15The Death of Sarah

With an opening that immediately plunges you into the emotional story of The Last of Us’ savage post-apocalyptic world, it’s hard not to get drawn into the narrative built before you.

A heartbreaking opening sequence to the game, The Last of Us puts us in the shoes of Sarah,

the protagonist’s daughter, as you try to make sense of the unravelling world around you. It’s an intense opening segment that sets the tone for the game and the emotional trauma you’ll endure.

It only takes 15 minutes to build an emotional connection with Sarah and perhaps a lifetime to get over the emotional toll of witnessing her getting gunned down in the arms of her father. You can only look on in helpless disbelief as Sarah suffers in agonizing pain. And as she utters her last breath and Joel’s devastating pleas goes unheard, the scene fades to black.

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