The 15 Most Powerful Enemies In Halo

Halo is without a doubt an absolutely iconic franchise. It's a game that's so deeply rooted in the gaming community worldwide and its still going strong 16 years later from its official debut. Possibly the most successful science fiction first-person shooter ever created, between the books and the games, Bungie has paved the road for future Halo titles to the point that 343 believes it will still be thriving twenty years from now. Although Bungie is no longer in control of Halo's development, 343 Industries has taken the helm and is continuing to improve the masterpiece that Bungie started.

Halo has changed a lot since its official launch back in 2001, as far as gameplay and obviously graphics, and so have the enemies. So many enemies from halo are so iconic, that fans of the franchise can name them off the top of our heads. The enemies have definitely changed since the original Halo: Combat Evolved to the now most recent Halo 5: Guardians, but sometimes newer doesn't always mean better. Some of the most challenging Halo content to date was in the first few Halo's in my opinion, specifically Halo Combat Evolved, and Halo 2. In this list, we'll be going back in time to the golden era of Halo, recognizing some of our favorite enemies, and some of our least favorite of course. Like any list, we'll be starting with the least powerful and working our way up. Of course, everyone's gaming experience is completely unique, so some of these entries may be different in your mental list. Either way, hopefully, you can take a nostalgic trip back to some great memories with this list.

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15 Grunt


Perhaps the most renowned and iconic Halo enemy in history is the grunt. Grunts are a pretty unique enemy as far as difficulty goes, since they can be literally cannon fodder for Master Chief, or equipped with some plasma grenades and a suicidal mentality they can be extremely annoying. More commonly, they are easily dealt with via a well-aimed shot to the face and pop goes their head. If you're playing with skulls on, then you're most likely a fan of the Grunt birthday party skull, or at least I hope you are. That pop of their head, followed by a cheerful party chant and some confetti, is definitely a nice change to the atmosphere when you're faced with an aggressive alien Covenant attempting to wipe the human race from existence.

14 Flood Infection Form


At first glance, the Flood infection form looks relatively harmless due to its small size, but nevertheless, they can be deadly if taken lightly. Though individually they don't pose a threat, in great numbers they can be very annoying, especially combined with other infection forms. The infection form of Flood are the most common types of Flood that you run into. Definitely the lowest rank of all the Flood and also the form responsible for spreading the flood infection, their small tentacles attempt to penetrate the skin, tap into the victim's spinal cord and attack the victim's nervous system. If successful, the victim will mutate. While they are small, they are very creepy looking, especially up close. Thankfully they are easily disposed of without much effort.

13 Drone (bugger)


Known by Humans as Drones or buggers, due to how annoying they are, Yanme'e are a fly like creature who are part of the Covenant. They remind us of flies for a reason, as they making an annoying sound, and they are rather hard to kill because of their aerial capabilities. Though at least house flies don't have homicidal tendencies. Unlike flies, Drones are actually human sized, and due to their mastery of antigravity-assisted flight, they have a huge advantage in combat and are somewhat hard to hit. Luckily they don't fly all the time during combat and are easily taken out when they land. Yanme'e are a sentient insectoid race and are something out of an entomophobia nightmare.

12 Sentinel


The Aggressor Sentinel, or more specifically the Z-1500 Automated Systems Drone, is a rather complex, yet very interesting enemy in Halo. While Sentinels aren't very effective in combat on their own, they are more used as an automated system of defense and not a reliability. They are fairly easily dealt with individually, but in larger numbers, or in battles with other enemies, they can be quite a nuisance. Originally designed to suppress the outbreak of the flood, Sentinels are known to the Covenant as "Holy Warriors Of The Sacred Rings", constructed by the Forerunners. While they are built for combat, they are also designed to construct and maintain Forerunner structures as well as mine and retrieve raw materials. They are as handy as they can be deadly.

11 Jackal


Jackals are one of the most common enemies you face in the Covenant, other than Grunts. They are definitely more powerful than Grunts and are quite known for their defensive shield. Their shields protect them from enemy fire, as well as short to mid-range explosions. Depending on the difficulty you are playing at, Jackals can actually pose a serious threat if you can't dispatch their shield with ease or flank them safely. They are also often Jackal snipers and though they aren't equipped with their defense shield when sniping, some of them can be held up in sneaky locations, making them hard to find and very deadly. Known to humans as Jackals, Kig-Yar usually serve as defensive troops or snipers.

10 Skirmisher


Skirmishers are part of the same species as Jackals, but they're much stronger, faster, agile and can jump much higher. Instead of feathers, they have quills. Skirmishers are more commonly used as shock troopers for the Covenant, but they can also serve as snipers. They look very close to Jackals physically, but they don't usually use defense shields like Jackals commonly do. While Jackals are mostly used as defensive soldiers, Skirmishers are more aggressive and skilled at close-range combat. They can be deadly in packs and are known to use flanking maneuvers. Only high ranking Skirmishers will use defense shields like Jackals. It's hard to say whether Jackals or Skirmishers are more powerful, so I feel they can comfortably sit in the same category, or at least interchangeable.

9 Promethean Crawler


Crawlers act as cannon fodder for the Prometheans. They serve basically the same purpose as Grunts, but their combat capabilities are considerably more advanced. While they are the lowest ranks of the Promethean forces, they tend to move in packs and act almost like attack dogs. Besides the fact that they kind of look like mechanical dogs, they also work together in strategic coordination, similar to Drones. While they don't pose much of a threat individually, they can quickly overwhelm opponents in large packs and especially when fighting with Promethean Knights or Watchers. They have the capability to attack both at close and long range and tend to attack at unusual angles. However small in size, they are not to be taken lightly and are probably the most powerful cannon fodder of any military.

