The Fairly OddParents: 25 Fan Pictures Of Timmy And Vicky All Grown Up

The Fairly OddParents is a fun show. It follows the life of ten-year-old Timmy Turner, who has two fairy godparents that will grant him any wish, as long as it follows "Da Rules." How did he get this power? From being annoyed by his sixteen-year-old babysitter, Vicky. One of the main antagonists of the show, she is a manipulative and greedy character, who tricks parents with a sweet act of innocence before revealing her true sadistic self when they are out of the picture.

The dynamic between Timmy and Vicky makes up a large part of the show; Timmy is constantly trying out methods of revenge on her, escaping her, and sometimes just wishing she was nicer. Vicky, on the other hand, is constantly trying to expand her "business" whilst also never giving up her time bullying Timmy. So it is quite interesting to think, what are the futures of these characters? Would Vicky see the error of her ways and perhaps become a saint? Would an adult Timmy even be relatively normal after having such a crazy and tumultuous childhood?

Luckily as always, the denizens of the internet have appeared to answer these what-ifs. Here are twenty-five fan pictures of Timmy and Vicky as adults!

25 A Nice Family Photo


Here we get yet another look at Vicky x Timmy family, but this time it's Vicky with the kids. Tommy and Tammy look happy enough and excited to be in the picture, but Vicky and her lookalike daughter don't look too impressed. Well, Vicky never looks impressed unless she is scamming someone or pestering Timmy, and it doesn't look like Timmy is even taking the picture in this one judging by Little Vicky's comments. So there isn't much chance of Vicky showing us that crazed sneer in this one.

Little Vicky also looks unimpressed for kinda the same reason; she states that she only smiles for Timmy. Which is pretty cute, when seen in a normal way of a daughter loving her father. However, this is a child of Vicky's we are talking about. Maybe she does only smile for Timmy but that might be because she annoys him along with his mother. The poor guy may have gotten closer to Vicky but what he has succeeded in doing is creating a second one to torment him. He must have some kind of enjoyment for it letting this willingly happen. Timmy is just as weird as the rest of his family in that case, which is probably why they somehow manage to get along.

24 A Magical Pair


Timmy is incredibly reliant on his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda. Given to him because suffering under Vicky made him that miserable, they exist to be fun partners for Timmy, whilst also allowing the majority of his wishes to become true before his eyes. It's a pretty great deal.

But here we see them as adults, looking pretty human too.

Within the show, they are usually around the size of children like Timmy and that isn't really because of age; that's just their adult size. They don't age the same as humans, living for thousands of years, so it can be quite tough to apply the human concept of "adult" to them. Wanda definitely acts like an adult but the same cannot be said for Cosmo at all, so I think it is more of a personality thing in their case.

But this art depicts them as humans with adult bodies, and they look really darn good. Wanda looks as mature as ever, while Cosmo seems to have irresponsibly stored his wand in his back pocket which is maybe a little dangerous. They make a really good couple though, friends I can understand why Timmy is so reluctant to lose.

23 The Future Dimmsdale Crew


This is a great piece of art that shows a really good, realistic depiction of many of the young characters of Dimmsdale all grown-up. Most notable is Trixie and Tootie on the far left, looking kinda exactly how I would imagine them to. Tootie still looks nerdy and slightly scary, while Trixie could be a model and it wouldn't surprise me if she was.

Then up above, we have Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. They're looking pretty good grown-up! Cosmo actually looks somewhat mature but I think that is most definitely not true. A mature Cosmo wouldn't be Cosmo anymore after all. Wanda looks like she has matured even more over the years, which isn't surprising for how much experience she must have by now looking after the reckless and stupid Cosmo and Timmy. Poof looks like he is in his angsty teen years, and is trying to look as cool as possible.

On the right, we have Vicky and Francis looking as confident and evil as usual. Vicky has matured greatly but still looks like she is looking to be mean to someone with that evil grin, while Francis has gotten even bigger and bulkier. I wouldn't want to really get in the middle of them, especially if they teamed up. And finally, we have Timmy in the middle of all this. He looks rather normal, which is rather amazing when you see the cast of characters that he has had to grow up with. He's somehow made it in one piece.

