The Elder Scrolls: Blades: 5 Tips For City Building

City Building is a core mechanic in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The storyline is set around rebuilding the player's hometown that fell during a mercenary raid. Lots of in-game currency and materials are required to maintain a good rate of progress, especially lumber and limestone. Compiled below are tips to help raise the city to its former glory.

5. Challenges and Jobs Earn a Good Daily Wage

Be sure to complete your daily challenges and take on plenty of jobs from the town board. They both award gems, but Challenges award good financial rewards while jobs help you restock materials. Players also loot a respectable amount of coin and materials while battling through both.

4. The Abyss Is a Neverending Goldmine

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Anytime you are running low on coin, you should gear up to take on another few levels of the Abyss. This fight-til-you-drop dungeon awards greater amounts of materials and coin, along with more valuable equipment and chests for each level you complete in one attempt. It also awards prizes as valuable as Gold Chests, which always yields significant rewards compared to some other endeavors within the game.

3. Always Keep a Chest In Rotation

You should always have a chest unlocking if you have one in your inventory, as they run in real-time. They award gems, coins, equipment, ingredients, and materials. All of which will be needed in due course. Players have found it's best to keep five-second Wooden Chests in rotation while running Quests, Jobs, and Challenges. This not only keeps space for new chests available but it may also provide you with some unexpectedly helpful items while facing foes. For Silver and Gold chests, it's not a bad idea to pop one on just before starting in on some chores, heading to work or school, or before you go to bed.

Bonus Tip: Sell surplus supplies and equipment for more coin instead, or 'salvage' extra equipment for needed materials.

2. Building Homes Is The Best Way to Prestige Your Town level

Houses, Homesteads, and Dwellings, are the best way to prestige your town level. You can build more homes or upgrade ones you have already built. However, with the requirement imbalance, housing upgrades seem to be a late-game mechanic. Save this for after the town has been rebuilt. Building homes grants way more prestige for significantly less material, compared to upgrades- though upgrading is cheaper financially at a certain point.

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1. Rebuilding First, Decorating Second

Before filling in all of the gaping stone-encircled holes around town and begging for furnishings, focus on rebuilding the town. Crafting decor raises the town's prestige, but on an extremely minor scale compared to building and upgrading buildings. They also can be rather expensive. Some decor uses the same material required for building houses, so until building and upgrading are complete, it's going to be more cost-efficient to stick to decor that uses other materials.

Instead of personalizing right off, set to work on getting the town square and housing in order. First things first, the town will need a Smithy to suit its returning hero for battle. Building the Smithy is a guided quest but after that, it leaves a free choice as to where and what to build next. A strategical choice may be the Alchemy Laboratory to secure a steady supply of potions, then the Enchanter's Tower to further upgrade your equipment. The Workshop will complete the town square, where you can craft decorations. Once the town square is up and running, you should start in on rebuilding the neighborhood to prestige the town and bring back residents.

Bonus Tip: The main gate and guard walls were also destroyed in the attack on the town. Rebuilding these grants the town slightly more prestige than crafting decor and the cost and materials is extremely affordable, especially as the game gets going.

Home Sweet Home

This new city building mechanic introduced for the mobile platform is a fun new way to personalize the Elder Scrolls experience. Following these tips will get the city back up and running in no time, without burning a hole through the wallet or resource bag.

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