14Far Cry 3’s Ending

Far Cry 3 is a heavy game.

An immersive open-world game, it makes you wrestle with your moral compass as you decide just how deep the rabbit hole really goes. The emotional weight reaches Atlas-like proportions the further into the game you go and the choices you make along

the way have devastating consequences.

Like a twisted Choose Your Own Adventure book, the choice you make at the end of Far Cry 3 determines the cut scene you’re rewarded with. If you choose to venture along the path of the Sith, you’re rewarded with an awkward and violent sex scene.

A narrative whiplash that showcases the diminished shred of your humanity, this sex scene is as perverse as it is disturbingly intimate. The soundscape of Jason enjoying the sins of the flesh is only cut short by Citra stabbing you in the chest post-coitus, a welcome release from this horrific visual assault you’ve just witnessed.

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