The 8 Hottest Costumes In Resident Evil (And 7 That Are Stupid AF)

The Resident Evil series has been running for a long time, about 21 years at this point. With a series running that long, gamers are going to form relationships and bonds with characters. Capcom obviously knew this, because they went ahead and started making some of the series mainstay characters into complete bombshells. Sometimes it's done in the form of hidden outfits, unlocked by beating the game or meeting certain conditions during a play through. Other times, it's inadvertent, and the characters start off looking good from the get go.

Sometimes, it seems like Capcom ran out of ideas and just slapped whatever idle ideas they had into clothing, pasting them on the series beloved characters. Again, with a series that has run as long as Resident Evil has, you're going to get a mix of both. We went ahead and collected the hottest and stupidest outfits from the series, all compiled for your viewing pleasure.

15 Hot: Sheva Is Ready To File Those TPS Reports

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Resident Evil 5 features Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar fighting the Uroboros virus across the world while dodging tentacle head monsters and Wesker’s drawn out monologues. As purchasable DLC, players are able to deck Sheva out in office attire, including a blazer and tight pencil skirt.

Sheva was already pretty smoking in her regular BSSA attire. Dressing her up as the most desirable girl in the office and then letting her snipe enraged villagers with a bolt action rifle may be just too much for some gamers to handle. Any woman that can jump from the cubicle to the killing floor is a score in my book. Plus, she’d make an excellent boss; easy to look at and bad ass enough to pull your sorry butt out of the fire once the Lickers start choking people out with those disgustingly long tongues.

14 Stupid: Jill Is Stayin' Alive

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Jill’s generic outfit in Resident Evil 3 is one of the sexiest in the series without unlocking anything special. Usually, unlockable outfits are meant to be silly or sexy, gravitating towards one polarity or the other as a reward for players’ efforts towards beating the game or meeting some type of conditions while playing. Then, there’s Jill’s Disco Suit in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which I get is supposed to be goofy. But it just turns out to be really damn stupid.

I don’t know why they’d assume that Resident Evil fans would want to see Jill dressed up like John Travlota from Saturday Night Fever, but they put it in there for some reason. Now all I can hear over the moans of the undead is the infuriatingly catchy Staying Alive by the Bee Gees.

13 Hot: Ada Wong Is The Mysterious Lady In Red

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Sexy and mysterious, Ada Wong was every boy's crush (who played Resident Evil 2 younger than they should have). I remember pursuing the lady in red, with her thigh high cut red dress and tendency to kill every creature in a room before Leon strolled in. What a woman!

It didn’t help my prepubescent mind that her holster is perched precariously on her bare thigh, drawing more attention to the long legs of Umbrella’s woman on the inside. Plus, with her being one of the only characters that helped Leon with little clue as to who she was, the allure was undeniable. Every time she sauntered on screen in that little red number, it was hard to pay attention to anything else. Plus, it only got better when playing her in Resident Evil 4.

12 Stupid: Leon Is Captain Jack Sparrow

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It’s easy to see that Capcom wrote “Resident Evil 6” on a whiteboard, gave a bunch of laptops to orangutans, and then gave said orangutans cocaine when they designed the sixth entry in the series. This is most evident in the hidden costumes that players unlock after beating the game on a given difficulty. Sure, there are a few winners, but mostly, it’s misses. This is incredibly evident when you consider Leon’s Pirate Costume.

Why Capcom? Why make him a pirate? Did you really have to scramble for ideas that badly? At least make the pirate outfit a tad bit sexy, not like it’d be a burden to wear while putting down shambling zombies. I know pirates dressed like this to prevent sunburn, but Leon isn’t even near the sun through…any of his Resident Evil campaigns actually. I guess he only conducts his mission on overcast days, maybe so he can wear his pirate attire and not be too warm.

