20+ Things That Make No Sense About The Fast And Furious

The Fast and the Furious franchise is known for stuffing plot and cars into every possible part of their movies. Each one somehow manages to be more ridiculous than the last. From their fairly standard beginnings in the worl of drag racing to their more recent dealings in international heists, these movies never fail to disappoint fans.

The movies have taken elaborate heists to an entirely new level. The movies go from simple theft to bringing down planes with cars and flying cars between skyscrapers. In the world of The Fast and the Furious, planes never land, cars are invincible, and family is the most important thing. There’s something compelling about these films even though, as far as cinema goes, they’re pretty bad. However, The Fast and the Furious franchise has clearly chosen cars doing physics-defying trips over logic and storytelling. And the fans don’t seem to care.

Even if you come to the theater to watch two hours of Vin Diesel and co. messing around in cars, it’s hard to ignore the many issues in the films. The numerous plotholes don’t add anything to the intricate plots, but they do add some worldbuilding. If everything is canon, then the characters exist in a magical world where people and cars alike have supernatural abilities. Apparently, their abilities also makes them very fickle and bad at planning. It’s a far cry from the original movie and source material, but since 2 Fast 2 Furious, there’s no telling where the franchise will go next.

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38 Johnny Tran Wasn’t Quite As Villainous As He Seemed

Via Hypable

Though the characters were in opposition to many forces in the first film, Johnny Tran linked them all together. In one scene, he claims “a couple Nissan SR20 motors will pull a premium” before a big race. As a result, the racers depend on Johnny Tran to acquire them through less-than-legal means.

This is confusing for a few reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that they’re relatively easy to procure. A Nissan SR20 motor can be bought at any Nissan dealership. Rather than trying to bargain with a stubborn Ted Gassner, it would have likely been easier to bribe a Nissan dealership employee to simply let a few go missing.

37 Tej Has Superhuman Abilities

Via Aceshowbiz.com

Tej is an interesting character in The Fast and the Furious. Played by Ludacris, he is one of the franchise’s many celebrity performances, but he has a supporting role in the movies, appearing in several of them. Tej is tough and an engineering genius. In almost no time, he is able to outfit the cars with whatever the team needs.

Completely reconstructing a car in one night is still crazy, even for Tej.

In the seventh installment of the series, Tej defies all rules of time and logic by completely taking apart two cars by himself in one night. He does this and then assembles from scratch a third car made from the original two cars.

36 Who Is Responsible For The Collateral Damage?

Via IGN Entertainment

One of the central plot points in the first film is that Brian (played by Paul Walker) is an undercover agent. His loyalties are questioned, and he ultimately decides to join Dom, Mia, Letty, and the others in a life of crime because they are “family.” Later, Hobbs, another government agent turned ally, joins them as well.

These two characters destroy entire cities worldwide with only their cars. Is the government constantly apologizing for their actions and agreeing to pay for the damage? Hobbs and Brian have unique talents, to be sure, but they lack the subtlety and finesse required to carry out covert missions.

35 How Did They Hack The Submarine?

Via Vox

The Fast and the Furious isn’t the only movie to be guilty of the “hacker” trope. The most famous examples are on shows and movies like NCIS or Hackers, but a particularly memorable moment occurred in Fate of the Furious. When Ramsey and Cipher face off, they are both trying to hack into the same decommissioned Russian submarine. Ramsey tries to hack it from a control tower, while Cipher hacks it from her plane. However, the submarine doesn’t seem to be connected to anything. This was another error for many fans and another example of movie-logic “hacking.”

34 The Harpoons In The Cars

Via YouTube

Fate of the Furious had a nautical theme at times, so it’s unsurprising that harpoons appeared during the course of the film. During a chase scene, the family managed to spear Dom’s car via mechanisms on top of their cars. This comes as a shock, however, because these mechanisms are so well hidden. Most extra attachments to cars are bulky and obvious. However, the cars in the film retained their original silhouettes. The details of this design are unclear. It’s also unclear what they’re going to do with several cars containing harpoon attachments.

33 Fast Five Started With A Really Bad Plan

Via Collider

No matter what, the family always seems to go for the most elaborate plan possible. Fast Five starts with a simple enough premise: get the microchip out of the radio of the car. Said car is on a train. Rather than just planting someone to steal the radio—a much quieter operation—the solution they went with was to cut a hole in the side of the train while it was moving. Then, they stole the entire car. This all happened while the train was full of DEA agents. Once they got the cars into their possession, they essentially scrapped them.

