The 8 Greatest Super Smash Fighters (And 7 Who SUCK)

Normally, I’m not a fan of fighting games. Most fighting games seem to be designed by people who see time in slow motion from all the crack and Adderall they are on, and I find it impossible to accurately input moves and combos. Super Smash Bros. gets the fighting genre right. Easy to learn, hard to master. Fun to play, with a huge diverse lineup of your favorite Nintendo characters. Throughout the many installments of the game, the content has only improved with newer, more badass characters. That being said, it sometimes seems like some characters were massively better than others. Here’s the best, and the worst choices for characters in Super Smash Bros.

15 BEST: Cloud (Super Smash Bros. Wii U)

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The best DLC character to be released for Smash Bros. is none other than our favorite Final Fantasy VII character: Cloud! Cloud has made plenty of cameos in games and films, including Kingdom Hearts, but this is him in his prime. Cloud's combos are brutal, and his Ki Charge makes them even more devastating. He moves fast, strikes fast, and hits hard, making him one of the hardest opponents to try to face off against in Smash Bros. His up-B has a great return to map if he's knocked off, and his ultimate ability is devastating and a great method of crowd control- or just to sink damage into your opponent. The only problem with Cloud is that he's primarily a melee combo hero, meaning ranged characters like Samus or Link can keep Cloud off of them with distance.

14 WORST: Ice Climbers (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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Nana and Popo are classic Nintendo characters, that being said they are one of the worst character duos to ever grace the fighting game's stages. Now, as with many of these characters, there are some people who are going to burn me at the stake saying how great Nana and Popo are. They can do well, it's true; Nintendo did a great job at balancing characters. But there are so many better choices than the Ice Climbers. Sure they have some okay attacks together, but as anyone knows, they're garbage if they're separated. They are incredibly easy to separate, and easy to take down. Let's say you knock Popo back while you're fighting Nana: rather than fight their way back together, one will always just casually walk back to the fight, leaving them an easy target. Once they're on their own, neither Ice Climber is a match for Pichu, let alone a well-trained Link.

13 BEST: Fox (Super Smash Bros.)

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Fox has been around since the original Super Smash Bros., and for good reason: he's a gangsta. The attitude, the speed, the combos... all of this makes the Arwing Pilot one of the best choices to take on any opponent. Whip out your pistol to deal some much needed damage percentage before dashing in for the ruthless combos. Fox's strength and speed makes it easy for him to follow up on damaged opponents. His up-B gives him a great map return, and his down-B reflect ability makes any ranged character obsolete to a well-timed Fox. Plus, let's be real: when Fox does his classic "Come On!" taunt, it enrages anyone who isn't already trying to hit the untouchable ghost. Fox was a good pick in the original game, and a must have pick in the current installment. Now if someone can just tell me what he yells during his up-B... fire?

12 WORST: Pichu (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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Pichu is one of the worst characters in Super Smash Bros.: Melee by far. Not only is the little guy light as a feather and easily knocked around like a basketball in a baseball bat factory, but his powers are so useless that he hurts and knocks himself around the map. Pichu really has no other characters that he can outplay with his skill set. Everyone can beat the living snot out of this little rat with relatively no punishment on their part. Sure, he's quicker than Pikachu, and harder to hit than Bowser, but he can't manage to take even a highly damaged enemy down. I'm convinced he's a joke character simply based on the fact that when you acquire his trophy the developers literally wrote "Best in Class for Weakness" and is "Best for Handicapped Matches." If Pichu is a troll character, I would have rather seen the developers put the time into a new actual character than this.

11 BEST: Mario (Super Smash Bros.)

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The hallmark character of Nintendo is one of the best choices in the Super Smash Bros. series. Whether he is throwing his classic fireballs or reflecting Pokéballs back at enemies, Mario is always a great choice. Well-rounded, quick moving and hard hitting, Mario can take on even the more intimidating characters in the game. It makes sense that the Nintendo mascot isn't exactly a push-over in combat. While some people prefer Dr. Mario or Luigi, the man who took on Donkey Kong in the arcades of old is always going to be one of the best choices by far. Now, whether you end up picking up Super Mario Odysseyor if they make another Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, we're going to be seeing a lot more of the plumber and he's sure to stay a solid choice in Smash in any coming installments.

10 WORST: Pit (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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All right! Bring in the D-List characters! Was anyone really sitting around thinking "hey, I really wanna play as flying Link with inaccurate arrows?" No, the answer is no. Pit's only real ability is his up-B for flight, which is one of the better ways to return to the map if knocked off. Pair that with an inaccurate and weak-ass bow/sword thing and you've got yourself a terrible choice in character. With no real solid knockback attacks, other heroes tend to just punch through Pit's attacks with ease, and there are stronger ranged choices out there. Pit relies on his forward smashes, forward throws and effective edgeguarding to knockout enemies while other heroes have multiple and far superior ways to get their knockouts.

9 BEST: Yoshi (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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First off, let me apologize to all of the Yoshis (Yoshi? Yoshiese?), that I have abandoned over the years in Super Mario games. Sometime I sent you plummeting to your death for a jump, and other times you just ran off like a crazy person, but I'd miss your dino-butt every time. Anyway, Yoshi is always a high-tiered pick in Super Smash Bros. His down-B butt smash does an insane amount of damage, he turns people into eggs for a sick stun, and has great weight and recovery from knockoffs. By far the best reason to pick Yoshi is his shield. Yoshi goes full-egg over the bubble that most characters get, which has some OP advantages. The egg doesn't shrink like the bubble over time, and it helps set up Yoshi's combos by soaking up an insane amount of damage.

