The Division 2: Tidal Basin and Tier 5 Coming April 5

The first post-release content for Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will be coming soon, and will include the Tidal Basin stronghold mission and a new tier. Tier 5 will be the game's hardest difficulty, and will also have the highest level gear.

Tier 5 will also introduce several common post game content elements, such as allowing players to repeat strongholds they've already completed for more loot, harder play modes, a higher gear score, and new repeatable missions. Along with a higher gear score, players will also be able to get three new gear sets, the first to be introduced to the game. The sets can be found by defeating Black Tusk enemies and completing Invasions. They will be called the True Patriot, Ongoing Directive, and Hard Wired.

There's not much information yet on what the sets will look like or what bonuses and effects players can expect from them. Tier 5 will also allow players to repeat Invasion missions, making it easier for players to collect the new sets.

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Finally, Tier 5 will add The Division 2's hardest difficulty. Playing on the new Heroic difficulty will make missions much more difficult and remove all checkpoints, but will also dramatically increase the rewards. Heroic difficulty will be an entirely optional game mode, and is intended for players who are highly skilled or want an extreme challenge.

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In order to reach Tier 5, players will need to reach Tier 4 and complete the Tidal Basin stronghold, which is also included in the upcoming update. Tidal Basin will be the game's fourth and final stronghold, and will release the Tier 5 content once players capture it.

There's not much information on the new stronghold either, or what players can expect from the mission. Given that it unlocks the highest tier, however, players can probably look forward to a decent challenge.

The update for Tier 5 and the Tidal Basin stronghold will be coming to The Division 2 on April 5, along with a balance patch and several big fixes. There will be more major updates coming later this year, including the game's first raid. Episode 1 will be coming this summer, and Episodes 2 & 3 will follow in autumn and winter, respectively.

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