32 Rome Couldn’t Have Been Under House Arrest

Via Heroes Wikia

In 2 Fast 2 Furious, Rome is placed on house arrest. This isn’t too shocking, as most of the characters have some sort of criminal background. Rome, at the time, was living in a trailer. This led to some good trailer park scenes, but a trailer is a mobile home. House arrest requires the person placed on house arrest to live in a static home.

Rome wouldn’t be eligible for house arrest.

Otherwise, they could simply move their home without technically violating house arrest. This ends up being a non-issue, as Rome’s record is eventually cleared, but it seems that his situation wasn’t as carefully considered as it would be in the real world.

31 Cars And Boats

via pinterest.com

2 Fast 2 Furious is either the worst or the best film in the franchise, depending on who you ask. Brian is still the main character, and there are more cars and crazier chases. The most iconic chase doesn’t quite link up to reality, however.

In one scene, Brian races a boat.

The camera cuts to Brian’s speedometer, which shows that the car is going 120 miles per hour on land and barely keeping pace with the boat in the water. However, some eagle-eye viewers have noticed that this isn’t totally accurate. The boat they’re trying to follow tops out its speed at just over 40 mph.

30 They Are Losing Money

Via The Drive

2 Fast 2 Furious is known for quickly amping up the levels of crazy in the franchise. The car races raise their stakes considerably, and the stunts follow. In the film, the winnings for a race are not an insubstantial amount of money. The pot is over $10,000, so the characters do their best to win.

In the pursuit of winning, several cars jump a ramp to gain an advantage.

The cars land hard from their airborne state. The damage that the cars would have received from doing this would have likely far exceeded the winnings. In the real world, they would have likely not risked this stunt.

29 Drifting Only Looks Cool

Via YouTube

Drifting was popularized in the third The Fast and the Furious movie Tokyo Drift. True to its name, the movie featured plenty of drifting. The film, set in Japan, introduced new characters and revisited the fast cars that attracted people to the franchise.

One scene in particular featured too much drifting.

While trying to escape from DK, Han and the others drifted a lot. So much, in fact, that it probably would have been faster for them to just drive in a straight line. While trying to evade their foe, they ended up slowing themselves down. As most people would know, the fastest way between two points is a straight line.

28 Tokyo Is Somehow In Los Angeles

Via Fast and Furious Wiki

Tokyo Drift moved the franchise out of the United States and into international locations. However, Tokyo Drift was clearly at least partially filmed in Los Angeles. Though the movie was set in Japan, many of the actors are likely California-based. The studio, like nearly all big-budget studios, also likely found it easier and cheaper to film in Los Angeles than to film in Japan. There are a few key points in the film where this is obvious. In one scene, Boswell rides the Los Angeles subway system, even though he’s supposed to be in Japan. In another scene, the LA Sixth Street Bridge is visible in the background.

27 When Did Dom And Letty Meet?

Via The News Wheel

Dom and Letty were childhood friends before falling in love. In addition to Mia and Brian’s love story, this is one of the central romances of the films. In the first film, Mia claims that Dom and Letty met when Letty was 11. She admired him because he knew so much about cars. When she turned 16, he became interested in her as well. However, this wasn’t the case in the sixth movie. In the sixth movie, Dom met Letty at her first street race when she was 15. This is more than a few years off—too much for Mia’s memory to have simply been mistaken.

26 How Did They Quietly Tunnel Through A Mountain

Via Kotaku

Fast & Furious features more than one tunnel chase scene. Because the mountain is made of stone, some sort of specialized technology would have been used to tunnel through it. Stone isn’t the easiest material to break apart covertly. Moreover, plans would have needed to be in place to make sure the tunnel wouldn’t just collapse half way through the project. This tunnel required technical skills and resources. More than a secret tunnel through a mountain would actually get. Even if all of these things were possible, it’s bordering a country. Many countries watch their borders very closely. If a group of people were to loudly burrow through a mountain, someone would likely notice and stop them.

