The Bradwell Conspiracy: Spoiler Free Hints And Tips

Bossa Studio’s The Bradwell Conspiracy takes players on a first-person adventure through the headquarters of a futuristic technology company, Bradwell Electronics. Along the way, you’ll need to solve a number of puzzles in order to make your way through the ruined building and uncover the conspiracy.

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Often games like this can become frustrating, but yet you may not want to read huge spoilers while hunting for answers. Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered with a series of hints and tips, helpful enough to aid you without ruining the experience.

Look To The Game For Guidance

When you first begin to explore, the building can seem overwhelming and confusing but there’s actually more help available in the game than you may expect.

Painted on the walls are arrows and signs showing you the general direction of different areas. Most tasks from Amber will suggest a very specific location you need to find and usually, there is a sign close by. Use the building’s navigation tools to ensure you’re headed in the right direction.

The game also contains a series of closed doors which will help funnel you to the correct area. Once you’re ready to move on, specific events or objects will enable you to progress further.

Check Everything

After a while, you’ll begin to get a feel for what kind of items can be disassembled, opened or interacted with. To begin with, a great strategy is just to hover over things that look like they should be useful. When doing this the small white cross will change to let you know what you can interact with.

Drawers, cupboards, doors, desks, and shelves should be your first priority. All of these may contain bricks of substance as well as other useful items. Some puzzles need you to have collected everything it’s possible to collect, so tread carefully if you want to avoid backtracking.

Amber Can Help

As you progress further into the game Amber gains more control and becomes more helpful. While she will often request specific images, such as the ones above, she can offer advice outside of this.

Sending her images of obstacles will allow her to help you if she can. Even if she can’t help she may still be able to give you a clue. If you send something irrelevant to the puzzle she will simply tell you she’s confused.

Traverse Every Gap

After each chapter the game has a soft reset mechanism, removing your substance and blueprints. Every time this happens you’ll need a new plank or equivalent. This will take different forms but there will always be something you can use as a bridge and you’ll always need it.

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Planks are key to reaching vents, traversing gaps and even solving puzzles. You can place them on top of each other and they will miraculously make a supportive ledge or bridge. Just remember to collect them after you're done, as substance is in short supply.

Read Everything

If you want to get the most out of the game then read everything. Emails, voice messages, and notes all contain important information about the conspiracy. Some of them also contain clues about specific puzzles or tasks. Information is important, so gather as much as possible.

Reading everything fleshes out the narrative and makes the whole game flow much better as you discover the finer details of the conspiracy first before beginning to piece them together.

Ornaments Aren’t Just For Show

If you feel at a dead end or stuck someplace, check out the shelves and desks. While some items are merely decorative, others will be useful as blueprints, sources of substance, or even clues. Anything you can interact with is helpful in some form.

Some ornaments provide key clues for puzzle solving. They may contain a pattern you need to know or even be part of a puzzle itself. These keys items are deliberately placed so keep your eyes open.

Take Your Time And Enjoy The Experience

This game is best enjoyed at a slow pace. Take the time to explore, discover and experiment and you’ll get much more out of it. Speedrunning is not necessary. Discovering the finer details will allow you to get so much more out of the experience.

The Bradwell Conspiracy will offer gamers a few solid hours of exploration, puzzle-solving and mystery. Using these hints you too can uncover the conspiracy and see what’s hiding in the basement of Bradwell Industries.

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