All Grown Up: 25 Fan Pictures Of The Simpsons Kids As Adults

'The Simpsons is an absolutely iconic sitcom of the modern era. At twenty-nine years running with well over six hundred episodes, it is America's longest-running sitcom of all time and it has received countless acclaim from critics and the public alike. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has never heard of The Simpsons family, with the show even having huge popularity outside of America.

Of course, a show couldn't get this popular without fantastic core characters, which is where The Simpsons really do deliver. Each member of The Simpsons family is incredibly recognizable and familiar, allowing people of all backgrounds and ages to relate to the show. However for this list, we will be focusing on the child characters of Springfield.

The children of Springfield are just as quirky as their elders. We obviously have Bart, Lisa, and Maggie to look at but there is a huge amount of other child characters within the show that have their own unique personalities. Imagining what these kids would grow up to be like is always a fun and interesting exercise, and luckily people who can draw a lot better than me have once again taken it upon themselves to depict such scenarios. So let's take a look, shall we? Here are twenty-five of The Simpsons kids reimagined by talented artists to be adults.

25 The New Generation Of Simpson


The Simpsons family is a very dysfunctional one. It's no surprise when you have Homer as a father who isn't exactly the smartest tool in the shed. Not to mention his obsession with strangling Bart which probably won't have a super positive effect on him growing up. But no family is perfect I suppose, and at the end of the day, they manage to get through anything life throws at them together which is the most important thing.

This brilliant art shows the future self of every child member of The Simpsons family. We have Bart on the left who sadly has been cursed with the same baldness Homer was. Up next is a very trendy Lisa, who seems to have taken her saxophone playing to the next level and perhaps even gone pro. Then we have the completely ripped Maggie, who again, seems to have managed to have children of her own though this time the father is incredibly hard to work out. And at the end, we have an extra future child in The Simpsons family who the artist has created. Like the similar character earlier in the list, this new one definitely seems to take after Marge the most.

So despite the strange dynamic within their family, it is good to know they all turn out well enough in the end.

24 Sisterly Love

Here we see a lovely depiction of an adult Maggie and Lisa, with Maggie giving Lisa a gift. I really like this image, because it shows a great relationship between the two of them, and a good friendship is what both characters could do with, in all honesty.

Lisa has always struggled with being alone and not having too many friends due to being alienated from her peers, so having a sister who cares about her could work wonders for her confidence in that regard. Maggie, on the other hand, could do with a female friend as it seems like she won't get along with her father too well after butting heads with Homer multiple times even as a baby.

So I really think they make a fantastic pair who could look out for one another. We already know Maggie is quite hot-headed and rough, so she would be someone who could really keep Lisa safe and looked after. And likewise, Lisa could be the voice of reason for Maggie. She really does need it, after having so much experience with guns as a baby along with researching street fight techniques. Maybe Lisa can try and straighten her out a little.

23 High-Class Siblings


Bart and Lisa make up the two most known child members of The Simpsons cast due to being in the core family of the show. They star in every episode and because of this we know them incredibly well. Bart is the mischevious brat of the family, who is constantly pulling pranks or trying to get out of things he doesn't want to do. Lisa, on the other hand, is a very smart young girl who is very nice to those around her and has a good set of morals. Because they are both so different, there have been many times they have been at odds with each other during the series. But the few times they have worked together, they have actually been able to pull off some genuinely impressive things.

In my opinion, this art seems to show a result of them working together.

They both look suave and sophisticated, Lisa particularly so. This depiction gives me the vibe that Lisa has become a celebrity in her adult years, which isn't too surprising with her work ethic and intelligence. The way Bart is dressed and his general demeanor make me think that he is actually working as her security. He certainly would be qualified for the job. Having the creativity to come up with tight plans to prank people as a child means he would probably be good at defending against such things too.

Let's just hope his maturity will have grown by now.

22 The Downside Of Intellect


Lisa has always been slightly tragic within her time in the series. She has the smarts and a very moral outlook on life but sadly due to both of those things she struggles to get along with many people, especially in school. Her incredibly high IQ (she is a member of Mensa at the age of eight) is an incredible boon, but in an elementary school environment, all that manages to accomplish is to have her branded as an outcast by the rest of the students. It's pretty sad, but one would hope that as she grows up she will be able to find those she can truly connect with.