25 What’s Braga’s Deal?

Via Aceshowbiz.com

The characters in the The Fast and the Furious change their stories at the drop of a hat. Fans never know what to believe in the continuity. For instance, Brian argues in one scene that Braga will continue to conduct illegal activity whether or not a particular job is stopped.

This seems fairly straight forward. Brian thinks they should approach the plan another way. However, by the end of the scene, Brian is arguing that Braga cannot afford the loss. Sure, Braga can still carry on with illegal activity after taking a major loss. However, Brian argues at first that the loss will be inconsequential.

24 Constantly Disappearing And Reappearing Injuries

Via Vox

Because movies are filmed over a long period of time, it’s sometimes difficult for makeup artists to get it exactly right every time. However, like it does with all things, The Fast and the Furious takes these mistakes and turns them up to eleven. In just about every movie, there are examples of this. Characters will be hurt one minute and fine by the next scene. When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character, Hobbs, went into the hospital with broken bones, they healed as fast as the plot required them to. Though he was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, when his character was needed once more, he simply got up and left.

23 The Safe In Fast Five

Via Wired.com

The physics breaking cars have amped up significantly from the first movie. By Fast Five, they were pulling a giant safe through the city streets. By the description given in the movie, this safe weight two tons. The weight shows when the safe smashes through concrete columns. It even entirely takes out the first floor of a building.

Despite its massive weight, the safe’s only weakness is trees.

Despite the fact that the safe can take out reinforced concrete, it simply bounces off of trees. If viewers watch closely, they can see the safe simply bounce off a tree when the cars sharply turn a corner. The safe doesn’t make a dent in the tree. Moreover, how are two mid-size cars pulling a two ton safe?

22 Marshall Who?

Via Autonocion.com

In Fast & Furious 6, the characters encounter United States Marshals at an airport. Being fugitives, it’s not too surprising that they would encounter the U.S. Marshals.

However, instead of spelling it “Marshal” the jackets read “Marshall."

There is more than one way to write “Marshal,” but the spelling with one “l” refers to the law enforcement agency. There may actually be an explanation to this, however. In order to keep from impersonating a law enforcement or government agent, sometimes production companies will change the badges to read something other than what they are in real life.

21 More Issues With Hacking

Via The Fast and the Furious Wiki

The Eye of God is no stranger to flawed technology logic. In Furious 7, it can connect to any device on earth in any location, but the characters have to be within two miles to connect to it.

Most fans see this as a technical goof. If the characters have an internet connection, then proximity wouldn’t matter. This sort of makes sense when considering how some connections work (like Bluetooth, which is proximity-based), but they are already able to connect. If they are connected, then they should be able to hack it.

20 Dom’s Indestructible Garage

Via The Fast and the Furious Wiki

Like all action films, The Fast and the Furious enjoys explosions. It adds to the action and makes things exciting. In Furious 7, the filmmakers make the bold play of blowing up Dom’s home. In an explosion, the windows are all blown out and the house is mostly destroyed. However, some viewers have noticed that the nearby garage is fine. With the force of the explosion, it seem that it should have been damaged. However, garages, like cars, seem to be more or less indestructible in these films. It’s probably because garages are meant to hold their cars. Viewers also noticed that none of the nearby houses were damaged.

19 The City Streets In “Manhattan”

Via Deadline

In The Fate of the Furious, the characters explore Manhattan. While it is possible to film in Manhattan, there’s a variety of logistical issues, especially when characters need to drive in Manhattan. In Fate of the Furious, there’s one giveaway in particular that the actors were not on location.

Throughout the film, the street signs show bidirectional streets.

This means that cars can travel both ways on a street. However, in Manhattan, nearly every major roadway is one way. This is the clearest sign that this sequence was filmed elsewhere.

18 The Submarine Would Have Quickly Fallen Behind

Via The Jakarta Post

The Fate of the Furious, not to be outdone by the others, features a submarine essentially chasing several cars. This is quite the visual, but doesn’t actually make much sense.

Like the boat in 2 Fast 2 Furious, this submarine was simply not designed to go that speed. Unless the cars were only going 30 or 40 miles per hour, they could have easily evaded the giant sub. This submarine was Akula Class, which means that it tops out at 28-35 knots. A knot is only just over a mile per hour, so there’s no way it could have kept up with these cars.