8 WORST: Olimar (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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Captain Olimar is one of the most frustrating characters I've ever played in Super Smash Bros. It seems like the amount of time that Olimar takes to get set up and become actually useful in game is way too long. Instead, before any Pikmin can be pulled from the ground, any other character can just destroy Olimar before he gets his little Pikmin army. He's laughably weak on his own, and just plain confusing with his little alien buddies. His offense is burdened by his slow attack speed and the fact that he's more vulnerable than Pichu without his Pikmin. Any Olimar player has fond memories of being unable to get back onto the map, or knock another character out of the match. Olimar just plain sucks. Also, if you kill my little Pikmin, I will murder your whole family.

7 BEST: Captain Falcon (Super Smash Bros.)

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We all have fond memories of being blasted into a parallel universe by the F-Zero star while shouting "FALCON... PUNCH!" Captain Falcon is super fast, super strong, and just about unkillable. He is the bane of every character's existence, and the cause of many broken controllers and broken friendships. His grab from his up-B is a great way to stop any enemy during mid-combo to start destroying the living soul of his enemies. Captain Falcon is my older brother's go-to choice in any Smash Bros. game, so if you ever play me you can be damn sure I know exactly how to counter everything but a well edgeguarded "FALCON YES" grab. Captain Falcon is one of the strongest overall characters who is definitely an intimidating choice in the series.

6 WORST: Ganondorf (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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Take one dose of Captain Falcon's badass moveset, a few doses of purple dark magic effects and a last dose of slowing down the movement to slow motion and you can see how Ganondorf is an overdose patient at his finest. Being set up with Falcon's moveset is good for you, amping the power up is great, but that last dose of slow movement kills you, rendering the positive medication useless. On paper Ganondorf should be unstoppable. He's strong as hell, heavy, and has good map return and such. But every... single... attack... is... so slow. Ganondorf's move-set is so slow that Bowser looks like freakin' Speed Racer compared to him. Ganondorf is easily countered, easily outmaneuvered, and easy to take down because of his terrible movement mechanics.

5 BEST: Ness (Super Smash Bros.)

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Ness is one of the harder characters to master, but rewarding and devastating in the hands of a pro. He's just as good up close as he is at a range, and that baseball bat has a hard hit. "PK Fire" is not only the most annoying voice line, but the stun cage it creates is a perfect way to set up massive damage percentage with other combos. While there is a constant debate in the community over whether Ness is better than Lucas, I'm a fan of the classics. Lucas may have a little extra damage, but nothing beats the original Ness. We all have fond memories of missing a PK Thunder and falling to our explosive death, but when it all comes down to it there's nothing like beating up a bunch of grown men as a young boy with mystical powers.

4 WORST: Pokémon Trainer (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

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In the Super Smash Bros. series, Pokémon have always been a go to choice. Mewtwo, Pikachu, and Greninja kick some major ass! Pokémon Trainer is pretty much a Charizard emulator. The switching between three different characters sounds like a broken, over-powered character set up. Jokes on you, you'll find yourself never switching off of Charizard. And if for some crazy reason you try to switch between characters to optimize your battle against your current opponent, you can pretty much go f*** yourself. Mostly because I guarantee two things: one, you mess the timing up on the switch (leaving yourself open to attack) and two, you will never switch to the Pokémon you really needed for that scenario.  Pokémon Trainer is one of the most frustrating characters in Smash history.

3 BEST: Falco (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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Falco is by far the most gangsta character in all of Super Smash Bros. He is the fastest, hardest hitter, and flashiest character, and the best choice by far. Same as Lucas, there's a constant debate on whether Fox or Falco is the best pick in Smash history, and I have to go with Falco. The stun on his pistol is perfect for layering in dope, strong combos at an alarmingly fast rate. Sure, he's slightly slower than Fox, in the same way a ballistic missile is slower than a bullet. One will kill someone, and the other will make them into tiny little Mario bits. The blue falcon is my go to co-pilot in Star Fox, and the best choice in Smash. Which would you choose? Falco; Falco is always the one.

2 WORST: Marth (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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If I need a YouTube video to learn how to play any character, it's a crappy character. If you made the character so complex and so situational that he only works against like 3 characters effectively, with only one specific way to play him to be effective: he's a crappy character. That being said, I'm aware that some people totally own as Marth, but there are some people who main Bastion too... I'm just saying, there are successful trash players everywhere. And no, I'm not calling you trash... unless you main Marth in Super Smash or Bastion in Overwatch. Then, I'm sorry, but you're trash! Marth's combos are great if you can somehow chain them together in some fantasy world. But his successful landed combo to attempt ratio has to be about a million attempts for 3 successful combos.

1 BEST: Mewtwo (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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Mewtwo manages to beat my ass (and everyone else's in Super Smash Bros. Melee) in the hands of a calculated and badass player. His range is great, his combos are precise and deadly. His movement is unpredictable and fluid, allowing for him to be evasive in combat and recover from knockoffs with ease. The best move he has is his reflect ability; that is by far the quickest reflect reaction in the game. It’s fast, negates ranged everything, and can even flip over an close up enemy. Pair that with his confusion blast, which is about a 3 second stun, and you have the hardest enemy to fight in Super Smash Bros. history. A seasoned veteran with Mewtwo as a main (or even a random choice) is an unstoppable behemoth of Smash strength and power!

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