The 15 Most WTF Things Kratos Has Ever Done

The Ghost of Sparta has done some seriously messed up things over seven games. We aren’t talking about the 'love' mini games that gamers can take part in as a quick break form the ruthless killing. From the second, he made the deal with Ares, the God of War, Kratos has done some things that make gamers go, WTF!

Kratos was a great captain of the Spartan army who, on the brink of death, made a deal with Ares to serve the God of War in exchange for victory. Kratos’ life is then turned upside down. He changes alliances and breaks oaths all in the name of his own unquenchable bloodlust. If a God, human, or Titan isn’t helping Kratos, they are feeling the full wrath of his blades. From his short stint as the God of War to manipulating time itself, Kratos rampaged through Greece shocking gamers with his actions along the way.

The God of War series put gamers in the driver seat of an ultra-violent protagonist with simple wants and goals. The simplicity of Kratos’ motivations allowed the developers to raise hell from Sparta to Mount Olympus. When there isn’t much in the terms of character traits aside from hate and revenge, gamers really want the game to deliver on a whole lot of hate and revenge. God of War is filled to the brim with WTF moments that Kratos forces the gamer to watch and take part in. It is not for the faint of heart or church going crowd. Gamers can feel the hate and brutality of Kratos from playing just one God of War game. After seven God of War games, Kratos has racked up a lot of WTF.

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15 Cutting Off Icarus’ Wings

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The God of War games take Greek Mythology to task from biggest names to the lesser known characters. Well, Icarus' infamous flight is cut short by the Ghost of Sparta in a graphic WTF moment.

When Kratos meets Icarus, Icarus demands and pleads with Kratos to turn back because only his wings can bridge the gap to the Three Sisters of Time. It is Icarus’ destiny and his test alone to complete. Kratos takes one look at those wings and does what he knows best, brutally taking something that isn’t his. What follows is the overly gruesome de-winging of Icarus in mid-air. It’s bad enough Kratos rips the wings off of Icarus’ body, but to do so as they both plummet out of Earth, past Atlas, and into the abyss, is just plain wrong.

14 Blinding Typhon, The Titan, To Kill Prometheus

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In God of War II, Kratos does something nice for a change. Well, in the end, he sort of does something nice. How he got there made gamers say “WTF!” though. Kratos needs to free Prometheus from unending torment in order to escape the clasp of the Titans. Instead of taking the easy way out, Kratos does it his way.

First, he blinds the Titan Typhon to acquire Typhon’s Bane, a ranged weapon. Then he uses that to kill Prometheus. The result is the same, but it just involved blinding an innocent Titan that didn’t want anything to do with Kratos’ quest and murdering a man condemned to eternal torture. This decision by Kratos is more overkill than rage fueled violence. Instead of solving a rather simple challenge, a Titan had to lose an eye. Kratos talks a lot about honor, but this a real jerk move.

13 Killing A Defenseless Gaia

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Gaia has her own agenda that stems from the long-standing imprisonment of the Titans by the Gods. It is not really a surprise when she leaves Kratos for dead on the side of Mount Olympus. She has been waiting for revenge against Zeus for much longer than Sparta has even existed. But what makes Kratos killing her a WTF moment is how deep his need to seek revenge against everyone goes.

Gaia is injured and practically a dead Titan walking when she blocks Kratos’ path. Yes, she left him for dead, but she is nearly falling of the mountain herself. Kratos could just walk on by and let the fates decide the rest. The game instead forces the gamer to have Kratos cut down her injured arm sending the Titan, responsible for all life on earth, tumbling into the abyss. Kratos does not miss out on an opportunity to really stick it to anyone who remotely upsets him. I would not want to accidentally bump into him on the street.

12 Freeing The Titan Thera, Which Causes A Catastrophic Volcanic Eruption

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Kratos takes and takes, but he never gives back to the people of Greece. In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Kratos finds himself in a volcano with the Titan Thera chained up. He releases the Titan which gives him a power up for Athena’s blades. He can now add fire damage to enemies. The resulting consequence is the volcano erupts and destroys the whole city.

The God of War series rewards the gamer with new weapons and powerups after completing horrific violent acts, but this one is treated like a small transgression. Free this Titan and you get a power up, don’t mind the countless people that will die as a result. Kratos has no time to stop and think about his actions on his way to killing everything standing in his way. But the developers really lay the WTF on thick with this action. Thera has done nothing to impede Kratos, nor have the people in the town the volcano destroys. They are all casualties on Kratos’ march towards power.

