Rumor: The Last Of Us 2 Will Be Out In February 2020

According to a new rumor coming from various sources, The Last Of Us Part II will be out in early 2020.

The Last Of Us Part II was originally announced way back in December of 2016. Since then, we’ve been treated to trailers and teasers of the action-adventure sequel but no release date. While the official channels are still silent on the matter, IGN pointed us at a couple of leaks that suggest the game is coming in February 2020.

There have been three separate comments and reports that have all led to the same information. The first is a recent interview on the Critical Role YouTube channel between Ashley Johnson, who plays Ellie in The Last Of Us and Brian Foster, Creative Director of Critical Role. The two are engaged, which gives an interesting dynamic to the informal interview. The interview is over an hour long and part of the Between The Sheets series. It focuses mostly on Johnson’s background and involvement with Critical Role, but Foster won’t let her leave without asking about The Last Of Us Part II.

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If you skip to 1:07:00, you’ll get straight to the part where she begins to discuss the game. After stressing that she can’t go into detail, Foster asks about the release date. Johnson then says “I think it’s coming out Feh...” before he seems to realize his mistake and talks over her, changing the subject slightly and making a joke.

The second comment is from Jason Schreier, the news editor at Kotaku. Back in May, a source told him that Death Stranding was going to be released in November, which he posted to Twitter. The same source also stated that The Last of Us Part II was originally set to come out at the same time but had been bumped to February 2020.

With the Death Stranding release date confirmed as November 8, the credibility of the leak has been strengthened.

There was also a thread on Resetera discussing the interview. In the thread, a few commentators seem to confirm  February as the “current internal release date,” one of which includes Daniel Ahmad, a video game industry analyst for Niko Partners. None of the commentators have shed any light on how they have this information.

Naughty Dog has not commented on the leaks or released an official date for The Last of Us Part II, which will be coming to the PlayStation 4.

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