11 Hot: Ashley's "Assets" Become More Apparent

After completing a run through of Resident Evil 4, players will unlock the “Special 1” costume set. Leon gets a Raccoon City Police department tactical outfit, and Ashley gets something…a little different. For those who wanted to see a little more of the president’s daughter, the “Special 1” hidden outfit is the answer to your prayers.

Sporting a pair of white bell-bottoms and a tie off top, Ashley’s hidden outfit leaves little to the imagination. As she runs through the crowds of hooded, mumbling monks, there motivation to carry her away seems more apparent than ever. Plus, Luis Sera’s comment about Ashley’s "assets" seems to take on a whole new meaning when said assets are thrown into your face every cutscene.

10 Stupid: Chris Really Wishes It Was Still The 90s

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They took Chris out of his usual S.T.A.R.S. uniform and dropped him right into the same outfit that the 40-year-old trying to look like an 18-year-old wears while he hangs outside the resident 711. No dude, I don’t want to listen to your band's demo and no, I don’t need to see what you have for sale in your trunk.

Seriously, Chris looks like he lives off of Doritos and Mountain Dew, which is what I assume about most people that wear ski caps when it’s warm out as part of an outfit. I feel like Capcom’s board meeting dissected every 90s Nickelodeon commercial and came up with this one. Chris should be out pretending to know how to skateboard and playing the same three chords on an acoustic guitar wearing this outfit, not navigating the Spencer mansion.

9 Hot: Jill Makes Some Modifications To Her Uniform

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Resident Evil: Deadly Silence is the Nintendo DS port of the original Resident Evil with the addition of multiple new features, including an incredibly revealing outfit for Jill to peruse the Spencer Mansion in. Seriously, I’d expect her to ring the doorbell at a bachelor party before telling me that the only noise complaint she’d gotten was that “we’re not being loud enough.”

She looks more like she should be popping out of a cake instead of outrunning zombie dogs. The fact that she can keep everything, ahem, contained while battling Umbrella’s escaped experiments is a feat that makes Jill the hardest chick in the entire series.

8 Stupid: Claire Just Dropped Her Kids Off At Soccer Practice

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While Claire from Resident Evil 2 has one of the hottest outfits in the series, Claire in Resident Evil: Code Veronica has one of the most momish of the bunch. Seriously, those jeans look like she stopped in the mom section of Walmart and never looked back. Sure, her top is the jacket from Resident Evil 2, and that’s cool Capcom, I see what you’re doing. But slapping a pair of jeans on Claire that make her look like her entire backside was flattened out by a steamroller is a disservice to the series.

I’m not saying that female characters have to be dressed like they only work nights on the weekends, but there are ways to make female characters subtly sexy, such as the aforementioned outfit from Resident Evil 2 that Claire sports from the beginning. Unfortunately Code Veronica just missed the mark with those dang jeans.

7 Hot: Helena Needs A Longer Tie

Even though Resident Evil 6 is a complete mess of a game that struggles to establish itself in any particular genre, it does have one thing going for it: a whole mess of unlockables, including a plethora of hot outfits. The most 'adult' of them all has to be Helena’s RPD outfit. Complete with an oversized, open jacket, miniskirt with fishnets, and high boots, and topped off with the a hat borrowed from Jill’s Deadly Silence outfit, Helena is hard to resist.

Playing through Resident Evil 6’s lackluster campaign is a real slog, but being able to play through it while Helena is dressed like she’s due on stage in five minutes softens the blow. Seriously, I could deal with the all around mediocre game if I was able to play every chapter as Helena in fishnets.

6 Stupid: Chris Would Have Trouble Getting Those Pants On

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This makes Chris look like he just stumbled out of the most leathery S&M club in Raccoon City. Does he even think about the tan lines he’s going to get while pursuing Uroboros jacked up Wesker across the world while looking like an extra from Mad Max?

