25Ludwig von Koopa


Most of the Koopalings are great little characters and, by great, we mean that they are great at being little villainous rascals. They are seven Bowser-like siblings who at first were thought to be Browser's children, but later Nintendo stated that they were in fact not. Seems like that they

are so naughty that not even Bowser wants to have them as his children. All of them have quite charming characters and looks, except Ludwig von Koopa. Ludwig, said to be the oldest and self-appointed leader of the group, has a certain off-putting look to him with his one tooth and parted hair. What he lacks in form, he doesn't make up for in personality either, being a rather big show off and very proud. He thinks he is better than everyone else which leads to his downfall eventually, as things go since he underestimates Mario.

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