The Next Destiny? 15 AWESOME Things We Already Know About Anthem

BioWare is known for developing vast, open world games. Such series as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have gained massive popularity among gamers. They have a unique ability to combine gameplay with story-driven plots. Players not only decide the fate of their character, but also the people around them. However, BioWare faced criticism for Mass Effect: Andromeda and fans hoped a new IP would be revealed during E3 to renew interest in the developer. Well, the fans were not disappointed, as excitement for BioWare's games was renewed over the reveal of Anthem.

Though EA is the publisher for BioWare, Anthem was first revealed during the E3's Microsoft Presentation on Sunday. Most were unaware that BioWare would be unveiling their new project this Summer. A short, yet beautiful, trailer was played from the newly revealed Xbox One X technology. Not only was some of the story revealed, but the gameplay was teased. In typical BioWare tradition, players will be able to enjoy Anthem in a variety of ways and craft their own unique gameplay style. Gamers only saw a small fragment of the open world that Anthem holds, but they are eager to learn more.

Until the final release date is confirmed, information will slowly trickle in. Over time, we will learn more about the expansive world that Anthem has in store for us. Are you anxious for more news about BioWare's IP? Check out our list of what we know about Anthem so far.

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15 Not Console Exclusive

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BioWare's Mass Effect series first started as an exclusive title on the Xbox 360. As an exclusive title, fewer gamers could experience the massive space adventure. Over the years, BioWare eventually branched out to releasing the series on PC and the PlayStation 3. The gameplay revealed at E3 was from an Xbox One X console, so Gamers were able to witness a teaser in 4k. From there, fans were worried Anthem would be an Xbox exclusive game yet again. Fortunately, console exclusivity will not be an issue with Anthem. A BioWare Marketing Director confirmed the game would be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Gamers won't have to worry about saving up for another console to play the newest BioWare title, as Anthem will be available on multiple consoles.

14 Previously Known as "Project Dylan"

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Almost immediately after the release of Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare announced other titles had been in development for years. Many knew that BioWare was working on a new IP, simply codenamed "Dylan." Little information was released and BioWare continued sequels for their popular series, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. "Project Dylan" was teased to gaming journalists and fans alike. Many wondered what BioWare could be working on, especially after criticism of their latest Mass Effect game. Gamers wanted to know if BioWare still had the magic in them to create another epic series. BioWare revealed their newest IP "Dylan" at E3 during the Microsoft Presentation, which was officially announced as Anthem. Anthem would not be released until 2018, but EA wanted to keep gamers interested in their newest IP.

13 Fort Tarsis

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Fort Tarsis is your home base. It is a huge settlement surrounded by a large wall and the wall protects its inhabitants from the dangers in the world of Anthem. The only people allowed outside of the wall are Freelancers, or people tasked with collecting resources from the environment. BioWare's demo at E3 gave us a quick glimpse inside the walls. People seemed to live freely, trading items in the open marketplace. When you're not exploring the world of Anthem, you will be spending most of your time within the Fort. Residents can request you to find items for them or you can pick up quests from those in charge. You can also upgrade your Javelin exosuit and weapons within Fort Tarsis. Though you won't be able to rest within the safety of the walls forever, you'll be able to make yourself more powerful when you must venture out.

12 Co-Op Or Play Solo

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In Anthem, you can choose to play solo or with friends. Though the game will be a "live service," where updates will happen at least weekly to encourage players to keep playing, you can choose to continue your journey with others. Up to four players can form a team to tackle Anthem, though all four players are not forced to play together until the end, as players can jump in and out at any time. If a friend wants to join in while you're taking on a tough boss solo, they will be transported to your current location when they join your group. If you prefer a certain Javelin exosuit role, you can play with others who also are masters of their abilities. Though you can complete the game completely solo, playing with friends or others online will enable you to explore new regions that may have seemed impossible on their own.

11 Weather Impacts Gameplay

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Fort Tarsis is safer than the terrain outside the walls. Though BioWare's demo at E3 focused on gameplay, we were able to get a glimpse of the environment. We were treated to different areas of the world within Anthem once the player started flying. Players may think that the enemies are the most dangerous threats of Anthem's world, but the entire world is hostile. Unfortunately, a severe storm forced the player to take shelter. These "shaper storms" are part of dynamic weather events that are so severe they alter the terrain. Weather can make players more vulnerable, such as impairing vision or making it hard to keep up with a co-op partner. The unpredictable weather can damage Javelin exosuits and your weapons. The threats surrounding the world of Anthem will ensure you never have a safe moment outside the walls.

10 A Variety Of Customizable Weapons

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To survive outside the walls of Fort Tarsis, you will need weapons to protect yourself. BioWare showcased some weapons during the action-packed gameplay during the E3 demo. Weapons, like the Javelin exosuits, also can be upgraded and level-up to become more powerful. As you venture forth in the unknown world of Anthem, more power will be an asset to your arsenal and each weapon in the game has a unique name and abilities. Some will work better when combined with the power of your Javelin. During the E3 presentation, the demo presented one of the unique weapons, named the "Jarra's Wrath." This rifle is a Legendary Volt type rifle, which can hold a large amount of ammo for quick shooting. The demo also featured unnamed firearms similar to shotguns and sniper rifles, meaning players may be able to hold more than one weapon at once.

9 Open-World Environment

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We only saw a small portion of the world of Anthem during the E3 demo, but BioWare's Anthem Director Jonathan Warner stated that the game has a "very big open world for players to explore." It promises something new to those already familiar with BioWare games. Though safety can be found within Fort Tarsis' walls, the world outside is massive and dangerous. Humans are at the bottom of the food chain and only Freelancers are capable of surviving in the dangerous world. Not only can you explore the different environments on foot, but you can also fly. Flying is obviously much faster than running on foot, but it is also essential to navigating different areas of the planet. The open world of Anthem is also full of aggressive creatures and there is a potential enemy at every turn.

