15Worst: Neverwinter Nights

Via: youtube.com (Lacry)

BioWare got in over their heads with Neverwinter Nights, the third-person RPG set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The single-player campaign was lengthy but repetitive and forgettable. Players were promised a toolset that would allow them to create

new monsters, dungeons, encounters, etc., giving them the power to literally shape their adventure and share it with others using the game’s DM Client.

This all sounded fantastic until players loaded up the game. The single-player campaign got rid of the popular party dynamic present in the Baldur’s Gate series, allowing players only one follower. Due to a lack of variety in textures and models, many of the levels looked the same—even when player created. Worst of all, the game’s constraints weren’t conducive to the spontaneity required for a true role-playing session. Mods and add-ons would eventually save NWN but, out of the box, it was a huge disappointment.

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