The 8 Best Psychic Type Pokémon (And The 7 WORST!)

Pokémon from the beginning has taken the world by storm and became a worldwide phenomenon. The success of the series led to it taking on many forms from anime, card games, toys, movies, and even board games. The main driving force for the series has always been the games. The Pokémon video games are responsible for creating new Pokémon and new characters that the rest of the mediums would follow. The series began in 1996, and over twenty years later, is going as strong as ever. Pokémon would end up using a "Generation" system, meaning a new wave of Pokémon and a new region would be introduced in each new installment, sequels and re-makes aside. There are currently seven generations of Pokémon, with over eight hundred Pokémon in total across over one hundred games.

There are eighteen different types of Pokémon, all with weakness to different types and resistance to another. It's similar to a very convoluted game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. With such a high number of Pokémon, there are a lot of great ones but on the other side of that, there are a lot of bad ones. In this list, we will be focusing on just one type of Pokémon: Psychic.

There are just under one hundred psychic Pokémon when you factor in Mega Evolutions. We will be going over seven Pokémon that are plain awful. On the other end of the spectrum, we will also talk about eight of the best psychic Pokémon that are great for any team.

15 Best: Mew

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Mew is a legendary psychic Pokémon that was only ever obtainable from events held by Nintendo. Despite being introduced in Generation 1, Mew is one of the hardest Pokémon to obtain. In competitive play, Mew is just one tier below the top. Its stats are rather unique, in which they're not crazy good, but they are all above average. In the Pokédex, it says that Mew has the DNA of all Pokémon ever made and is believed to be the ancestor of all Pokémon. Mew can learn some decent moves levelling up, the two notable ones being Psychic and Aura Sphere. However, there's a reason it can be so powerful. Mew can learn any TM or HM move in the series' entire history. This means it can be set up in any way you want to play Mew, be it defensive or offensive. Or both!

14 Worst: Unown

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Unown is not only just one of, if not the worst psychic Pokémon: it's one of the worst Pokémon period. Introduced in Generation 2, Unown is a rather unique Pokémon. Each is shaped like a letter from the alphabet and you can collect them all. However, aside from the collector's value, there's absolutely no reason to catch these Pokémon. Their stats are atrocious, and in completive play they fall into the lowest tier possible. Part of the reason Unown sucks so bad is that they can only ever learn one move: Hidden Power. It's a weak Normal move that does little to damage the enemy Pokémon. Unowns aren't hard to catch either, and are rather common, making them all the more underwhelming compared to other Pokémon you can catch.

13 Best: Gardevoir

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Gardevoir is a pure psychic type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3 that would later have a dual typing of Psychic and Fairy in Generation 6. In Generation 6 she would also be given a Mega Evolution. Gardevoir quickly became a fan-favorite Pokémon, largely in part due to its appearance. However, she also has very high Special Attack that makes her a tough foe to fight against. In competitive play, Mega Gardevoir is in the Overused Tier (2nd highest) due to her strong ability to break through many Pokémon. In-game, the Pokédex states that Gardevoir has the power to distort dimensions and even create small black holes. It also adds that it'll protect its trainer at all costs, and its power will peak when it's protecting them.

12 Worst: Abra

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Abra is the base Pokémon of another Pokémon on this list, Alakazam. Abra was introduced in Generation 1 and is most known for being one of the most annoying Pokémon to catch. There is one reason and one reason alone for this, which is the reason Abra is on the list: it only knows one move. The move, called Teleport, will have Abra flee the battle entirely, so you won't get experience from the fight, or you won't be able to catch it if you don't capture Abra on your first try. The only way Abra can learn moves is through TMs; however, the moves it can learn from this are far from useful. It makes it that much harder to train up to become a far better Pokémon.

11 Best: Metagross

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Metagross is a dual Psychic and Steel-type Pokémon that entered into the Pokémon world in Generation 3. Mega Metagross would be introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In the games, the Pokédex states that it has four different brains, and is smarter than any supercomputer. The strength of Metagross lies in its Mega Evolution. It raises Metagross' already high attack and defense to absurdly high amounts. In the competitive scene, Mega Metagross is considered to be in the highest tier. Not only that, Metagross' typing greatly improves its viability in a battle. Ten different type of moves will be resistant or immune to Metagross, with it only being weak to four different ones. Metagross can also learn a wide variety of moves through TMs.

10 Worst: Chimecho

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Chimecho is a pure psychic Pokémon from Generation 3. It's a very light Pokémon, and in order to travel long distances it must use the wind's current as it is much more light and hollow than other Pokémon. In competitive play, Chimecho is considered to be the lowest tier; its stats are incredibly low, its special attack is the best stat it has, and even at that, it's only decent at best. Its singular typing and lack of good stats make it an easy target for many other, better Pokémon and even those at its skill level. In Generation 4, Chimecho would become an evolution from another Pokémon (Chimecho) and Chimecho would not gain any bonuses from this, and made it that much less worth catching and training.

9 Best: Tapu Lele

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Tapu Lele was introduced in Generation 7 of Pokémon and is a Psychic type with Fairy typing as its secondary type. It is one of the four deity Pokémon from Sun and Moon. According to Moon's Pokédex, it will drop glowing scales, which are so powerful they will restore good health in those who touch it right then and there. In competitive play, Tapu Lele was once considered one of the best with its amazing offensive options. It would drop down to a tier below it, which would even be met with skepticism. Tapu Lele is gifted with a great move set, especially with Psychic and Moonblast. Tapu Lele's ability will boost the power of Psychic type moves and active as soon as is enters battle, and it is immune to damage from ally Pokémon in double and triple battles.