11 Killing Hermes And Releasing A Plague

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Okay, Hermes is an annoying little bug that you want to punch in the mouth the second you meet him. But that doesn’t mean Kratos should have murdered him and released a plague upon the world.

Once the gamer defeats Hermes, you corner him as he delivers a very apt monologue about Kratos’ short comings. Kratos will never out run his nightmares. The entire time, Kratos stares at Hermes’ boots like a psychopath. He could care less about how right Hermes is. Kratos is already picking out what he will loot from Hermes’ corpse. Then, in true Kratos fashion, he cuts off Hermes’ legs to get to his boots. WTF, dude? Ask him to take them off maybe. Just like Kratos freeing Thera, he unleashes plague upon the world as an afterthought. Kratos is not a real big picture kind of Spartan.

10 Killing Ares As Revenge

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Ares did play Kratos pretty badly by trying to get his undying devotion. Ares thought the oath wasn’t enough, so he thought if Kratos killed his own family then there would be no more strings. Kratos saw it in a different way and instead went full tilt after Ares.

Kratos doesn’t just seek revenge the old-fashioned way. This is God of War and this is the Ghost of Sparta. He had to kill a God. Ares was pretty clear when they made their original agreement, serving the God of War, meant unquestioning loyalty.

Kratos’ need to defeat his enemies blinded him from seeing how Ares would take control of his life. Exacting revenge on Ares is not Kratos liberating himself from Ares’ grasp, it is continuing his punishment for making the deal in the first place. If he failed, he would die (more permanently this time). If he succeeded he would have to take Ares’ place as the God of War and, with it, all the restrictions of being a God. He would have power, but not the control he desired. How he didn’t see that coming was a real headscratcher.

9 Killing Helios By Ripping Off His Head

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God of War III should be renamed, 'How Kratos Got His Groove Back, And Murdered Everyone You Ever Learned About In Greek Mythology.' Helios has one of the most graphic murders in video game history,as Kratos literally rips his head off his still living body.

As the Titans charge up Mount Olympus, they come across the first God who is bit of a nuisance, Helios. Kratos dispatches him like he has dispatched so many with a useful gift, tearing off the body part he needs. In Helios’ case, it is his illuminating cranium. With a few buttons hits in a QTE, the gamer can help Kratos rip a living God’s head from his body then hold it up like a trophy. The epitome of WTF. In doing this, the Sun disappears from the world, but Kratos is going to do much worse to the world, so the game moves on quickly.

8 Killing The Sisters Of Fate To Go Back In Time

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Kratos discovers an ingenious way to get back at Zeus for taking his power away, which is to get the Sisters of Fate to take him back in time and stop Zeus before he starts. When I say get the Sisters of Fate to do something for him, you should know by now that means relentlessly murdering them and then abusing the one thing they were tasked to keep out of the hands of homicidal maniacs like Kratos.

Kratos dispatches each sister with the same care he has for his own father, Zeus. The ending cinematics for each sister is unique, bloody and disturbing. They implore Kratos to turn back, telling him that the Looms of Fate were not meant to be controlled by any God or mortal. Kratos only hears their screams as he traps them in a mirror and breaks it. Kratos could not simply slip past the Sisters on his way back into the past. He must undo the very fabric of time.

7 Destroying The Earth During The Assault On Mount Olympus

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As the gamer progresses throughout God of War III, Kratos’ murderous rampage has catastrophic effects on the world below. Like the doomsday scenarios categorized above, with each death of a Titan or God, the world loses a resource or is subject to a massive end-of-days level event. It is bad enough that the gamer sees Kratos jam his thumbs into Poseidon’s eyes, as killing Poseidon brings forth a flood that drowns the world.

With each new death, Kratos destroys the world in a new and horrible way. He does not even seem to notice. To him, what is the point of having a world where Zeus is in control. His revenge takes precedence over the lives of every mortal. In any other game series, this would be the most WTF thing any character could do. In the God of War series, this just cracks the top seven.

6 Killing Hades And Releasing All The Souls Of The Dead

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Kratos does a lot of dying and reaching the underworld in the God of War series. So spending time with Hades and his minions becomes old news for the Spartan. In God of War III, however, Kratos not only kills Hades, he upsets the entire balance between life and death.