17 Cars Pull A Plane Out Of The Sky

Vai FXGuide

One of the most iconic moments in The Fast and the Furious franchise occurs in Fast & Furious 6. Without even touching on how long the runway was (more on that later), this scene is a cinematic marvel. There are many events simultaneously happening, but the main issue is that Dom is on a plane about to take off and everyone else is in cars on the runway. So, of course, the family plans to pull the plane out of the sky. Even as the plane has left the runway, the cars manage to both keep up and ground it in time to save Dom.

16 Rarely Are Pedestrians Ever Hurt During The Chases

via pinterest

The Fast and the Furious is best known for their elaborate car chases across various cities worldwide. This brings the action to the action-packed saga. They fly through the streets, narrowly avoiding obstacles.

It’s unclear how no pedestrians ever seem to get hurt.

In Tokyo Drift, huge crowds of people move out of the way to avoid the drifting cars. Not a single person is hit. In Fast Five, the safe smashes through a building unexpectedly, and everyone manages to avoid the path of destruction. In a series with so much collateral damage, it seems likely that a distracted pedestrian would have been hurt by this point.

15 Dom Flies His Car Through Three Skyscrapers

Via YouTube

This is the most iconic scene from the seventh movie. Dom, is driving through a building. That is already pretty unbelievable. He’s able to successfully navigate the car for an extended period of time, making tight turns and going at top speeds. Then, the car crashes through the window of a skyscraper. Luckily, there is another skyscraper nearby. Again, Dom drives through the interior floor of the skyscraper. This would be enough for most movies, but The Fast and the Furious puts their unique spin on it by having Dom once again drive out the window and into a third skyscraper.

14 Mr. Nobody Might Be Magical

Via The Fast and the Furious Wiki

Mr. Nobody is one of the most baffling characters in the series. He shows up sometimes, provides whatever resource is needed, and then leaves without a trace. It’s unclear what role he plays in the larger scheme of the world. He is much more easy-going than most of the government agents and he always seems to be one step ahead of everything. When he is injured, medical help is almost immediately on their way, and he can just be left on the side of the road. The most confusing instance of his power, however, is when he is able to unlock Hobb’s prison cell seemingly only using his mind.

13 The Cars Become Airborne For No Reason

Via Reddit

In one of the defining moments in Dom and Brian’s friendship, they race one another to train tracks at the end of the first film. Unlike subsequent films, this is just a race. There’s no international heists or stolen money involved.

There is one moment where Dom and Brian defy physics.

While most of the race is pretty standard, at the very end, a train is approaching the tracks they need to cross to finish the race. Not to be outdone by the other, both drivers accelerate their cars forward. They both barely manage to pass in front of the train and reach the other side, somehow becoming airborne in the process.

12 The Timelines

Via Pinterest

Tokyo Drift is the third movie in the series, but it comes after Furious 6 in the canon timeline. This is mostly due to the fact that they wanted more movies with Han, a character only intended to be in Tokyo Drift. As a result of the unexpected time shift, things get a little strange. Though the movie clearly takes place in 2006 (everyone is still using flip phones), after the timeline changes, it takes place after 2013.

11 Why Was A Yakuza Boss Listening To Sean?

Via Keith Watches Movies

Tokyo Drift focuses on the differences between Japanese and American culture. Because so much of the series revolves around crime, the Yakuza, of course, make an appearance. Sean walks into a Yakuza club to give the terms of a race to an organized crime boss.

It’s unclear why this person would listen to Sean.

Organized crime bosses don’t usually listen to high schoolers. It’s also not clear how Sean knew where to find this crime boss nor how he knew where other Yakuza members would be at any given moment.

10 Why Didn’t They Just Stop The Trucks?

Via Kotaku Australia

Though the first movie is perhaps the most chill and realistic of the bunch, audiences were still left with more than a few questions. In addition to flying cars and changing ages, one of the most action-packed scenes in the film involves hijacking trucks. However, none of the trucks stop moving during this interaction. The easiest method would be to force the trucks to come to a stop. Then, instead of jumping across cars, they could easily overpower the drivers. However, the franchise doesn’t like to do things the easy way, and the scene foreshadowed what was to come.

9 What Happened To Leon?

Via The Fast and the Furious Wiki

The morale of the franchise is that family sticks together no matter what. Dom, Brian, Letty, and the others would do anything, including breaking a lot of laws, for one another.

