The Game Awards 2019: Best Mobile Game Nominees

The Game Awards 2019 announced the nominees for Best Mobile Game including Call of Duty: Mobile and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Mobile gaming continues to grow every year, becoming an essential part of the gaming industry. With phones getting better and better, mobile games have benefited greatly and some truly well designed, impressive games have been coming out including some of the best mobile games the industry has ever seen. The 2019 Game Awards will take place in the beginning of December and the nominees for 'Best Mobile Game' includes a variety of incredible games available to play right now.

There are five games nominated for 'Best Mobile Game' this year. They are Call of Duty: Mobile, GRINDSTONE, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Sky: Children of Light and What the Golf?

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Call of Duty: Mobile succeeded expectations when it was released. It broke records quickly and provided classic Call of Duty game play in a free-to-play format. The design, graphics and optimization were fantastic making it one of the most impressive mobile games to date.

Sky: Children of Light had a beautifully realized world with unique lore and engaging game play. It is also a free-to-play game that isn't necessarily hidden behind a paywall, giving players an opportunity to experience the game without being required to pump money into it.

This year is pretty interesting as Apple launched Apple Arcade in March of this year. It is a subscription service that costs $4.99 month but gives players a plethora of great games to choose from. GRINDSTONE, Sayonara Wild Hearts and What the Golf? are all Apple Arcade games showing the service can provide amazing games and could be worth purchasing a relatively inexpensive subscription.

Each of the nominated games show the incredible potential mobile gaming has. They provide solid entertainment that doesn't require a ton of invested time which is key for the mobile gaming industry. It's safe to assume that mobile gaming will continue to evolve going forward and if these nominees for 'Best Mobile Game' are any indication, the future of mobile gaming has the chance to be amazing.

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