15Cutting Off Icarus’ Wings

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The God of War games take Greek Mythology to task from biggest names to the lesser known characters. Well, Icarus' infamous flight is cut short by the Ghost of Sparta in a graphic WTF moment.

When Kratos meets Icarus, Icarus demands and pleads with Kratos to turn back because only his

wings can bridge the gap to the Three Sisters of Time. It is Icarus’ destiny and his test alone to complete. Kratos takes one look at those wings and does what he knows best, brutally taking something that isn’t his. What follows is the overly gruesome de-winging of Icarus in mid-air. It’s bad enough Kratos rips the wings off of Icarus’ body, but to do so as they both plummet out of Earth, past Atlas, and into the abyss, is just plain wrong.

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