22 Twerp And The Icky


Oho, what's this? From this picture, it seems Timmy and Vicky have gone into business together and from Timmy's smug expression it seems to be going pretty well. And just look at that style! He finally ditched the pink hat and has changed it for a killer suit. Vicky, while only seeming slightly less aggressive then she was in her youth, has gone for a green suit, of course, anything else would be ill-fitting. We also have Tootie looking on in the background, looking somewhat like a security agent in the way she is observing over them and her attire.

So they seemed to have started a business, but from this art, it doesn't seem to be super legitimate. They seem to radiate sleaze. Their colorful suits, coupled with Timmy's tacky jewelry and expression, makes them look like conmen or extortionists. I mean, it is hardly surprising if Vicky is involved. But it's interesting to see that Timmy has been infected with that same greed and sleaze that has always been present in Vicky. As for what the business actually entails, it could be Vicky's babysitting service expanded to a ridiculous level (which we have seen she is capable of doing in episodes of the show) or it could be something completely different and perhaps worse.

Just don't accept anything if these three come knocking at your door offering a "good deal."

21 Vicky Never Learns


So it looks like we have caught an adult Vicky absolutely red-handed here as she gets up to her old tricks. Her incredibly strained innocent smile isn't fooling anyone (except perhaps Timmy's parents because it really doesn't take anything at all to fool them). So I guess that giant axe is just for some tree-cutting right Vicky? Definitely not for any of the children you are supposed to babysit?

Ahh, I guess imagining what she is actually up to with that axe is better not thought about. Ignorance is bliss, after all, a staple catchphrase of the Turner parents too most likely. But the point of the matter is, that this picture shows that the only thing that has changed about Vicky is her age and size. And probably her experience in using lethal weaponry, which isn't super great for the children of Dimmsdale.

Who knows what horrible techniques she has cooked up in these years of experience in both tricking parents and "dealing" with unruly twerps who don't stay out of her way and do exactly what she says. Not to mention having an adult stature which most likely allows her to be competent with even bigger and heavier babysitting tools.

20 High School Sweethearts


The Timmy x Tootie pairings continue in this artwork, showing the two of them at around high school age sharing a romantic moment in a park. I have to say the artist has done an incredible job with this one emulating the official art of the show; if you had just shown this picture to me out of nowhere I might have thought it was in fact from the show itself.

So it is another happy end for Tootie in this drawing, she finally fulfilled her dream of landing Timmy. Whether that means she actually calmed down her obsession of him so that he was more accepting or whether he just simply gave in after not getting anywhere with Trixie is unknown, but they certainly make for a cute couple in this shot.

You have to admire their courage though. Dating each other when Vicky is heavily involved with both of them. Surely that means they are just going to be in even closer proximity to Vicky? And if it comes to marriage, poor Timmy will have Vicky as a sister-in-law, which really doesn't sound like a fun time. But hey, maybe I'm just being pessimistic and together they could stand up to Vicky! Or actually, probably escape would be the better option if they wanted to live.

19 Quite The Family


So I think with just a short glance at this image we can tell who the head of this family is. And it sure isn't Timmy, if I even need to make that clear. Seems that somewhere along the line Timmy actually got together with Vicky for long enough to have three kids. I'm not sure how I can explain how that might have happened other than saying something stereotypical and cringy about love so I'll pass on that.

So besides the obvious family aspect here, if we just look at both Timmy and Vicky on their own it looks like a pretty normal interaction between them. Vicky seems to be just a little tiny bit frustrated with Timmy, and he looks like he knows what is coming next and isn't looking forward to it. But who knows, maybe that kind of interaction is just how they express affection? That's what people who ship these two would have you believe at the very least.

As for the kids, we can see Tommy and Tammy there from Channel Chasers but we also see a new daughter who wasn't present in that film; someone who looks exactly like Vicky bar the buckteeth. They all look pretty terrified, so it looks like Vicky has really made her mark here. Age hasn't slowed her down one bit.

18 Not So Unrequited Anymore


Timmy spends a lot of his time trying to woo Trixie throughout the show, using the wishing power to try and get noticed by her. But most of the time it has no effect and she really doesn't care about him; he is part of the unpopular club after all while she is usually seen as the leader of the popular club. Even the times where Timmy does manage to get closer, in standard cartoon fashion something will happen between them that will push them back apart, returning everything to normal.

But Timmy seems to have beaten all the odds here.