However, one family member was left behind early in the series: Leon.

In case you don’t remember Leon, he was part of Dom’s crew in the first film. Leon risks his life during the truck hijacking and eventually stops to help Letty. However, he is never seen again after the first film.

8 Brian Can Sense Everything On His Car

Via Aceshowbiz.com

In Fast Five, one of the gadgets in the film is a chip that sticks to cars. Whatever it lands next to quickly disables with a push of a button. This chip lands on Brian’s car in one chase scene. Brian sees what happens to the other cars and knows he has to dislodge the chip. However, there’s no way for him to see where it lands. The chip lands on Brian’s front bumper where he can’t see it. He then manages to drift his speeding car at exactly the right angle so the chip is scraped off his car without crashing or damaging his car at all.

7 When And How Does Cipher’s Plane Land?

Via AutoEvolution

Cipher is the main villain in Fate of the Furious. Throughout most of the film, she is flying through the air in a plane. Cipher’s plane is flown a lot, and it’s flown seemingly undetected by just about everyone. But, this raises some major questions, mainly, how does it have enough fuel to stay in the air all the time. Cipher’s plane would presumably have to land to refuel, and, when it does, there would likely be questions about who owns it, what its purpose is, and why so many illegal things are happening on it.

6 The Cars Being Invincible To Fire

Via Cinapse

In the latest movie, Dom misdirects a missile, causing a fiery explosion. However, he manages to narrowly avoid danger when three cars surround him. The flames arc around the cars, and everyone gets away unscathed.

However, many fans noticed that, while this was happening, the characters were on a sheet of ice. The explosion and resulting fireball would have easily melted the ice, causing structural damage to the ice sheet that was also being carved through by a submarine. Moreover, fire doesn’t magically arc around cars. It could still go between the cars, meaning Dom was still in danger.

5 The Tracker In The Necklace

Via Vanity Fair

The twist in Fate of the Furious was that Vin Diesel was being tracked the entire time via his necklace. This is shown by having the tracker give off a red, blinking light. Cipher, who is supposed to be a master hacker and tactician, somehow managed to miss this through the whole movie.

Cipher’s security systems should have picked up on the tracker.

The audience is shown through a variety of ways that Cipher has the best security in the world, which is why her identity was unknown until this film. However, she still managed to miss a very simple and expected attempt to thwart her plans.

4 Does No One Care About What Deckard Did To Han

Via Hollywood Reporter

Han was an important enough character to the franchise that the series went back in time to include him in more movies. However, when his death is replayed at the end of the sixth film, it’s revealed that Deckard Shaw is responsible.

The team gets over their anger pretty fast and they begin to work together.

In order to move the plot along and team up all of the characters against a greater enemy, the characters ally themselves quickly with Deckard. The family has kept lifelong enemies for less serious offenses, so this is a definite change of heart.

3 Why Does No One Ever Recognize The Characters?

Via Wired

The characters in the franchise are international criminals. Around the world, they cause major destruction. While not everyone could recognize criminals on Interpol’s top ten list, the fact that these characters are not exactly stealthy would surely cause someone to recognize them. Worldwide, Dom and the family have caused major destruction. This would likely result in plenty of news coverage, making them all infamous in plenty of countries. Still, no one ever seems to recognize them.

2 The World’s Longest Runway

Via Pinterest

The long runway in the sixth film is one of the most discussed fan questions. The filmmakers have brushed off the questions saying that some of the scenes are happening simultaneously, but this still doesn’t make sense. In order for the plane to land, have multiple cars board, have Dom fight, and then finally be pulled out of the sky, some fans guess that, based on the speed of the plane and the most generous interpretation of how long this all took, the runway would have to be at least twenty miles long.

1 Dom Did A Lot Of Terrible Things In Fate Of The Furious

Via Insider

The advertisements for Fate of the Furious showed the thing that fans thought Dom would never do: betray his family. While some of the family have settled into a quiet life, Dom is still going on adventures. In this one, Cipher was blackmailing him into working for her, but Dom still did some pretty terrible things.

The moral of “family first” was really upped when Dom almost helped someone start a nuclear war. It seems almost too ridiculous, even for a Fast and Furious movie, then it's all just ignored while the characters happily reunite.

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