However, this art does not seem to show that future. She is looking like she is doing rather well for herself with those smart clothes but something is definitely eating at her to the point of tears. It could be anything, but knowing her past troubles as a kid we can make a guess that it may be due to feeling lonely. The Springfield type aren't really the people to care about high IQ and are quite stuck in their own beliefs about the world, so Lisa may have continued to struggle to fit in. She needs to get out of that town and go searching for a place where the adult population isn't people like Barney or Chief Wiggum.

21 Metalheads Of Springfield


Kearney, Jimbo, and Dolph could always be found alongside Nelson in Springfield, and together they would consistently annoy those around them. I mean, look at them. I don't think someone like Milhouse or Martin would do a good job of standing up to them. They weren't exactly the friendliest people in Springfield Elementary but for the most part, they do have good sides deep down that could possibly come out with age.

Sadly, that doesn't seem to have happened in this art.

As they've gotten older, they seem to have become even more intimidating than they were as teenagers, Kearney especially. I definitely wouldn't want to cross him. It doesn't seem like they have mellowed out much at all, but at least they seem to be still getting along very well with each other. Hopefully, the nerds of Springfield Elementary have managed to get out of the town by now, because by the looks of things these guys wouldn't think twice about continuing their humiliation tactics on those they have targeted.

At least they seem to have a good taste in music. I could definitely imagine this trio going to as many metal festivals as they could, they would really fit in there I'd imagine. Mosh pits do seem like their forte.

20 The Simpson Siblings


This great art shows us a glimpse of the possible future appearances of the children in The Simpsons family, and it's a very intriguing one. On the left, we have what actually seems to be a smug and confident Lisa for once, which is a first for this list. Standing in the center we have Bart, who is looking pretty smart but with a fierce gaze. And on the right we have Maggie, looking as calm and collected as ever, not showing her slightly more violent tendencies.

All of the siblings look like they have come into their own, but Lisa specifically seems to be very proud of that fact. That smug expression is something we have seen earlier in this list, but it was on Maggie's face instead after managing to steal Milhouse's affections from Lisa. So maybe Lisa landed Milhouse this time? It's possible, and it would certainly be a rare happy ending for Lisa in that regard. Maggie doesn't seem to care too much though; at least on the surface. Who can tell what is going on in that head of hers, but Lisa should be careful regardless.

Bart looks rather annoyed with the situation. He does seem to be successful wearing those nice clothes, but I assume adult life isn't really suiting him. You do sadly get much bigger punishments for committing vandalism with your slingshot as an adult, and skateboarding might gain him disdain from his peers for being childish at that age.

19 Crossed Paths


Bart has many possible romances as he matures into an adult. He has had quite a lot of relationships already for a ten-year-old, so he does seem to really get around despite his fear of cooties. It must be something to do with that bad boy aesthetic he tries to maintain. So as he matures into an adult, it is interesting to think who he could end up with.

This drawing shows a possibility that may be a little bit out there.

Yeah, you anime fans should recognize that girl. She is Sakura from Naruto fame and how she has managed to make her way into The Simpsons universe is quite the mystery. But it seems like they have quickly started dating and seem to get along well. The more I think about it though, the more it makes sense to me. I believe Bart's and Sakura's personalities would actually work together really well, and they seem to sometimes think along the same path.

In the picture they both seem to be trying out each others background and interests; Sakura is trying out a comic of Radioactive Man and Bart is trying out what seems to be a volume of Sailor Moon. So they seem to be in the early stages of dating, still trying to understand each other. I'm not sure if Bart would like Sailor Moon but regardless I'd love to see this pairing work out.

18 Once A Nerd, Always A Nerd


It seems that after all these years Milhouse still looks the same as ever, unfortunately. With the thick-rimmed glasses sitting on a gigantic nose and his chubby belly, it wouldn't surprise me if Nelson and company were still giving him a hard time to this day. And from that expression, it doesn't exactly look like he is having the best of times at the moment.