He's actually managed to land Trixie in his adult years, something I know he is going to be proud and arrogant about, but he did it all the same. But to be honest, I don't think this will have come about from something Timmy did. I think Trixie may have just had a bit of a change of heart; something happened that made her realize her attitude back in school was completely wrong and that she shouldn't judge people by their popularity anymore. I mean at the end of the day Timmy is pretty useless when it comes to these things.

17 Vicky With Her "Tools Of The Trade"


Here we have yet another grown-up Vicky being just a slight bit intimidating. In this art she is looking to be in her twenties, still wearing her signature outfit that we all know and love, whilst also wielding a chain. Whether she is going to use that chain to either tie up a twerp so they can't bother her anymore or to perhaps wield it as a weapon as if she was a member of a biker gang I do not know. But either option isn't really amazing for kids to experience.

I really love her expression in this one. She doesn't actually look too angry or evil like we usually see from this type of art. She looks more calm and colder, more determined and not letting her emotions get the better of her. So it seems like with age she has mellowed out a little bit, but not really in the right area. She seems to be a little less emotional and has a much longer fuse now, but that chain kinda gives away that she hasn't really mellowed out her treatment of the children she babysits.

Or maybe, she has completely seen the light and the evil of her actions and has resolved to fight against bad babysitters across the globe. Ahhh, if only that was possible in any way.

16 Tootie Finally Got What She Wanted


Timmy x Tootie is a very popular pairing in the The Fairly OddParents fandom and when you see art such as this you begin to understand why. Here we see Timmy and Tootie all grown-up, looking to be around the college age and they have certainly turned out well for all the bullying and humiliation they received from Vicky growing up.

Within the actual show, Tootie is incredibly obsessed with Timmy to the point where she owns a shrine in his image along with many different forms of Timmy Turner merchandise, despite the fact that he isn't famous and none of this merchandise should exist, which is kinda impressive. Despite all this attention she gives Timmy though, it doesn't seem to make him interested in her, more terrified of her than anything else. Who'da thought?

This art, however, depicts a Tootie that has finally seemed to calm down and express her feelings in a much less overbearing fashion. And maybe that's all Timmy ever wanted. I mean it's sad to say but chasing down Trixie didn't usually work out for him too well. And Tootie grew up to look pretty darn good! So he's done pretty well for himself I'd say.

15 The Way Of The Ninja


Vicky has quite the penchant for force. She has shown a lot of skill in wielding various weaponry including chainsaws and battleaxes, you know, the usual tools in the babysitting profession.

But in this art, that skill seems to have evolved into a new job.

She seems to have ditched the babysitting profession with her age and became some kind of ninja. Those kunai certainly don't look like toys, and I wouldn't expect Vicky to be using toys in the first place when she has such a liking for the real thing. Not to mention the actual sword she has over the shoulder there. She definitely has the skill to inflict injury but I'm finding it rather hard to imagine her pulling anything off with the stealth and precision a ninja requires.

Nonetheless, that seems to be what is happening here. She looks very fresh-faced so maybe she is completely new to this kind of thing. Perhaps she just needs training arc and she will be able to evolve her current form of attack into one more fitting of a ninja. Let's just hope Timmy has escaped from her sights by now, as having a ninja Vicky stalk him doesn't sound healthy to say the very least.

14 College Timmy

Here we see what seems to be a college-aged Timmy in quite a realistic depiction. Judging by that moody face though it doesn't seem like he is enjoying it very much. Which is quite different from what I'd thought would happen; he obviously doesn't need a babysitter anymore, doesn't need to deal with the school grump Francis, and also doesn't have to worry about Mr. Crocker finding out about his fairies and exposing them. Something mustn't be right in the new environment, but what is the cause?

Maybe it's that he is still wearing that tiny pink hat?

I can't imagine him being super popular with the college community when he is still wearing that childhood hat. It's actually amazing it is even managing to stay on his head, that must be something Cosmo and Wanda are helping with. Both of which seem to be pretending to be plushies in his backpack which also can't be helping with proceedings. But we all know Timmy stubbornly wants to be a kid forever, so maybe he just can't bear to mature at the moment? It's quite interesting to think which way things would go. He'll have to mature a bit soon if he wants to be taken seriously at all but at the same time, I'd understand wanting to be a kid forever. Adulting is hard.

