The MMORPG Genre Is A Perfect Fit For Mobile

An explosion of MMORPG titles has hit mobile platforms and the various pocket-sized benefits answer several fan aspirations. With constant advancements being made, mobile devices are steadily becoming more equipped to handle the rigorous expectations of the MMORPG genre.

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An Immersive Experience On The Go

For starters, MMORPGs require a massive grind, eating up hours of gameplay. Making this endeavor available on the go helps tackle time constraints and can prove to be immeasurably efficient. For gamers who travel a lot, it's getting two birds with one stone in that grinding is a great way to alleviate boredom during commutes as well. The travel-friendly built-in mic is a handy bonus, making it easy to communicate with other players without having to pack any extra gear.

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Another big requirement of MMORPGs is graphics. Newer mobile devices can easily handle intense graphics thanks to constant technological advancements.  With the ever-expanding capabilities, smartphones are able to keep up with high customization demands as well, offering in-depth character creators and a plethora of gameplay options.

MMORPGs garnish a wide array of controls, posing a potential issue as those can easily over encumber a small screen. Rotating skill wheel mechanics, as seen in AdventureQuest 3D and Black Desert Mobile, offer an ingenious solution for swapping between skill panels while conserving space.

Confirmed Success

The MMORPG genre has already seen marginal success across mobile platforms. AdventureQuest 3D is a big hit, offering cross-platform which allows players to connect with friends on the go, anywhere in the world. HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales) is one of the most successful mobile MMO titles to date, due to its outstanding graphics and constant improvement updates. Old School Runescape has also gained immense popularity as many titles built off of nostalgia are likely to do. It has built its own reputation apart from its namesake as well, through consistent updates.

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A Pocket-Sized Hit

It is evident that there is a mobile gaming market for MMOs and fans are enthusiastic about this surge of applicable titles hitting Google Play and the App Store. With a loyal fan-base and constant advancements being made to better support it, the MMORPG genre can look forward to a bright future across mobile platforms.

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