It's interesting to think what Milhouse could be getting up to in his adult life. He wasn't exactly stupid throughout the series, or at least he had as much intelligence as anyone else within Springfield Elementary. So I think he could have easily got a decent job. As for his problem with girls though, the fact that his appearance doesn't seem to have matured at all leads me to believe that side of things is still not going too well.

Perhaps he is still trying to chase after Lisa after all these years but he is still too awkward to make any progress with her. It wouldn't really surprise me, because he never really gave up with her throughout the series. Maybe one day everything will come up Milhouse, but I think he needs to put some more effort into his appearance and stop wetting the bed first.

17 Maggie Has Some Worrying Interests


Here we see a grown-up Maggie who seems to be around the college age, studiously reading a book. She seems to have turned out well, despite her rather tumultuous upbringing as a baby where she had access to and fired multiple guns and attacked her own father with a mallet. But it seems she has grown out of all that now and she is just reading what seems to be an educational book. Perhaps she is studying for college and actually ended up going more towards Lisa's path.

Until you notice the title of the book she is reading.

Nevermind. She is just like how we'd imagine the fierce Maggie to be. The book title reads "The Secrets of Street Fighting" which in all honesty, is information I think Maggie could do without. She already seemed to do enough damage as a baby, nevermind as an adult with actual fighting techniques under her belt. The funny part is imagining who she is aiming to use these techniques on. Her father perhaps? Their relationship has been rough at times, but I feel like he isn't the target here. He could fulfill the role of punchbag for Maggie to practice on, however.

16 Teacher Must Teach


This is a pairing that came out of nowhere, but I can actually understand the reasoning behind it. On the surface, Bart and Edna seem to dislike each other a lot; Bart is your standard delinquent after all who is always trying to get out of class or mess with other students. Of course, Edna being his teacher isn't going to enjoy all this extra hassle that he keeps causing. Although to be fair, Edna doesn't really seem to like children in general, and always acts incredibly cynical and sarcastic towards them within the class. So you would think that her having any kind of positive feelings towards a student would be far outside the realms of possibility.

However, this art tells a different story.

In this depiction, we see a young adult Bart has actually managed to get close to her, in what seems to be a romantic fashion. How could this happen? Well, there have been times within the show where Bart has actually looked out for Edna and vice versa. Bart even nominated her for the Teacher of the Year reward and spent time with her when she was depressed. It's these small things which show that their relationship is definitely a lot more complex than it first seems.

15 A Formal Occasion


In this entry, we see a Lisa who honestly is barely recognizable. And I mean that in a good way! She seems to have matured an incredible amount. She has redone her signature spiky hair into something a lot more formal and mature, topping that off with an absolutely beautiful dress. It's a huge leap from the very simple orange dress she used to wear as a child, and it's good she has moved past wearing it. Some of the other characters on this list seem to have the same fashion sense as they did when they were children (ahem, Milhouse).

Lisa definitely seems to have made it in life if she can afford clothes such as these. She looks like almost royalty in this art. It's quite hard to say what may have happened, but I think she must have become an influential person of some kind, most likely a celebrity. With her intellect, it isn't outside the realms of possibility.

But with this very formal attire it makes you wonder; what exactly is the occasion? With a dress like that it must be some kind of high-class event; perhaps even be a wedding. So insert your favorite ship here I suppose!

14 Frayed Familial Bonds


This art just exudes tension. In the image, we see Maggie (who is absolutely ripped I might add) with what seems to be a son who has taken a lot of attributes from our favorite nerd Milhouse. A middle-aged Lisa looks on with a frustrated and disapproving glare, the very type of one you see between certain members of your family during Thanksgiving. So what actually seems to be going on here?

Maggie seems to have gotten with Milhouse, and Lisa is jealous.

Oh boy. I wouldn't really want to be involved in this situation at all. I can just imagine Lisa being incredibly cynical and cold towards Maggie, while she cooly brushes it off and gets back at her by showing off how happy her family is. I definitely wouldn't want to be invited to any of their family dinners.

At least we can safely say it wouldn't come to blows because I think Lisa knows she might be a little bit outmatched against Maggie in that respect. The true winner in this image though is Milhouse; he has somehow managed to have two sisters fighting over him despite his awkward personality and nerdy appearance. I'm not too sure how he must have changed to pull it off but he did it.