13 An Even Tougher Vicky


Vicky is already pretty darn terrifying within the show. Not only does she intimidate the children of Dimmsdale that she babysits, but she also intimidates her own parents, the mayor, and even the other main villains of the show. That's pretty impressive for a sixteen-year-old babysitter to already have this influence. However, with this art, it seems to show that with age Vicky has somehow become even more menacing.

She looks almost like a raider from the Fallout series.

The messy, punk haircut. The leather jacket and jeans. The terrifying scowl. Yep, she is definitely someone you don't want to meet in a post-apocalyptic setting or even in modern day. I mean, she already has all the makings of a good raider. She has enough greed to be motivated to do evil things to get what she wants, and she has had a lot of success in pulling that off in the main series. Vicky easily manipulates and tricks people, and to top it all off, she does have experience in using chainsaws and other useful "tools." Not to mention with her business sense, she could be a gang leader or better.

The prospect of having a raider operation run by Vicky here is another reason to avoid a nuclear war I say.

12 Father And Daughter


After the last entry, let's go back to some cute, wholesome art to relax. This drawing shows an adult Timmy with his daughter Tammy, who was revealed in the film Channel Chasers along with a brother called Tommy in a possible future timeline. As for who their mother is, that's something fans have been arguing about for years, as it was intentionally left ambiguous. Both Tommy and Tammy have aspects of Trixie and Tootie in their appearance, so it is impossible to say which one of them could be the true mother.

But regardless, they sure are cute kids. Although unfortunately, as we see at the end of Channel Chasers, Timmy has turned into the ignorant idiot his own father was to him, letting his own children be subject to the whims of an evil robot babysitter based on Vicky. Which of course, isn't too great for young Tammy and Tommy here.  Vicky was already terrifying enough when she wasn't a robot with a built-in flamethrower.

But I guess history repeats itself in the Turner family. We can only hope that Tommy or Tammy might finally be the one to break this cycle and at least maybe hire a babysitter who isn't incredibly aggressive and angry all the time? It's not exactly a huge ask, but man, the Turners sure struggle with it.

11 Two Unique Sisters


Timmy has never really had luck with any member of Vicky's family. Even though only Vicky is the only one who is wholly evil, Tootie is something for Timmy to fear for another reason. Namely, her major obsession with him that is a bit more than just a schoolyard crush. And then you have Vicky and Tootie's parents, who seem to be nice people if they weren't being completely manipulated by Vicky through fear. And all this is while Vicky and Tootie are still young, Tootie especially so.

What if their behavior got even worse as they aged?

From what we've learned from people in The Fairly OddParents universe, it's that they don't tend to learn lessons or change their behavior with age. And seeing just how purely stubborn these two sisters are, I think that goes double for them. And in this art, you can really see how little they have both changed. Vicky still has the expression of someone looking down on you as another plaything, while Tootie is obviously thinking about something Timmy-related with that promiscuous stare. Hopefully, Timmy has already escaped these two by now, because otherwise I truly fear for him. Tootie isn't going to be so easy to escape now, and Vicky...well she is still Vicky.

10 Tootie's New Fashion


In this entry, we see that Tootie has a very new and interesting look that is certainly catching the eye of Timmy. She has seemed to have switched out the nerdy glasses, became free of her braces and achieved a much more mature look with those new clothes. She really has evolved with age into something Timmy might no longer be able to ignore.

But appearance isn't everything of course. I think the only thing that could stop the pairing now is if her personality is still the same. Timmy may be embarrassedly trying to pretend he is not noticing her new look here, but if Tootie still hasn't managed to express her interest in Timmy in a way which isn't so overbearing, obsessive, and just plain creepy, then that might be a real block in their relationship. Doesn't matter how attractive she is after all if Timmy is going to be fearful for his own well-being in the relationship.

But we can tell from how Timmy looks here that he does have an interest. Tootie just needs to be careful and maybe she could fulfill her dream. Just maybe get rid of all that Timmy Turner merchandise she has along with the braces because that isn't going to help at all.

9 College-Aged Vicky


Every time we see a future depiction of Vicky within the show, she is either as much of a meanie and as greedy as ever, or somehow worse on both fronts. Like that one time she became Supreme Ruler Of Earth in the film Channel Chasers. So would maybe moving into college quell her attitude and behavior a little bit?

