The 8 Best Star Trek Games (And The 7 WORST!)

Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek series began in 1966 and even though that series ended after just three seasons. The Star Trek franchise has grown to immeasurably over the decades. There were the successful films which focused on the original crew with Captain Kirk and co. Then there was  Star Trek: Next Generation which was a massive hit with fans, helped revitalize the series in the 90s. Since then there has been several spin-off series, novels, comics, video games and the recently rebooted movies.

Excitement for the Star Trek franchise has piqued once again with the new Star Trek: Discovery series which is due to premiere this year, and the promising looking VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew which is due to be released on the 30th of May 2017.

While we anxiously await the new series and the upcoming VR game, let's take a look at 8 of the best Star Trek games and 7 of the worst ever released.

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15Best: Star Trek Online

Via Cryptic Studios

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Cryptic Studios, and is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PC. The game is set thirty years after the events of the Star Trek: Nemesis movie, and the game's central plot revolves around the collapse of the alliance between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets.

The player gets to be the captain of his or her own ship with a choice of factions such as The Federation, The Klingons, or Romulans, while also micromanaging all the ships crew with individual duties.

Star Trek Online switches battle modes depending on the scenarios. The first is space combat using the Starship, and the second, a run gun combat system after 'beaming' down in person. The space combat and the excellent visuals definitely helped elevate this above most console iterations of the Star Trek franchise.

14Worst: Star Trek D-A-C

Via Trekmovie

Star Trek: D-A-C (Deathmatch. Assault. Conquest) is a top-down space shooter that looks like a modern day version of Asteroids with multiplayer features. The game's single player mode is a survival mode that has no actual story features with it all. The multiplayer modes have a 6 player co-op and a 6 on 6 deathmatch mode.

Despite not being a bad game, there isn't anything at all spectacular about it either. Star Trek D-A-C is a fairly basic top-down arcade shooter, that may keep some players entertained for half an hour or so, but beyond that, there's no real lasting appeal even for die-hard Star Trek fans.

13Best: Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon Honor Guard

Via Mobygames

Star Trek The Next Generation Klingon Honor Guard is first person shooter on PC and MAC, that was based during the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. As a member of the Klingon guard, the player's mission is to prevent the assassination of Chancellor Gowron. The game contains 19 missions across 26 maps which include a variety of environments and planets.

Honor Guard is a fast paced shooter that creatively used the Unreal Engine with its enjoyable level design, meaty campaign, and its inventive weapons such as the "Ding-Pach Spin Claw" a gun that fires off a blade and returns. Fans were thrilled to get a solid Star Trek based on the phenonmenal Next Generation saga.

12Worst: Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (PlayStation 2)

Via isozone.com

The PlayStation 2 version of Star Trek Voyager Elite Force wasn't developed by the same team behind the PC and MAC version of the same game and suffered as a result.

Elite Force is a first-person shooter where the player is a member of the Hazard Team known as Ensign Alex Munro. Munro and his team are tasked with protecting the USS Voyager from attacking forces whilst repairs are being carried out.

Despite being a real classic on the PC and MAC, the PS2 version was badly ported to such a degree that the artificial intelligence was almost non-existent, the aiming system was a mess and the downgraded visuals were a glaringly obvious.

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