13 The Springfield Bads


Speaking of antagonizing others, many of the uncool kid's woes come from these three within Springfield Elementary. From left to right we have Kearney, Jimbo, and Dolph and they can usually be found hanging around with Nelson and enacting all kinds of obnoxious behavior their victims. It's hard to believe people like that would grow out of it.

But in this drawing, we see a future where just that has happened. They are still dressed in a rather intimidating way, but from their faces, it appears like they are somewhat friendly now. Kearney actually has hair now which is jarring, but it does actually fit him. Jimbo seems to be the one who has changed the most, he is actually wearing rather bright, fashionable clothes while speaking happily to someone on the phone. Not something I'd ever expect to see from him. And finally, we have Dolph, who is looking like Skrillex to be completely honest. It's a good look for him though, it really does fit him.

As for what these guys could be possibly up to in their adult life, it is hard to say. They weren't exactly overachievers in school, but they seem to be happy enough so things must have worked out for them. And if they're a lot friendlier now, who can complain?

12 Twin Trouble


Sherri and Terri Mackleberry are an odd pair with a lot of mystery surrounding them. They are both students of Springfield Elementary, and if you somehow didn't notice, they are twins. Which one is Sherri and which one is Terri? I have no idea, and no-one else within the show ever seems to know either. Especially seeing as it seems sometimes they lie and pretend to be the other twin. They seem to have their own language, and apparently, they are actually triplets, with the third twin somewhere trying to hunt them down. Whether that is actually a thing or not we are yet to know.

But it seems in this art they have made it into their adult years just fine without any noticeable attacks from an estranged sibling. And from this depiction, it seems their personalities may have actually split apart somewhat, which is incredibly interesting. The one on the left seems very mature and calm, although with some strange bandaged hands which remains unexplained. The twin on the right though is looking rather devious and evil indeed. Not to mention the fact that she is holding the staple cartoon weapon, a frying pan.

Despite this, they still seem to be as close as ever. I don't think we'll ever get to see what is happening in their heads, and frankly from the strange way they act I don't think we wanna know.

11 A Disconcerting Stare


Ralph has always been an extremely strange one and it is very tough to follow how his brain actually works. However, he is a very well-liked character by fans of the show with many people including myself finding the strange things he comes out with cute and sometimes quite profound. He is a nice kid, who wouldn't intentionally do anything wrong to anyone.

But in adulthood, he scares me.  

I can't exactly place why, but this image freaks me out a little bit. Maybe it is the thousand-yard stare that is piercing my soul. It could just be me overreacting, but he doesn't seem as cute in this image as I remember him from the show. And when you think that within the show he has hallucinated a Leprauchan who told him to burn things before, it makes me just a slight bit wary of an adult Ralph.

Other than that not much seems to have changed with him, except he seems slightly taller. But Ralph never really seemed one to develop much with time. I can't imagine he would be doing very well in a working environment, though he does seem to actually have some amount of talent in the Performing Arts as seen a few times throughout the show. Maybe he has managed to get a job in that field. Anything that can distract that stare from me would be nice in all honesty.

10 Exotic Places


Here we see an older Bart and Lisa in a location that seems very different to Springfield, that's for sure. And they certainly seem dressed for the locale too, with Bart sporting some dreadlocks and Lisa looking very tropical herself with the flower in her hair. It's nice to see that they have done rather well for themselves and seem to be enjoying life on what looks to be a tropical island.

It's intriguing to think how such a big change happened though. In episodes of The Simpsons that depict future timelines the majority of the characters within the show still remain within Springfield, so it's surprising to see Bart and Lisa in such a new setting. It is a good change though; Lisa never seemed to really get along with the inhabitants of Springfield very much so maybe this change has been good for her, and Bart certainly seems to be immersing himself quickly into the new culture with that haircut.

They could just be on vacation but I like to think that they are actually living in this new environment. It would be a lot nicer for them, and maybe they both have good jobs over there. It'd be good to not have to worry about their father causing a nuclear meltdown at the very least.

9 Do You Even Lift?


As I mentioned earlier, Maggie managed some rather impressive albeit extremely dangerous things as a baby. She has wielded many different kinds of weapons such as a shotgun and a mallet and actually used them too. Having that kind of strength as a one-year-old is actually superhuman.

