14Blinding Typhon, The Titan, To Kill Prometheus

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In God of War II, Kratos does something nice for a change. Well, in the end, he sort of does something nice. How he got there made gamers say “WTF!” though. Kratos needs to free Prometheus from unending torment in order to escape the clasp of the Titans. Instead of

taking the easy way out, Kratos does it his way.

First, he blinds the Titan Typhon to acquire Typhon’s Bane, a ranged weapon. Then he uses that to kill Prometheus. The result is the same, but it just involved blinding an innocent Titan that didn’t want anything to do with Kratos’ quest and murdering a man condemned to eternal torture. This decision by Kratos is more overkill than rage fueled violence. Instead of solving a rather simple challenge, a Titan had to lose an eye. Kratos talks a lot about honor, but this a real jerk move.

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