The Game That Inspired Undertale Has Kicked Dragon Quest XI Off The #1 Eshop Spot In Japan

Moon RPG Remix Dragon Quest XI Cover

The Japanese Nintendo eShop has seen an upset in its rankings, as the port of Moon RPG Remix Adventure has toppled Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition from the number one spot on the charts.

Moon RPG Remix Adventure was an obscure RPG for the original PlayStation that was released in Japan back in 1997. The game parodied many of the JRPGs of the 16-bit era and played with a lot of the tropes that had been established by series like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. A localization of Moon RPG Remix Adventure was announced, but it was never released. The story might have ended there, except that Toby Fox said on Twitter in 2017 that Moon RPG Remix Adventure was one of the main inspirations for Undertale, which caused a resurgence of interest in the game. A port of Moon RPG Remix Adventure by Onion Games was announced during the last Japanese Nintendo Direct and an English localization is currently in development.

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The Nintendo Switch port of Moon RPG Remix Adventure was released on October 10 and it has already risen to the top spot on the Japanese eShop charts. Japanese Nintendo is reporting that Moon RPG Remix Adventure has pushed Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition to second place. The Onion Games Twitter account has uploaded a post about how amazing it is that the game beat the latest Dragon Quest title and how news regarding the English release will be coming soon.

The Dragon Quest series is a huge deal in Japan and the fact that a relatively obscure game has pushed it from the number one spot so quickly is a huge achievement for Moon RPG Remix Adventure. It's possible that the popularity of Undertale in Japan and its connection to Moon RPG Remix Adventure helped it to find a new audience among modern gamers.

Moon RPG Remix Adventure is available now for Nintendo Switch on the Japanese eShop. The English localization is currently in development and its release date will be announced soon.

Source: Japanese Nintendo, Onion Games

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