8 Flood Carrier Form


Flood carrier forms are very similar to "Boomers" from Left 4 Dead. They have but one sole purpose and offensive capability. They get close to enemies and explode, shooting out several Flood infection forms/spores. The explosion is similar to a fragmentation grenade, dishing out close-range damage. On top of acting as a grenade, it also shoots out spores which attach onto the victim, usually killing or at least injuring. While Flood infection forms are responsible for spreading the Flood, Carriers well....they carry. They essentially act as transportation for the spores to more efficiently spread the Flood. Carrier forms are formed from old Combat forms or simply Combat forms who were unfit for combat. They don't speak or make any sounds, which makes them fairly hard to spot if they aren't directly in your line of sight. While they aren't necessarily powerful by themselves, they act as suicide bombers in battles, while also releasing more flood even if they don't manage to explode next to you.

7 Promethean Watcher


Promethean Watchers are basically the guardians of the military. They are released from the carapace of Promethean Knights, aiding them in combat. The hover above the battleground, giving supporting fire with their boltshots, as well as projecting shields onto nearby Knights and sometimes even Crawlers. Watchers even have the ability to revive destroyed Knights and re-direct grenades. Because of all their supportive capabilities, they are usually the highest priority in a group battle. Taking them out early in the fight will prevent Knights from regenerating and just simply make the overall fight less frustrating. Watchers can also construct packs of crawlers, making them an incredibly nuisance on the battlefield. While being the support units of the Promethean military, their offensive capabilities are not to be underestimated.

6 Flood Combat Form

A Flood combat form is a living being which has been infected by flood spores (infection form) and mutated into a soldier for the flood. Probably the ugliest looking creature in Halo, they are also the strongest warriors in the Flood army. When alone, they can be easily destroyed, but they are very aggressive nonetheless. Although, under the control of a Gravemind, groups of combat forms can be incredibly dangerous, especially when paired with packs of infection forms. Combat forms are the only types of flood enemies that have the potential to wield weapons. While some combat forms do serve as berserkers with no weapons, others are basically standard soldiers. The appearance of combat forms vary depending on if they infect a Human, Spartan, Brute or Elite.

5 Elite


Elites started as humanity's enemy and quickly became their ally. Elites are one of the most renowned and iconic creatures in Halo besides the grunt. They come in several different forms, the most annoying probably being the invisible Elites equipped with energy swords. As well as being very difficult to fight, Elite's equipped with energy swords are probably the most well-known enemies in Halo history, and rightfully so. One of the most enjoyable weapons in Halo, at least in my opinion, is the energy sword, both in the campaign and multiplayer. Known to humans as Elites, the Sangheili form the backbone of the Covenant military as they are strong, skilled warriors. The Sangheili are named after their home planet, Sanghelios. They have been with the Covenant since almost the entirety of its existence.

4 Brute


Known by humans as Brutes, the Jiralhanae are a large, bipedal, ape-like species who have served intelligent enough to achieve space travel. Kind of makes you think about where Humans went wrong. If these things are traveling space already, then what's taking us so long? No, but in all seriousness, Brutes are pretty tough enemies, If you couldn't already tell by how they look. It's hard to say whether Brutes or Elites pose a bigger threat, also because they have always resented each other. Jiralhanae are the newest addition to the Covenant, though it didn't last long. Their savage and "brutish" nature (no pun intended) quickly plunged them into civil war, from which they never recovered. Bad Brutes, no space status for you.

3 Promethean Knight


The Promethean Knight is the most recent pain in our backs and, honestly, probably one of the most badass enemies in Halo. They are advanced Forerunner AI. They have the ability to release watchers from their carapace which aid them in combat, increasing their survival rate. The Promethean Knights are ancient beings created by the Composer. They were given mechanical bodies to make them immune to the flood since they can only infect living tissue. There are different kinds of knights including commanders, lancers, standard knights and battlewagons, each equipped with a different deadly weapon. You could say they are the Elites of the Covenant, though arguably more powerful.

2 Hunter


Arguably the most feared enemy in all of Halo's history is the Hunter. The number of times I have died at the hands of a Hunter is beyond comparison to any other enemy in Halo. The iconic music that plays before an incoming battle with Hunters is seared into my brain and I wouldn't have it any other way. Playing on legendary and hearing that music, you know you're in for an extremely challenging battle. While Hunters can be extremely frustrating to fight, they also provide probably the most satisfactory feeling once defeated, especially when playing together with friends. The task of taking down a Hunter single-handedly is almost like an honor, especially if you finish them off with a melee.

1 Scarab


The Type-47 Ultra-Heavy Assault Platform, more commonly know as a Scarab, is pretty much as powerful as its name sounds. If something has the word Ultra in it, you can pretty much guarantee that it's gonna be badass. Scarabs, unlike other Covenant vehicles, don't use anti-gravity technology to travel since they have four massive legs to walk with. They are basically mobile forward operating bases for the Covenant, with insanely powerful weaponry. They have anti-air cannons, a massive frontal plasma beam cannon as well as Covenant infantry onboard. First encountered during the Outskirts level in Halo 2, every Halo fan remembers this behemoth. While they are extremely hard to take out with sheer firepower, they are most vulnerable to being boarded and sabotaged within.

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