Vicky will always be Vicky.

Unless they somehow defeat that beetle which crawled up her butt and became a pure concentration of evil energy. You think I'm joking but that's actually real. Regardless, this piece shows that Vicky has barely changed over the years it would take her to get into college. It seems she is still a babysitter (moment of silence for the children of Dimmsdale please) and that she is just as smug and arrogant as always.

It's not really the biggest revelation in the world. But it crushes a tiny hope that perhaps Vicky may have moved onto another profession with age, but I guess that you have to do what you love! It's just too bad Vicky's loved activity is terrorizing young children and tricking everyone around her to fuel her own greed.

8 A Very Anime Timmy


And here we also have a college-aged Timmy, looking very grown-up and very anime. With the spiky beautiful hair, his stylish pose, and the chibi Cosmo and Wanda in the background, he looks like he could fit in Final Fantasy.

Not to mention that his hat seems to have grown alongside Timmy himself.

Seriously that is one huge hat. But at least he got a new one I suppose. He can't keep that old tiny one forever, it didn't exactly fit him when he was ten-years-old, nevermind at the age he is at in this image. He's kept his signature color and it looks pretty good on him, he's matured into quite a good-looking guy. He does look very serious though, so it is interesting to guess what he is thinking about at this current moment.

Perhaps he is scheming a new way to mess with Vicky, or even work his ways on Trixie if she is still in the picture at this point. Whatever it turns out to be, his cute chibi fairy godparents definitely seem down for it. They look absolutely overjoyed to still be able to help Timmy out even within his adult years, which isn't actually supposed to happen. But now Anime Timmy has the exclusive protagonist loopholes to keep them of course.

7 Real-Life Timmy Turner


So this isn't really a fanart, but it does serve as a great depiction for a possible future Timmy Turner here. This is a still from the live-action movie A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! and it shows a twenty-three-year-old Timmy Turner, portrayed by the one and only Drake Bell.

Within the film, Timmy has managed to keep his fairies at this age (which is something that is definitely not supposed to happen) by remaining a child at heart; still living with his parents in a child's bedroom, and still even attends 5th-grade class at school. It's understandable; giving up magical fairies that can grant your every wish does seem like a bad deal, especially when you are exchanging it for being an adult which is never fun actually.

But what makes the film interesting is the appearance of Tootie. Like many of the fanart shown in this list, she has grown out of her nerdy appearance as a child into a beautiful woman, who Timmy immediately falls for upon seeing her. The rest of the film is Timmy deciding between his fairies and his adult feelings for Tootie. So it's definitely a big win for Timmy x Tootie fans.

6 A Dimmsdale Girl Group


In this pretty nice art, we see the three major female characters of the series standing together; Trixie on the left, Vicky in the middle, and Tootie on the right. They're all looking incredibly stylish and fashionable with Trixie sporting some sunglasses, Vicky wearing a more stylish form of her signature green shirt and Tootie is even wearing a mini-skirt. This definitely doesn't look like casual wear, so this is leading me to believe that maybe...

These three may have formed a girl band?

That would certainly be an interesting turn of events. I can't imagine they would be the most long-lived band in the world, Vicky would probably quickly see to that with her attitude and temper. Nevermind Tootie now working a job alongside Vicky, which is pretty much a recipe for disaster knowing their relationship.

I can both imagine them as all vocalists such as in a generic pop group, or maybe they could be more of a rock group? Vicky would be good on drums, definitely. Trixie would serve well as the main vocalist, having the looks to draw people to the band and Tootie would be on electric guitar of course, because she is good at technology? Or maybe because I find the image of her shredding out a wicked guitar solo hilarious.

5 Lanky Timmy


In this entry, we see a good depiction of a Timmy has started to reach his adult years. He looks kinda exactly how you'd expect him to, unlike some of the previous entries. He doesn't seem to have joined a ninja school at the very least, especially not in that blindingly pink outfit.

Nope, he's kept true to himself and stayed the same way as ever. Still in the pink clothes, with the buck teeth and hat. The only difference is he's gotten quite a lot taller with age, and a moodier look which is what naturally happens when you reach adult years. But this Timmy is the one that makes the most sense to me given how he acts within the show.

