15Best: The Terminator (Sega CD)

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The Sega CD version of The Terminator film video game adaptation is considered to be the best of the original bunch. This was achieved thanks to the advanced graphics and futuristic soundtrack made possible by the CD drive, along with the well executed gameplay. The backgrounds were suitably

dark, the character designs were nicely detailed and true to their film counterparts, and the combat was satisfyingly visceral. The gameplay was very similar to early Contra games as we watched Kyle Reese run, shoot, duck and flip through each level, taking out T-800s along the way.

The game provides a deeper look at the bleak future that awaited mankind thanks to the carelessness of CyberDyne and it’s sentient Skynet A.I. with a grudge. Luckily, there are plenty of weapon upgrades to spice up the battlefield antics and make the rebellion that much sweeter. This is definitely one to check out for any retro gaming enthusiasts out there.

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