8 Release Date Is In 2018

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After the E3 reveal of Anthem, gamers eagerly awaited a release date. Unfortunately, the official release date is yet to be announced. Later in May, EA announced "Project Dylan," what we now know as Anthem, would be delayed until the end of March 2018. This date is around when the fiscal year for EA ends. This launch date would be set during EA's 2019 fiscal year. Though EA may have a bad reputation of rushing games, such as Dragon Age 2 only having two years of development, a delayed game isn't necessarily bad news here. Impatient gamers will have to wait a bit longer to dive into Anthem's world, but BioWare will also have more time to develop a high-quality game.

7 The Lead Composer

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New information around Bioware's newest IP is developing quickly. Though gameplay and story have been revealed in the E3 trailer, little information about the soundtrack has been announced. Music is an important part of the immersive video game experience, as a bad music score can hinder the game, but a great score can be a great asset. BioWare's Game Director for Anthem, Jonathan Warner recently announced the identity of the composer on Twitter. Ted Reedy, who has created scores for film, television, and video games will also be in charge of crafting the music behind Anthem. Reedy has previously composed the score for another BioWare title, Dragon Age Inquisition, and both of its DLC, The Descent and Trespasser. His work has been highly praised, so gamers can expect a high-quality soundtrack to accompany their gameplay for Anthem.

6 Menacing Monsters

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The world of Anthem is dangerous. Your Javelin and equipped weapons will be one of the few things you can trust outside the walls of Fort Tarsis. There are several types of enemies in the wild called Scars and there are different specials of Scars on the planet, such as large robots to frightening monsters. Scars are not only a threat to humanity, but also to other Scars. In the demo, we witnessed a Scar carelessly destroy another in its path. These creatures can also travel in packs, making solo adventures more difficult, yet rewarding. Though enemies will be a constant threat, once defeated, they can be farmed to gain items to complete quests or upgrade your equipment. Fighting Anthem's creatures will be essential to helping the residents of Fort Tarsis and help you in becoming a powerful Freelancer.

5 Action-Adventure, Not RPG

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BioWare has earned a reputation for creating epic worlds. Players can immerse themselves into the creative plots and storylines created by the developer. Before Anthem's reveal, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stressed that this project was not a Role-Playing game. EA wanted to craft an Action-Adventure game and not the traditional BioWare decision tree. Choices will still matter, but may not be as important as other BioWare games. This change can be seen as a positive to those who disliked BioWare's story-heavy games, but enjoyed the variety of gameplay. He said the game will still have RPG-style character progression, though gameplay mechanics and action is being emphasized more than making friends and forming relationships. Less time will be spent on story crafting and more time will be spent exploring the planet.

4 Types Of Javelin Suits

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The Javelin exosuits are your only means of survival outside of the walls of Fort Tarsis. Each Javelin suit has a special set of abilities and unique appearance and, as you progress in Anthem, you will be able to upgrade your suit's abilities and weapons. Crafting items can be foraged from the world of Anthem. The Javelin exosuits are similar to classes in Mass Effect, where you can choose specialties to aid you in battle. BioWare has revealed four Javelins during the Microsoft's E3 presentation, but only two have been named. The Ranger suit is a balanced suit that allows you to dive into enemies or launch rockets. The Colossus suit is larger, acting more as a tank, that can launch an explosive mortar attack or superhuman-like punches. Each suit has a final attack and special landing animation.

3 Live-Service Availability

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Rockstar Games has not released a new Grand Theft Auto game since the fifth installment in 2013. With the release of GTA Online, they have spent more time with the online version of their popular game. Other publishers and developers, such as Bungie and Ubisoft, wanted to create a similar model. Destiny has weekly updates and additional content to keep gamers playing. More content for a single game means fewer sequels in the long run. Sequels will not be required if additional downloadable content will be available to gamers. From a financial standpoint, more money is made while less is spent on creating sequels every few years. EA and BioWare have decided to develop a similar games-as-a-service (GaaS) system with Anthem. By creating a GaaS, developers can spend more time working on one game and creating new content.

2 You’re A "Freelancer"

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In most games, you are often a hero, tasked with saving civilians from threats. Well, Anthem is no different, as BioWare casts you into the role of a Freelancer. Freelancers have the responsibility of protecting the residents within the walls of Fort Tarsis. You have to keep out the dangers outside of the walls and, sometimes, you must venture outside of them. Naturally, adventuring outside of the walls is dangerous. However, it must be done. The residents need the resources outside of the walls to survive. It is also your job as a Freelancer to explore those lands and collect vital supplies. Not only do you hold an important title, but you can also control the Javelin exosuits that can protect you. Because of your intelligence and fighting abilities, the residents of Fort Tarsis see you and your Freelancer comrades as heroes.

1 Drew Karpyshyn As Writer

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Drew Karpyshyn has been a writer for some of BioWare's most well-known series, such as Baldur's Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, and Jade Empire. He was Senior Writer for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Lead Writer for Mass Effect I and II. Karpyshyn is also a seasoned novelist, experienced in crafting both original novels and books based on the Mass Effect and KotOR series. He left the developer in 2012 to focus on personal projects, but eventually returned in 2015 to continue work on KotOR. He announced that he was working on another BioWare game, which turned out to be Anthem. He has remained secretive about the story details, only confirming his role on Twitter. EA and BioWare revealed little story information within their trailer at E3. Judging by his previous work with BioWare, we can expect an incredible story.

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