Timmy is very happy remaining a child. It sure comes with its drawbacks, namely having to deal with school, his parents and Vicky forever, but it also allows him to always have his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. His childhood is incredibly important to him, so in the case where he does have to grow up, I believe this drawing depicts a good idea of what it would look like. He would hold onto the childish fashion and look, as it makes him the most comfortable. Whether or not he has managed to keep his fairies like in the film in this art is unknown, but I hope he has.

4 Father Timmy


Here we see another look at Timmy's adult home life. Having just seemed to get in from work, Timmy has been beset by his children excited to see him. There are Tommy and Tammy of course who we know well from the film Channel Chasers, but there is also another interesting daughter named Vecky.

Now I think we can work out who the mother is from that of course. This is another depiction of a possible future where Timmy and Vicky actually get together and start a family. There's even further evidence on how the mother responds with a simple "Yo" from outside of the canvas of the drawing to Timmy's greeting, something I can really imagine her doing.

It's probably no wonder why all the kids are super happy to see Timmy though. Call me a bit judgemental but I don't think Vicky would make the best mother. I mean just her work as a babysitter is enough to make one so miserable that they have to be given literal magic powers to feel better again and reach more of a level ground with her. Growing up with someone like that for a mother must be darn tough, but hopefully, Timmy has managed to soften her up a little.

3 Gang Member Vicky


So it seems like Vicky has gotten involved in some pretty seedy stuff here huh? Doesn't look like she is going to trick anyone with her innocent girl act looking like that at the very least. In this art, it seems she has ditched the babysitting profession for something a bit more illegal.

Like maybe joining a gang?

That's what it certainly looks like here. She almost looks like a villain's number two in a comic book (I'm getting quite a bit of a Harley Quinn vibe) and she certainly has the knack for criminality. Not only is Vicky very successful at tricking and manipulating people, she's pretty good when it comes to blows also as we have seen. Well, most of the time in the show when she has been involved in a fight it has been against a ten-year-old so maybe that remains to be seen. But it still wouldn't surprise me.

But would Vicky even be able to fit into a gang? She really doesn't get along with anyone, even those who are similar to her as we saw in the episode where she is part of that evil babysitter's club. In the end, she ends up making herself the leader and treating them as badly as she does everyone else. So if she was going to be part of a gang, I'd imagine she'd have to be the leader ruling through fear. Vicky isn't really the type to follow anyone else.

2 Some People Never Change


This image shows Vicky as a young adult, pretty much looking like a biker in all that leather. It's a fantastically realistic looking piece of art, and the artist did a great job of imagining and depicting what a future Vicky would look like.

Because like I said earlier with one of the Timmy Turner entries, people in the Fairly OddParents universe tend to not learn from their mistakes or really change their personality or attitude. So that's going to go double for Vicky who isn't really the type of person to listen to anyone else and is just simply stubborn enough to never really stop doing what she wants to do. She has had to deal with all manner of strange situations from Timmy getting revenge after all, and it's never really stopped her from continuing her torment of the poor child.

She looks like how I'd expect her to except now she seems to have a shirt with her favorite name for the kids she "looks after"; twerp. Maybe in the future she has made it as part of a brand for her babysitting business or something similar, but just from that shirt alone you can tell her behavior towards kids hasn't really changed over the years. Which isn't exactly the most surprising thing in the world.

1 Sisterly Bonding


So this is quite an interesting turn of events. We have both Vicky and Tootie in the same shot, but Vicky is willingly being friendly to Tootie with her arm around her? And Tootie doesn't look scared for her life by this?

I really like this image because it raises quite a few questions. Vicky is wearing the tough leather clothes and jeans look that we have seen quite a few times in this list, and I agree it'd fit her as an adult and it's a likely fashion someone like her would go for. But Tootie here seems to have gone full goth, wearing all black, having her pigtails down and the dark makeup. They seem to both share a lot of accessories and piercings too.

So what gives? Looking at this art it gives me the impression that Tootie has actually joined up with Vicky in her evil, antagonistic ways. It would then make sense why we have this friendly scene of them, rather than the usual torment we see when Vicky and Tootie are placed together. Perhaps Tootie just naturally turned out to be a bad egg like Vicky or maybe something happened to cause her morals to take quite a dip. Maybe she finally got tired of Timmy rejecting her and joined Vicky in annoying him. It's certainly a possible outcome and a pretty cool and interesting one.

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