15Vampiric Bloodbug


One of the peskiest enemies in the game, Bloodbugs can be a real nuisance to any player traversing Fallout 4’s wasteland. Essentially giant mutated mosquitos, Bloodbugs gradually evolve over the game from buzzing bother to seriously deadly threat. No other variant of the Bloodbug is as powerful as the Vampiric

Bloodbug, the highest tier of the species. They have extremely high tolerance for damage—for a Bloodbug at least—and are able to suck the player dry in a matter of seconds with their long, piercing proboscis.

In addition, Bloodbugs are rarely confronted alone; where there is one mutated giant mosquito, there are guaranteed to be more in toe. Due to their tendency to travel in groups and the fact that they are incredibly difficult to hit outside of VATS, Vampiric Bloodbugs are an enemy that require more than a simple flyswatter to defeat. Make sure you’re carrying a surplus of ammo if you plan to take on a swarm of Vampiric Bloodbugs; not because they’re especially tough but because they’re so damn hard to hit.

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