Due to that, it's not shocking that many artists choose to depict an older Maggie as incredibly ripped and buff. In the art above we see just that. And honestly, it's a look that I'd say actually fits her. With Homer being rather neglectful towards her during her very early years to the point where they actually butted heads on occasion, it's not too far-fetched to see a future where she continues to hone her strength and perhaps use it to have fun with her old hobby; tormenting her father.

Having a member of The Simpsons family being obsessed with protein and gains would be something very new, and I would actually like to see episodes that would explore this imagining of Maggie. I think she could fit into the show really well and bring some new stuff to the table. Let's just try and keep the guns and other lethal weaponry away from her.

8 Nelson Finally Finds Himself


Within the series, Nelson isn't exactly the nicest person. He is constantly pestering many of the boys in Springfield, sometimes even going as far as to annoy people much older than him. Bart is a big target of his and has been shown as his enemy multiple times. But he isn't exactly all bad. Throughout the series, there have been rare moments that have shown a completely unexpected side to Nelson.

For example, he once invited members of Springfield Elementary to attend his birthday party and when Bart convinced everyone not to go he was reduced to tears. This is one of many situations where Nelson has shown a more emotional side and it makes him a much more interesting character than one would realize at first glance.

Within this art, I like to believe Nelson has embraced his more sensitive side and ditched his obnoxious ways. He looks a lot calmer within the art and less moody, he's even smiling. It's something that could very easily happen as he matures into an adult, and it would be a really good thing. You can't get through life shouting "HA HA" at everyone after all, even if it does make you feel good.

7 Lonely Lisa


Again, we reach another image that makes me feel genuinely sad for Lisa. She really doesn't have much luck with people in the series, and it seems that in a lot of future timelines that may continue. Here we see a situation where an older Maggie and Milhouse are in a diner, openly flirting right in front of Lisa who looks on in tears. There has always been some romance between Lisa and Milhouse in the show, but at the time it seemed like it was completely one-sided from Milhouse. But it looks like Lisa did like him, and she ran out of time to make her own move.

And to make things worse, Milhouse and Maggie look to be married.

Those matching rings they seem to both be wearing don't look to be just for show. To be honest, Lisa did have plenty of chances with Milhouse. He liked her for a long time but it seems like she made a mistake and should have taken a chance on him. I mean, age has definitely treated him well. He doesn't have much left over from his nerdy childhood self, and actually seems to be pretty athletic and buff which is pretty hard to imagine. Stay strong Lisa.

6 Adult Sherri


Sherri Mackleberry makes up one-half of the infamous twins within Springfield Elementary. Her and Terri are rather strange and sometimes malevolent forces, insulting and putting down both Bart and Lisa at various points within the show. Bart even shows fear of them stating at one point that you have to be nice to them because they can easily surround you.

But here we see quite an interesting depiction of specifically Sherri. Well at least I think it is Sherri as she is wearing a handy belt with the initial "S" on it but who knows, they have been known to trick people like this before by pretending to be the other twin. She is looking quite futuristic with her fashion sense; she could easily fit into Matt Groening's other popular show Futurama looking like that. She does look rather evil too with that facial expression, and about as enigmatic as ever.

It's quite jarring to see her separated from Terri though. Hopefully, that rumor about Sherri and Terri actually being triplets with the final child hunting them down isn't true. Because otherwise, I am scared for Terri's wellbeing. It could even be possible this could be that evil triplet just posing as Sherri. Twins and triplets allow for too much confusion in storylines I swear.

5 Two Ends Of A Spectrum


Let's take a look at some Lisa pairings shall we to make up for all the sad art we have of her on this list. Here we see a cute drawing of Nelson seemingly confessing his feelings to Lisa, who actually looks rather interested. On the surface, these two don't look like they would have absolutely anything in common; Lisa is a studious young girl with an interest and determination to help with ethical issues, while Nelson is your standard school pest who picks on even her own brother Bart.

But this pairing isn't too far-fetched.

