15The Lost Pilgrimage (Breath Of The Wild)

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Breath of the Wild is a wonderful game with an unprecedented sense of freedom. “The Lost Pilgrimage,” a side quest where you have to follow a Korok trekking through the forest to find a shrine, sticks out like a sore thumb. This sounds simple enough, but several factors make it

more frustrating than necessary.

First, the Korok is incredibly small, and can easily be lost in the tall grass. Second, the color palette of the forest makes it so the Korok blends in perfectly with the surroundings. You will therefore often end up closer than intended to the little guy, triggering another failure. Finally, just when you think you’re clear, the Korok turns around suddenly and starts running towards you. Since you will most likely be crouching, it’s nearly impossible to run out of the way, so you lose again. Let's not forget the Korok’s cry for help when he’s faced with wolves, which you should ignore. That’s right. You must risk letting the little guy get mauled, or you fail.

“The Lost Pilgrimage” is out of place in Breath of the Wild because it feels unnecessarily cheap. A few tricks have since been making the rounds, but even those solutions make successful completion seem random.

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