21 The Simpsons Kids Fan Pictures That Show The Characters After The Show

The Simpsons fans have been around since the start of the series, these artists have shown what happens when the characters grow up.

Hold your horses, The Simpsons is still on the air!?! And, Bart has yet to graduate from the 4th grade? Matt Groening's beloved cartoon wholeheartedly refuses to rock the boat. With the show's thirtieth anniversary quickly approaching, there is precious little that Homer and company have yet to accomplish. When an episode features a sentient rag, then it is safe to assume the writers might be struggling to conjure up fresh ideas. A 10-year-old prankster's life can only lead down so many paths before it hits a roadblock.

Once in a blue moon, The Simpsons leaps forward to a distant future and presents a possible faith that could await Springfield's famous family. Episodes like Lisa's Wedding and Bart to the Future offer a welcome diversion from the cartoon's status quo, but these moments are few and far between. After all these years, there is little hope for The Simpsons finding the courage to break away from its tried-and-tested formula. However, the internet exists to pick up the cartoon's slack! In hindsight, The Simpsons' decision to crystallize the cast only restricted the avenues available to explore. Which fan does not want to experience adolescence with Lisa, Bart, and Maggie?

Even if The Simpsons is utterly comfortable with taking the safe road, the same cannot be said for a fan's wild imagination! Time stops for no man and the Simpsons family is far from an exception. Here are 25 The Simpsons kids fan pictures that show the characters after the show!

21 Why You Little...

Via mrtuke.deviantart.com

At long last, Bart has broken Homer! The days of mock arguments and playful fights are over; this time, things are for real. In preparation for this momentous encounter, Homer picked up a membership at the local gym and ACTUALLY attended a couple of sessions! MrTuke opted against specifying the circumstances that led to this outburst, but Bart was hardly going to flinch in the presence of his father's tensed up muscles. If Fox ever greenlights a gritty reboot of The Simpsons, this picture could serve as inspiration. On the off chance that an executive is reading this article, please note that was a joke.

20 Winds Of Change

Via missfuturama.deviantart.com

MissFuturama's Lisa is breathtaking. Frankly, there is no other way to describe this gorgeous work of art. The Simpsons' future episodes tend to be rather kind to the family's middle child, especially when contrasted with her big brother. Bart to the Future depicts Lisa and Bart as a leader and a failed musician respectively, while Holidays of Future Passed imagines the girl as a successful businesswoman. In layman's terms, MissFuturama's painting is less of a wild guess and more of a premonition.

19 Milhouse's Shocking Wife!

Via simpspin.deviantart.com

There are only so many hints someone can drop before they decide to look elsewhere. Milhouse's love for Lisa is well documented and the kids seem destined for each other, but faith finds a way to surprise us. Lisa plans to attend college outside of Springfield and Harvard might be slightly too demanding for Milhouse. Once she experiences city life, Springfield could feel like too small of a pond. As a baby, Maggie's personality is yet to be fully defined, so there is no saying what she would be willing to do. If nothing else, Simpspin's Maggie should be perfectly equipped to protect Milhouse from any bullies.

18 Double Trouble

Via toongrowner.deviantart.com

Finally, the Mackleberry siblings quit borrowing a page from The Shining and tried out some more distinctive clothes. Even if they share the same overall design, at the very least, the colors are varied enough to differentiate between Sherri and Terri. As Springfield Elementary School's resident twins, these two can be hard to decipher and regularly speak in their own language. While toongrowner's portrait paints them as slightly normal teenagers, hopefully, their quirky charm survived the transition into adolescence. Afterall, someone has to annoy Bart!

17 Troublesome Trio

Via matsuri1128.deviantart.com

Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in! First thing first, we apologize for reminding anyone about the existence of The Godfather Part III, but this quote perfectly echoes the pure disdain expressed by Michael D'Amico's towards Sideshow Bob's son and Nelson. As the child of Fat Tony, the gang runs in Michael's blood and, try as he might, there is no escape for the promising chef. Serving stints at Springfield Penitentiary, Matsuri1128's tribute suggests that the apple did not fall far from the tree. If nothing else, these three have each other.