8 Worst: Xatu

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Xatu is a rather uniquely typed Pokémon, a Psychic and Flying type that would be introduced in Generation 2 of the series. The Pokédex mentions that it will stand in one spot for an entire day and mentions it can see both the past and future at the same time, one for each eye. Xatu's unique typing doesn't do it much good, except it is very resistant to fighting type moves. However, it is weak to five different move types, and while having lackluster stats. Xatu actually has a surprisingly good move set that he fails to make good use for. Good moves can only go as far as good stats do. In competitive play. Xatu is just one tier above the bottom tier, showcasing just how bad it is.

7 Best: Hoopa Unbound

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Hoopa was introduced to Generation 6 and is a Psychic and Ghost type Pokémon. Hoopa is one of the small handful of Pokémon that have a different form, and that form is what's on the list: Hoopa Unbound. In Hoopa's unbound form, the Ghost type turns into Dark type. The positive side to this is only Bug type moves do critical damage, one of the least common move types. It is also weak to Fairy, but has no other downsides. Hoopa Unbound comes with a very powerful moveset, and in competitive play is considered to be in the highest tier. It's a giant, terrifying looking Pokémon and in the Pokédex it states that it once carried away a castle just to take treasure from inside of it.

6 Worst: Girafarig

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Girafarig has probably the oddest combination of typing, Normal and Psychic. It was introduced in Generation 2, and was never given any new Pokémon to evolve into, nor did it become the evolution of another Pokémon. In competitive play, Girafarig is considered to be a bottom-tier Pokémon. It does not have any major weaknesses in terms of typing, however it also doesn't have many strengths. Girafarig has incredibly low stats, although it has a decent move pool. However, Girafarig is an awful addition to any team, and there are many Pokémon that does what Girafarig does but much better. The moves it can use are all moves that much better Pokémon can learn, making Girafarig much more useless than it already is. It doesn't help that the most useful move it learns late into its leveling.

5 Best: Deoxys

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Deoxys is a legendary psychic Pokémon that came into the series in Generation Three. Deoxys comes with four different forms it can be in: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Normal forms. The Pokédex states that it was a virus in space that underwent mutation and became Deoxys. In competitive play, all forms of Deoxys are in the top tier of Pokémon, with the most commonly used being Attack and Speed Deoxys forms. The stats are amazing and the forms will give boost to them, so Attack Form will raise special and normal attack while Defense Form will have better special defense and normal defense. Deoxys has a very powerful move kit that is capable of plowing through many teams. Deoxys is one of the best legendary Pokémon to put on your team.

4 Worst: Claydol

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Claydol is another Pokémon with an interesting typing mix of Psychic and Ground type. It was introduced in Generation 3 of the series. It's a final evolution of Baltoy, another Pokémon. In competitive play, Claydol is just a tier above the lowest of the low. The stats that Claydol has are far from anything amazing, with an above average special defense being its best stat. Its typing leads it to being weak to multiple types of moves, resistant to only a small amount. Claydol doesn't learn any crazy good moves by levelling up, and has to rely on TMs to even stand a chance with most other Pokémon out there. The odd looking Pokémon is even odder when its put on a team, and there's much better choices to use on a team.

3 Best: Alakazam

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Alakazam is a pure psychic type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation 1 and given a Mega Evolution in Generation 6 when Mega Evolution was introduced. The Pokédex states directly that its IQ is 5,000 and that it can memorize anything. In the competitive scene of Pokémon, its listed as one of the top tiers, with Mega Alakazam being in the second highest tier (Overused). Alakazam can learn many different moves and its single typing makes it so Alakazam's weaknesses are very rare, and only Dark, Ghost, and Bug Pokémon are effective against it. Since he doesn't share another type, Alakazam is only weak to three Pokémon types, all of those types are rare and hard to come by making Alakazam a real powerhouse to deal with.

2 Worst: Swoobat

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Swoobat is a psychic and flying type Pokémon that came into the series during Generation 5. Its the final evolution of Woobat. In competitive play, Swoobat, despite being a final evolution, could not crawl out from the bottom tier of Pokémon. Swoobat struggles in most areas in regards to stats, with the only good one being speed. However, being fast doesn't help improve his lackluster fighting abilities. Swoobat can learn some decent moves, however by the time it will learn the best moves in its move pool, odds are players would have moved on from the Pokémon. It can learn some useful moves from TMs, however there's much better candidates to use them on, so unless you love the Pokémon for how it looks there's really no reason to ever use Swoobat.

1 Best: Lugia

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Lugia is a legendary psychic and flying type Pokémon that came into being in Generation 2 of Pokémon and was the titular legendary in Silver. The Pokedex states the its wings are so powerful, gently flapping them can destroy and entire house with ease. Lugia comes with very strong defensive stats. In competitive play, Lugia is in the top tier and is seen as one of the best defensive Pokémon there are. Lugia has a very powerful move set that it learns from leveling up, and you will be able to catch it in the game itself! Lugia is a powerhouse of a Pokémon, and its always a good idea to stick it on your team. If you choose one legendary Pokémon to be on your team, Lugia is always a good pick.

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