over. None are more deadlier and aggravating than the Sand Wasp. Often times a player will ignore Sand Wasps because bigger monsters take priority; until you die from their projectiles. A single Sand Wasp will shoot three to four smaller wasps from their abdomen in a straight line. This doesn't seem like a huge hurdle when dealing with one or two Sand Wasps. However, dealing with several Sand Wasps becomes a nightmare as you dodge lines of projectiles. A Wasp's projectiles do poison damage thus inflicting more damage after the initial hit. Sand Wasps can be extremely deadly when they have powerful affixes on Torment difficulties. Range classes like Wizards and Witch Doctors can take out a group of Sand Wasps from a safe distance, while melee classes need to take a more careful approach.

12 The Butcher

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The Butcher is a classic Diablo boss who makes his glorious return in Diablo 3. The Butcher's boss encounter has been updated and changed vastly, as he's the final boss for Act 1. The Butcher is a powerful demon that works for Maghda and still yells his signature phrase, "Fresh Meat!" Deckard Cain mentions that he is stitched together from several powerful demon limbs and brought to life through dark magic. He will appear once the player has reached The Chamber of Suffering. The entire arena is separated into grates on the floor that will be randomly engulf in flames, so movement is key as you avoid the fire. The Butcher will charge at you, hook you, smash you, and swing his meat cleaver for massive damage all while you dodge the grates that are on fire. On Torment difficulty, The Butcher will have the entire arena on fire if he's not defeated within three minutes.

11 Maghda

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Maghda is a powerful witch who leads the Coven and works for Belial. In Diablo 3, she wants to retrieve Adria's daughter, Leah, and stop the player from reaching The Fallen Star. She appears throughout the first two acts and is responsible for Deckard Cain's death. She then becomes enraged when she finds out that Belial used her as a distraction to keep the heroes away from Caldeum. Honestly, she has many similarities with Maleficent from Disney; both have pale skin, similar hair style, and share the same voice actor. Maghda's boss battle consists of summoning flies and other swarms for damage. She will also teleport and call upon her cultists once her remaining health reaches 25%. Maghda wields powerful dark magic and should not be taken lightly as her cultists have Frozen and Molten affixes on them.

10 Herald of Pestilence, Blighter

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The player will start to encounter Heralds of Pestilence in Act 2 and they are terrifying demons. The Heralds are designed as support demons who can limit player movement. They each have one massive arm that travels underground and surfaces at the player's location. The arm will stay surfaced and spread poison in a 10 yard radius. They can be easily defeated as they cannot move when spreading their poison. Heralds of Pestilence are similar to Sand Wasps because in greater numbers they become a potent threat. There is a powerful Rift Guardian called Blighter; who is a giant Herald of Pestilence. Blighter has several poison afflicting moves such as Poison Nova, Plaguestorm, and Plague Sweep. He creates massive amount of strong poison around himself and around other players.

9 Zoltun Kulle

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Zoltun Kulle is a powerful mage and ex-member of The Horadric Order. This mage was always concerned with power and was tasked in guarding the Black Soulstone; harboring the souls of the Prime Evils. In Diablo 3, the player has to revive Zulton Kulle's body in order to retrieve the Black Soulstone. Kulle's boss battle requires the player to defeat two Eternal Guardian golems before officially facing him. Kulle will use several spells, as he has no physical attacks. He will use a teleportation spell and follow it up with a damage spell. He will cast "Slow Time" which creates a bubble that lowers movement speed by 80% and attack speed by 30%. He will usually cast a fireball spell after "Slow Time" and he will also cast Energy Twister; tornadoes that deal damage in select locations. Kulle will also cast "Cave-In," which causes a rockfall across the arena. On top of that, he will cast "Cave-In" with no cooldown when enraged on Hard or Torment difficulties.

8 Ghom

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Ghom is The Lord of Gluttony and one of Azmodan's strongest generals. Azmodan launched a direct assault on Bastion Keep while Ghom attacks the fortress from within. Ghom has fought angels before and has been reported to have eaten six angels in one gulp. As you could imagine, Ghom is a disgusting boss and is always surrounded by a foul odor. However, Ghom can actually move really quickly, when fighting him, and he has four major attacks. He will use "Gas Cloud" in which he places a poison cloud on the player's location and on himself; the cloud will remain for 1 minute. Ghom will also try to bite you, summon two slime demons, and spew "Bile" in front of himself in a cone shaped trajectory. He will continuously use "Gas Cloud" on Torment difficulty if he's not defeated in 4 minutes; the poison clouds will stay indefinitely.

7 Mallet Lords

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The Mallet Lords are walking behemoths that can kill most heroes with one massive ground pound. Mallet Lords do not answer to anyone other than the seven Evils like Diablo, Belial, and Azmodan. They command grand armies in the name of Hell and their size truly represents their status. Mallet Lords are immune to Knockback and move slowly, but they still present a great threat at melee range. Harder than the normal ones, Perendi is a Mallet Lord Rift Guardian who has high health, moves quickly, and has a couple of attacks. Perendi is able to teleport to the player, thus, making range attacks difficult. He can cast Cave-In and summon additional minions to distract you from his ground pound.

