The Outer Worlds Sets Satirical Tone For The Game In New Trailer

Obsidian Entertainment just released a new trailer for their upcoming game The Outer Worlds, introducing a few locations and gameplay mechanics.

Obsidian Entertainment just released a new trailer for their upcoming game The Outer Worlds, introducing a few locations and mechanics that will appear in the game in the form of a propaganda video. It also presents a satirical view of the Halcyon Colony, setting the tone for the rest of the game.

The trailer presents two possible worlds for applicants to the Halcyon Colony: Terra 2 and Monarch. Terra 2 is the slightly better of the two, but is still basically a company town (well, planet). The narrator boasts about the wondrous amenities provided on Terra 2, while the video provides, let’s call it a less glowing depiction of the planet. The other planet, Monarch, somehow manages to be worse than Terra 2. Monarch is most generously described as “gently terraformed and pristine,” which seems to be a code word meaning “mostly uninhabitable.” The narrator praises Monarch by describing the planet as a place where you can enjoy the outdoors and hunt (or more likely, be killed by) local wildlife.

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The trailer also introduces many of the different ways to play The Outer Worlds by demonstrating the different careers you can have with Halcyon. It hints at different ways to build the character, showing uses for both scientists and more hands-on workers on the colonies, and advertises Halcyon’s career development program as a way to improve your reflexes, muscles, or social skills. Plus, it shows just a few of the many different types of futuristic weapons in the game.

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The trailer also introduces a satirical tone that will hopefully carry over to the rest of the game. The Halcyon Colony seems to be a parody of so many corporations in our world. Everything in the colony seems to be branded, covered in labels from fictional companies such as Spacer’s Choice, Auntie Cleo’s, and even Halcyon itself. The narrator describes Halcyon as a “Corporate Family,” but it is clear that between housing shortages, barely livable wastelands, and exposure to explosions, deadly wildlife, and malfunctioning robots, they don’t care about their colonists all that much. In fact, almost everything the narrator says is contrasted by the video.

It seems that The Outer Worlds is going to introduce plenty of satirical criticism of the evil corporation that the player ends up working for. Of course, we don’t know for sure how much the tone of the advertisements will show up in the original game, and as the Halcyon Colony says, “Guarantees not guaranteed.”

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