Big The Simpsons fans will know that these two have had some history in this respect. They have actually dated briefly before, with Nelson showing a good side to Lisa that he rarely shows to anyone else. Sadly, it didn't last long because Lisa realized that Nelson wasn't being true to himself in the relationship, trying his best to change to appeal to her. They just seem to be too different. But as they go into adulthood, and Nelson perhaps mellows out? It could definitely be possible then, as the major problem holding this relationship back is Nelson's delinquency. I think they could make a cute couple, so I'm gonna hope for the best.

4 The Family Is Still Going Strong


So some years on it's good to know The Simpsons family is still doing well. Homer seems to have not yet destroyed the town in a meltdown, at the very least, which we should be thankful for. Lisa has grown up to be quite successful and professional by the looks of things which wasn't very surprising given how intelligent she was at just eight-years-old (she was arguably the smartest member in the family at that age) and Bart seems to have grown up to be quite the sleaze with his expression and sloppy outfit.

But what is most interesting about this image are the two kids at the front. The one on the right seems to be Maggie going through her rebellious teenage phase. She's definitely taken more after Bart than Lisa, and knowing her rather off tendencies as a baby, it's kinda funny to imagine what she is capable of as a teenager. The one on the left though seems to be a new child, who with that hair has obviously taken after Marge. He seems like he'd be the good-natured kid to play off of Maggie's mischievousness.

It's good to know that even this far in the future, the kids of The Simpsons family are different and interesting enough to keep that family dynamic we know from the actual show going so strong.

3 Magical Feelings


In the show, Lisa had quite a fling with magic in the episode called "The Great Simpsina." If you haven't seen the episode, I recommend you do. It's a good one! But basically, Lisa finds an old magician and upon trying some tricks he shows her, quickly shows talent at it and become his full-fledged apprentice. It's a surprising skill for her to have, but for a time she genuinely amazed the residents of Springfield with her tricks.

I like to see this image as a timeline where Lisa continued as a magician through the series, chasing after it as her dream profession. But as she seemed to split up with her mentor after "The Great Simpsina" episode, she would need a new partner. Enter our nerdy friend Milhouse, who perhaps also surprising holds the same talent for magic. From there, they would gain popularity and in the meantime, maybe even get a lot closer to each other. I think it could be the spark their relationship needs for this pairing to actually take off, and we could finally have a future where Lisa managed to get Milhouse before Maggie.

It's quite far-fetched I know. But it would be amazing to see; a magician pairing touring the states. And just look at how much fun Lisa is having! You can't say no to that.

2 Animefied


Speaking of anime, here's a drawing that shows quite a Japanese interpretation of an adult Bart and Lisa. And darn, they're looking good! Lisa is looking very stylish, but as studious as ever. From the way she looks and that textbook, she seems to be carrying I'd wager she was attending a prestigious university. Bart, on the other hand, seems to be keeping up with his bad boy persona, still into skateboarding. He has seemed to have gotten into working out; he looks rather buff and even has some tattoos to complete the look. It's good to see them both doing well, but it's hard to see what Bart is currently doing with his life other than maybe being a pro skater. Which who knows! Could be possible.

Their appearances may have changed, but their personalities haven't.

I really like this art because it manages to show an interpretation of Bart and Lisa in a completely different art style while managing to keep their characters intact and recognizable. Though I wouldn't say no to seeing a two-hundred-percent anime Bart and Lisa fighting mechs. Lisa with her analytical nature providing Bart with the tactical information he needs to fight while he pulls off some sick grinds on enemy mechs. What do you mean I watch too much anime?

1 In The Background


You might be struggling to recognize this character and with good reason; she hasn't had many major roles within episodes in The Simpsons. But she is definitely a character many of you have seen before; just, for the most part, she is relegated to background scenes within Springfield Elementary.

Her name is Becky and within the show, she is in the same class as Lisa, and around the same age. What makes her stand out from the other background characters found in Springfield Elementary is that she seems to have a major crush on Bart. Every episode she has actually had a talking role in has been centered on Bart, and she has actually kissed him as part of a dare in an episode.

This art shows her as an adult, and she seems to quite the calm and music-loving person. Whether she still is in contact with Bart is unknown, but I think they would actually fit as a cute couple together. Bart definitely could do with someone more mature and reasonable in his life to stop him from getting too reckless and crazy. Not the most popular ship in the world I know, but I stand by it.

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