The Outer Worlds: 10 Tips For Getting Started In Edgewater

Edgewater is the first major city you'll encounter in The Outer Worlds. Here are 10 tips on what to do when you arrive.

In 2019 The Outer Worlds managed to satiate Fallout fans around the globe thanks to Obsidian Entertainment's familiarity and love for the Fallout franchise. After the release of Fallout 76, fans became even more hungry for a mainline entry that felt true to the series. Though it's not the same size and scope as a mainline Fallout game, Obsidian managed to put something together in The Outer Worlds that feels just like home for Fallout fans. Here's a look at 10 tips for getting started in The Outer Worlds' first location, Edgewater.

10  It's Your First Step

Edgewater is the major city on the first planet in your adventure through The Outer Worlds. This means that you shouldn't worry or overwhelm yourself with the prospect of finding and interacting with everything available. You should understand that this is the starting area for the game so it's meant to ease you into the world and teach you everything that you're capable of with the tools they provide for you. This is simply the first step towards an adventure you'll likely never forget.

9 Don't Spend All Of Your Money

Every player is different and comes into games with their own personality and habits. Often times players of big role-playing games will fall into the categories of players who either save and horde everything, or the ones who use, waste, and spend everything they get their hands on.

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Make an effort to lean towards the former, but don't be afraid to buy something every now and again. Edgewater is the first of many locations you'll visit and it certainly won't have the best things to purchase.

8 Let It Breathe

Often times in video games players have a tendency to rush through the beginning areas of games and don't take enough time to really experience the world around them. The Outer Worlds is such a beautifully crafted game and contains some pretty impressive sky-boxes. Do yourself a favor and take a stroll and put effort into taking in the environments around you and truly appreciating the time and effort that was put into making it feel like a living breathing world full of endless possibilities.

7 Take Your Time

This tip kind of goes hand in hand with both exploring and letting the world around you breathe. Don't feel bad about taking your time in a big role-playing game. These worlds are often jam-packed with lore and conversation that make up a good portion of what makes these games special and unique. Sprinting through the game in hopes of reaching the ending is counter-intuitive to how these types of games are meant to be experienced. Play games how you want to play them, but understand you could be short-changing yourself.

6 Experiment With The Economy

Earlier it was talked about how you shouldn't spend all of your money in Edgewater. This was because there are many other locations where you could possibly find a better value in your purchases. You should take the time to experiment with the economy through buying, selling, and bartering so you can get a sense of which items are worth picking up during your adventures and which items could be thrown in the trash. Understanding a game's internal economy can pay huge dividends for those willing to learn.

5 Learn Your Limits

Humans are naturally curious creatures and when given the opportunity to explore our limits with no real consequences we'll likely take advantage of the opportunity given. This is where you learn your limits in The Outer Worlds as you try and figure out just how many enemies you can take on at once. There isn't a one size fits all way considering players are coming in with varying levels of skill and experience with Fallout-type games. You need to find out what you are personally able to handle.

4 Find You Ideal Weapons

Are you the type of player who likes to shoot things or are you more into an up close and personal type of combat approach? These are questions you should be asking yourself as you engage with aggressive outlaws and thugs in the areas surrounding Edgewater. You should experiment with various guns and melee weapons as they each offer their own unique advantages in terms of range, damage, and status effects. Mix and match in order to find what feels comfortable to you.

3 Save Early, Save Often

Now, this may be a case of residual paranoia leftover from the game-breaking bugs and glitches the Fallout franchise is known for, but don't take this worrisome feeling for granted.

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Do yourself a favor and make sure to save early and save often. A good rule of thumb in these large Western role-playing games is to save after every major point of progress and before you enter a building. This may sound like a lot, but your future self will thank you for the lack of frustration and/or headaches.

2  Explore

Edgewater and its surrounding area aren't necessarily large which means there's no excuse to do a little exploring. Often times developers will reward players who give into their curious tendencies when it comes to exploration in their worlds. Many times you'll end up finding little to nothing of value, but those times in which you are rewarded make the whole process feel worthwhile. Given Obsidian Entertainment's experience in the genre as well they understand how to properly reward players for their exploration efforts.

1 Talk To Everyone

If you're even partially familiar with role-playing games then you'll know that you get the most out of these types of games when you take the time to talk to everyone. Most characters will either offer a mumble or brief sentence, while others could lead to side quests or gifted items. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't go out of your way to engage with everything and everyone who doesn't attack you on sight. You never know what you'll learn or discover by simply engaging in conversation.

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