16 College Roommates

Via toongrowner.deviantart.com

Life would not be boring without a natural nemesis, and Jessica Lovejoy is the anti-Lisa. The daughter of a preacher man, Bart's first girlfriend is a master prankster and troublemaker. Due to her strict upbringing, Lovejoy acts out when free from her parents' supervision. On the other hand, Lisa is frequently her family's solitary voice of reason and strives to stay out of trouble. Depicted as college roommates, toongrowner's drawing sees Lisa ignoring Jessica's invitation to attend a party. Frankly, this is a spin-off worth getting behind!

15 The Show Must Go On

Via the-quill-warrior.deviantart.com

Inspired by simpspin's idea for a spin-off, The-Quill-Warrior's couch gag takes place 12 years into the future. Introducing a new kid named Eric, this sequel pushes Marge and Homer into retirement, while Bart and Lisa try to establish themselves as contributing adults. On paper, this sounds like a brilliant idea that could revitalize The Simpsons, but All Grown Up! showed that a time-skip can lead to regret. In the case of Rugrats, Nickelodeon's series went out on a high, so the sequel felt redundant. Overstaying its welcome by more than a decade, The Simpsons could benefit from such a drastic change.

14 The Simpsons Sisters

Via leif-j.deviantart.com

Leif-j's creation envisions a much older Lisa and Maggie with Gazmanafc's Lucy, an unofficial addition to the family birthed from the mind of an admirer. Going by their respective ages in The Simpsons, Leif-j's Lisa should be somewhere in her mid-20s, while Maggie is only starting to test the waters of adulthood. The art style captures the look of the show, while the author displayed enough restraint to present authentic grown-up versions of the sisters. If time catches up to Lisa and Maggie, this could be their future!

13 The Springfield Job

Via danluvisiart.deviantart.com

DanLuVisiArt's portfolio puts to shame professional artists. The author's work is some next-level stuff and his Otto tells a fascinating story. Besides being home to one of the greatest titles ever, Grand Theft Otto continues the story of Homer's secret life as Krusty the Klown's unlawful lieutenant. Hired to man the getaway car, Otto's peaceful life as a bus driver comes to a screeching halt when he ends up chewing more than he can swallow. Trapped in a dangerous situation that is way above his pay grade, Otto wishes he rejected Homer's offer to join the team.

12 Bart's Long Con

Via davoid123.deviantart.com

Davoid123's picture is okay, but its accompanying fanfiction seals the deal. Lisa might be presented as the traditionally smart member of the family, but there is more than enough evidence to suggest that Bart possesses a brain. The Simpsons paints the oldest sibling as a chronic underachiever, but Davoid123 believes that Bart has an ulterior motive. Unlike his sister, the delinquent plans to live his entire life in Springfield and has been pretending to be stupid to lure Principal Skinner and Nelson into a false sense of security. In the future, Bart will reign over them all as one of Springfield's most powerful figures.

11 Lisa's Regret

Via simpspin.deviantart.com

Regret can be a debilitating emotion, but there is no point in focusing on what could have been. As a determined eight-year-old stuck in a dysfunctional family and striving to climb the social ladder, Lisa's life has not been free of bitter disappointments. While her senior, Milhouse's friendship with Bart meant that Van Houten was always nearby. Whether she took him for granted or they simply drifted apart, simpspin obviously felt like they were not destined to go the distance. Just barely out of high school, Maggie seems to be rushing into this engagement.