6 Urzael

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Urzael is introduced in Reaper of Souls and follows Malthael as The Harbinger of Death. He is an angel who became part of The Reapers, a group lead by Malthael to wipe out humanity. Uzrael is a beefy angel who uses several fire based attacks and carries a huge cannon like weapon. His boss battle is separated into two phases. Urzael's "Blazing Leap" spews fire on his location and launches himself to another location dealing Knockback damage. He will use "Cannonball" in which he will shoot a slow moving fireball. Urzael will also shoot the ceiling and the falling debris will rain down when using "Ceiling Shot." Phase 2 begins once his remaining health reaches 65%. Urzael will use all the previous attacks at a faster rate with even more damage. He will also use his cannon to spread fire across the room and swing his weapon like a club. At this point, "Ceiling Shot" causes the debris to stay on the floor dealing fire damage for a limited time. After four minutes all his attacks will deal continuous fire damage on Torment Difficulty.

5 Carrion Nests

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Carrion Nests make their debut in Act 1 and can also be found in the sewers of Act 2. These nests will spawn Carrion Bats which are poisonous at close range. Carrion Bats can be easily be killed in one shot, but you run the risk of being over run by multiple Carrion Nests. The Carrion Nest itself is a Carrion Bat that transforms into a plant like corpse that houses all of them. You can see this through its visual design of being a pod with wings, one giant eye, a mouth on to  and it wiggles itself to release more bats. Carrion Nests are durable and need to be prioritized first in order to stop them from spawning more bats. They can also release several variations of Carrion Bats. You can get the Carrion Farmer achievement in the Field of Misery by destroying four Carrion Nests and a unique bat.

4 Adria

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Adria is a witch, mother to Leah, and is a servant to Diablo. She is the main antagonist who tricks the heroes in retrieving the Black Soulstone to defeat the Prime Evils. Her true intentions are made known when she uses the stone to resurrect Diablo. In Reapers of Souls, Adria again tries to retrieve the Black Soulstone from Malthael. She transforms into a Blood Demon and the player has to defeat her in order to know Malthael's location. Her boss battle starts once Adria emerges from the blood pool. She will slash the player with her claws and use several blood based attacks. Her "Blood Ball" attack will place a pool of arcane energy beneath the player and "Blood Pool" will cause her to teleport to the player for a slash attack. At every 25% of health she will cast "Blood Rain" which will cause blood oozes to rain down in the chamber. If the player steps on one it will release a pool of blood that causes damage for 15 seconds. On Torment she will use "Blood Rain" more often making the fight impossible if not killed quickly.

3 Azmodan

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Azmodan is the Lord of Sin and is the last demon trapped in the Black Soulstone. Azmodan wanted to become The Prime Evil but was thwarted by the heroes. He was the last demon needed in order to resurrect Diablo by Adria. He is the final boss for Act 3 and you fight him in a circular arena surrounded by fire. Azmodan has six main attacks but moves slowly. "Bellyflop" will cause Azmodan to jump and land on the player for a Knockback. "Eye Lazer" is a channeled energy beam that he will cast if no hero is in melee range. "Falling Corpse" will summon corpses that explode; this is noted by a red circle on the floor. Azmodan's "Demon Gate" will continuously summon Hell Brutes if the player does not destroy it. "Hell's Grasp" will make the edges of the arena damaging thus reducing your space to avoid attacks. "Globe of Annihilation" is a slow moving fireball that can be fatal even to well geared heroes. If Azmodan is not defeated in three minutes his "Hell's Grasp" will cover the entire platform on Torment difficulty.

2 Malthael

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Malthael use to be the Angel of Wisdom and now is the Angel of Death. He is the last boss for Act 5 in Reaper of Souls. Humanity became the greatest threat once Diablo and the rest of the demons were out of the picture. Malthael seeks to destroy humanity thus making the angel realm victorious over the Great Conflict. Malthael is a three phase boss fight. His normal attacks include a charge, a ring around him that causes damage to anyone within, and clouds of mists that do cold damage. In phase 1, he will use all his attacks and use Soul Nova; he will go to the center of the ring and release orbs of energy. In phase two Malthael will summon various minions in addition to attacking the player. His final phase has him release more clouds at a rapid rate and use Soul Sweep. Malthael will go towards the middle and unleash powerful beams of energy and the only safe place is behind him. Malthael has no enrage on higher difficulties because of the amount of health and durability he already possesses.

1 Diablo

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The ultimate and most powerful Prime Evil is Diablo. Diablo makes a comeback after being resurrected in Leah's body, thus taking a feminine Diabolic form. You will fight Diablo in the High Heavens and he's the final boss for Act 4. She has three main phases and a plethora of attacks to look out for. In the first phase, Diablo will slash, shoot fireballs, a wall of flame, teleport and use imprisoning attacks. In phase two, she will transfer you to the Realm of Terror in which you fight a shadow version of Diablo and a shadow clone of your hero class. Defeating the two shadow bosses will cause you to return back to the fight and face a stronger Diablo. In phase three, Diablo will move faster and use "Red Lighting Hose"; a Godzilla-sized fire breath that is fatal. Diablo does not disappoint and this boss battle is truly epic as you survive her onslaught of attacks.

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