Kratos doesn’t just beat the God of the Underworld, he rips out his soul. By doing so, Kratos also sets free all the souls of the dead to roam the world of the living. Kratos needed to get out of the underworld to complete his growing list of Gods that needed killing. But Hades wasn’t going to let him walk out of there. Like Hades says before the fight, Kratos killed everyone from his brother Poseidon to his wife. Not saying Hades is a good dude, but to lose your whole family, then to get slaughtered by the same fallen God, and then to see your life’s work upended is a lot to take. Kratos annihilates Hades entire soul and being. WTF Kratos? Killing him wasn’t enough?

5 Killing Athena In A Blind Rage

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Athena is Kratos’ only consistent ally throughout the series. She bails him out so many times it feels she should be a playable co-op character. At the end of God of War II, Kratos has the upper hand on Zeus when Athena rushes in to stop him from destroying all of Mount Olympus and the world.

Having recovered the Blade of Olympus, Kratos was one strike away from killing Zeus and ending his quest of revenge. Athena jumps right in front of the blade and dies. He ignored her attempts to reason with him. He doesn’t really think about listening to her this one time. Kratos’ bloodlust can’t be stopped and he kills another close ally and friend. With her dying breath, she tells Kratos that he is the son of Zeus. All Kratos hears is, “Zeus made me kill my only friend and now he is my father. How dare he. He must die!” Kratos needs to take a second and rethink his options before lunging powerful blades near allies.

4 Killing Zeus With His Punches, Lots of Punches

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This might be the most iconic and talked about death in the God of War series. For Kratos’ perfect end to a revenge plot. It was not just good enough to best Zeus with magic and might. Kratos needed to also punch Zeus in the face repeatedly until the screen is covered in the blood of his father.

This was the only way to end the main trilogy. Zeus may have escaped at the end of God of War II, but there was no way the developers were letting him get away at the end of III. Zeus had to die at the hands of Kratos in the most gut-wrenching, blood gushing, visceral way that made even the most seasoned gamer say, "WTF!" The game does not trigger the next cut scene until after the gamer has stopped punching for a few minutes. It is the developers way of showing the gamer that they are just as guilty of these WTF moments as Kratos.

3 Trying To Kill Himself Several Times

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Despite being a homicidal maniac with the taste for blood and a relentless desire to payback every wrong doing with swift justice, Kratos kills himself quite a lot to escape emotional pain. Maybe he just needs someone to talk out his feelings. First, he needs to put down his blades and talk.

In the main trilogy and spin off games, Kratos attempts to end his life more than four times. When you think about it, it's really messed up for two reasons. The first is the shear number of times he has attempted to kill himself just to seek some sort of relief from his crimes. The other is Kratos having a bad case of short term memory. Every time he goes through with it, he is either stopped or fights his way out of underworld to finish his revenge quest. It is as if he wants to be dead and everyone else to be dead, but he can’t figure out what order he wants the deaths to happen in. It leaves gamers just asking, “WTF do you want?!”

2 Becoming The Worst God Of War Ever

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After killing Ares and becoming the God of War, Kratos doesn’t have anyone to exact revenge on. So he goes around conquering Greece for fun. In between God of War I and II, Kratos uses his new position of power to keep doing what he has always done, kill everyone and burn the countryside.

When the gamer first meets Kratos in God of War II, he is sacking Rhodes for his own amusement. Kratos has become the very thing he hated in Ares. He has become an all-powerful God who lays waste to the lives of mortals. But what did you expect? Kratos would use his power justly or that his appetite for destruction would be curbed once he was free of Ares oath? Kratos makes one WTF decision after the next as a mortal. It only makes sense he would do the same as a God.

1 Killing His Family

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Some might say that if Ares didn’t test Kratos in such a barbaric way, then there wouldn’t be this amazing set of games. While that is true, it does not excuse the act of Kratos killing his wife and child in the pursuit of power and violence.

It is the most WTF thing Kratos does in the entire series. Without this jump, there is no series. From the very beginning of the game, Kratos is a bad guy and the gamer knows that. How bad he is, and how bad he is going to become, all hinges on the murder of his family. He is the type of warrior who can even recognize his own flesh and blood when he is fighting. He sees no ally or friend when he is killing. He sees something to kill and vanquish. Killing innocent women and children is an easy trope in video games, but this twist really solidifies what kind of person Kratos is. He is a monster. Kratos will not leave any survivor because in God of War there are no survivors except for Kratos and his memories.

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