The Disgaea Mobile Game Is Back

Disgaea RPG is back on the Qoo app store, but during the long wait period it's come under some scathing reviews.

The Disgaea RPG mobile game is relaunching after three months of bug fixes. In April, Japanese Developer Nippon Ichi Software informed players that the game would be taken offline after it suffered from severe issues within 24 hours of release. The developer is currently facing financial troubles after investing in the title, which may come as a surprise given the recent Switch releases of multiple Disgaea Games.

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Disgaea RPG is back on the Qoo app store, but given the long wait period it's come under some scathing reviews with some users calling it "the best maintenance simulator." The RPG was released in March and focused on turn-based strategy in small teams instead of a grid-based format like previous games, or the existing app Fire Emblem: Heroes. Think Final Fantasy 7 instead of Final Fantasy: Tactics. 

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Disgaea RPG allows players to summon from a pool of famous Disgaea characters such as Etna, Laharl, Adell or the famous "dood" Prinnies. The title brings with it a lot of Disgaea references and lore, but time will tell if a competent return to gacha form will save Nippon from their current financial straits.

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The decision to release a gacha game is always frought with some dangers, as we saw in the Diablo Immortal controversy. With the release of Disgaea RPG, Nippon Ichi deviated from their bread and butter - tactical combat - to cash in on the mobile market. The Disgaea series has always done very well on its own, tossing mechanics and systems in the grinder and somehow coming out on top. No other game series can boast the ability to obtain an "ABC gum," dive into its "Item World" and level it up to increase its effectiveness when chewed, but the hundreds of hours worth of content and fun humor doesn't necessarily translate well into financial success on a mobile app. Time will tell if Disgaea 6 is even a possibility at this time.

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