The Only Game Of The Year That Matters Is Your Own

It's at this point that we'd like to remind gamers that the opinions of others, no matter how definitive they may claim to be, don't really matter.

The end of the year is nigh at that means reflecting on 2019 and trying to decide which games we enjoyed playing the most. Websites and magazines will be compiling top ten lists as we speak, and that goes for us at TheGamer too. In what has been a jam-packed year for video game releases, 2019 might be the toughest yet when it comes to picking which games we think have been the very best.

These lists and award winners are a big deal to a lot of people, especially if they are compiled and given out by someone with a lot of sway and prestige. Not just to the developers who created the games, but also to the players who have been playing them. If their own opinions don't match up with the official word, all hell can break loose.

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You're The Only One That Matters

It's at this point that we would like to remind gamers that the opinions of others, no matter how definitive they may claim to be, don't really matter. If a game that you loved playing in 2019 doesn't make someone's top ten, will that affect how much you enjoy the game next time you fire it up? Or will it take away from how much you loved playing the game before knowing not everyone shared that same opinion? We'd hope that the answer to both of those questions would be no.

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Although some games are praised more than others, or receive more mainstream publicity, there is no such thing as a game being objectively better than another. Some might sell more copies and be loved by more people, but that should not matter to the individual. A game with more awards and better reviews might end up selling more copies off the back of that, but it won't make anyone love it more.

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What Has Been Your Game Of The Year?

All that should matter to you at the end of each year, and in this instance, the end of the decade, is what games you enjoyed playing most. Yes, it's nice to see the lists of others to see how they compare, but don't let that affect how you feel or diminish your own opinions. They are still as valid as they were before you started reading all of these game of the year nominees. Also, don't disparage others if their opinions are different for the very same reasons.

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With that, we'd like to invite you to compile your own top five lists of 2019 and share it with us. Don't let our opinions or anyone else's sway your own, just think of the best five games you have played this year. In fact, try to do so before checking out any other lists. That way, you'll know what your true top five really is and won't just select the five games you think others will choose, or won't choose if you're trying to be edgy.

The game of the year awards have been criticized for their omissions, as will every other "official" list that is published between now and the end of the year. Just remember, while these lists are fun to compile and read, to you, they shouldn't matter. Your list is the only one that matters, now get out of here and go play your favorite games of 2019 one more time.

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