I think that the designers at Capcom were going for hot, I mean Chris is basically a refrigerator built out of human muscle, but the spiked pauldrons, biker boots, and tight leather chaps just don’t quite do it for me. They may do it for a lot of other gamers though; some have even gone so far to replacing Excella in Resident Evil 5’s cutscenes with shirtless or Warrior costume Chris…meaning that they totally are all over each other. Oh and Chris still has Excella’s voice in all these modded cutscenes so you know, have fun with that.

5 Hot: Claire Doesn't Even Need To Change

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Claire from Resident Evil 2 is a fox from the get go, no unlocks or special costumes required. Tights under a denim bikers suit is a suitably tantalizing look, especially when said biker ends up clearing a town of zombies, downing a Tyrant, and escaping with Leon and Sherry.

Although it may seem like a pretty tame selection, something about Ms. Redfield’s biker outfit coupled with her ability to survive and fight is overwhelmingly attractive. Her unlockable outfit is a different story, however, and actually rendering her less desirable in the process. If I ever saw a girl wearing Claire’s trademark outfit from Resident Evil 2, there would be some serious neck craning on my part. It beats Code Veronica’s mom jeans at least.

4 Stupid: Wesker Spent Too Much On His Matrix Cosplay

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I can almost hear the house music just looking at Wesker all decked out in that leather ensemble. The man never sweats either, and that’s not a design choice. The designers make the villagers look like they’re perspiring, yet Wesker is dry as a bone in all that black, tight fitting leather. All that sweat is just pooling somewhere, and I don’t want to think about this anymore.

They could have made Wesker’s outfit a tad less cliché, perhaps by making it look like they didn’t pull him straight out of the matrix. Or even worse, like he was getting dressed for a con and decided that a Neo cosplay was the way to go. Not to take away from Wesker’s badness, the dude can end your life with one well-placed punch after all. I just wish he didn’t look so leathery doing it.

3 Hot: Rebecca Chambers Is Rooting For The Wrong Team

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Rebecca gets a lot of credit for being the “cute” female character in the Resident Evil series, and she should get that credit, because she is. The cuteness gets ramped up to straight hotness when she throws a Capcom cheerleader outfit on. At one point in every boy’s life, cheerleaders will be undeniably attractive, and for some (most), that never really goes away, hence the cutest Resident Evil character being dressed up with a short skirt and pompoms.

Allowing any gamer who thinks Rebecca is a cutie to live out their bleacher bound fantasies, the cheerleader outfit turns Rebecca into any gamers’ high school crush, or really plays into that stereotypical cheerleader fantasy. It’s just too bad she’s rooting for Capcom; I think she’s the only one these days.

2 Stupid: Chris Looks Like A Foot Clan Reject

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Chris seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to outfits compared to the rest of the cast in the Resident Evil universe. Pretty much all of them in Resident Evil 2 and 5 are rough, and we already talked about how his casual wear makes him look like an extra for Avril Levine’s Sk8er Boi music video that unknowingly wandered off the set.

The Ninja outfit is no different. Chris looks like he escaped out of Ninja Gaiden or Tenchu and ended up in the Spencer mansion, armed with a handgun. If he had Shuriken or a sword, it’d be a bit different, but since he just wanders around like that, it ends up being a really lame attempt to make him cool.

1 Hot: Jill Survives And Looks Good Doing It


Resident Evil 3 is one of the better games in the series, in no small part to Jill Valentine’s extremely sexy outfit. A tight blue top, form fitting leather skirt, and a Beretta all make Resident Evil 3 Jill one of the hottest smoke shows in gaming. Somehow, that tight skirt doesn’t even slow her down when jumping through building windows or on top of dumpsters, but we’ll forgive Capcom for that.

She pulls off such an alluring outfit all while keeping up the same tempo of zombie slaying action that has made her one of the main characters of the series. While she’s out looking fine, she’s popping zombie's heads and avoiding Nemesis like a bad ass. Hot not only for her looks, but also for her proven ability as a survivor.

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