10 Eight Going On Thirty

Via el-karpik.deviantart.com

After scouring through hundreds of The Simpsons-related fanart, it has become apparent that Lisa tends to take center stage. In terms of popularity, the opinionated child might fall short of the top spot, but the girl has done more than enough to endear herself to multiple generations of artists. Smart and socially-awkward, Lisa acts as the voice for any youngster dissatisfied with the status quo who yearns to change the world for the better. Admittedly, she can be somewhat naive, but this innocence only serves to further enhance her charm. el-KARPik's Lisa abandoned her youth a long time ago.

9 Armin Seymour

Via matsuri1128.deviantart.com

Referencing The Principal and the Pauper is a gutsy move, especially when not immediately succeeded by the phrase: worst episode ever. Occurring in the first half of Season 9, many fans look towards this particular moment as when The Simpsons lost its smile. Retconning a beloved character for a cheap mistaken-identity plot that resolves with the entire town committing a crime, Principal Skinner never truly recovered from this moment. Missing the person he used to be rather than the one that he became, Matsuri1128 ponders what could have been if Armin Tamzarian was left on the cutting room floor.

8 Springfield's Gothic Couple

Via milhouseclub.deviantart.com

As Bart's best friend and Lisa's biggest admirer, Milhouse exists on the periphery of superstardom. While falling short of the cartoon's most iconic characters, primarily due to having a name that fails to rhyme with "Timsons," Milhouse is the well-meaning but shy kid that people want to cheer on. Back when The Simpsons started, characters like Milhouse could not even dream of getting the girl, but times have changed. Created in honor of the youngster, MilhouseClub imagines the fictional character in a multitude of scenarios, but the content tends to revolve around Milhouse's relationship with Lisa.

7 Long Live Rock N' Roll!

Via thefightingmongooses.deviantart.com

Amidst a sea of mediocrity and disappointing cameos, Holidays of Future Passed stands as a beacon of hope that The Simpsons can still offer something of value. Even though the cartoon's glory days are long gone, the modern episodes tend to be enjoyable enough to function as background noise. Set a couple of decades in the future, Holidays of Future Passed finds Bart, Lisa, and Maggie coming to grips with parenthood. In this timeline, Maggie fronts a super popular rock band and sports a look awesome enough to inspire TheFightingMongooses.

6 Lisa "Shell" Simpson

Via semiaverageartist.deviantart.com

When you discover a style that works, embrace it! Apparently, Lisa accepted that red is her color and plans to ride that fashion wave until the end of days. SemiAverageArtist stuck close to the character designs of the cartoon, although Bart was blessed with a brand-new wardrobe. In this case, it is probably not a case of the author playing favorites, as a grown man in blue shorts and an orange shirt might look slightly sillier than a woman in a red dress. Now, what is the point in that shell?

5 The Godfather

Via mwaters.deviantart.com

Sideshow Bob might be insane, but the guy knows how to take care of his skin! In the background of MWaters's tribute to The Godfather and The Simpsons, an adult Lisa Simpson can be seen spending time with her husband and current kingpin. Obviously, the timelines are slightly muddled, but this crossover spells trouble for Bart. If the fact that Sideshow Bob is the most powerful man in Springfield was not enough, he is also Bart's brother-in-law. For his sake, we recommend catching the next plane to Austrailia and starting an ostrich farm.

4 Milhouse's Magic Touch

Via leif-j.deviantart.com

Milhouse's crush on Lisa is among Springfield's worst kept secrets, but the boy's pinning pays off! In Homer Scissorhands, Milhouse mans up and declares his love for Bart's sister, who retaliates with a swift kiss. A big moment for the characters and the show, the following season's Holidays of Future Passed pictured Lisa as Milhouse's wife, so the kiss was not just a one-off occasion. Admittedly, the thought of Lisa working as a magician is somewhat of a headscratcher, but Leif-j's couple seems overjoyed. At the end of the day, who are we to rain on their parade?

3 Where Has The Time Gone?

Via simpspin.deviantart.com

Life can be cruel. Children wish they could be adults, while adults yearn to relive their childhoods. Sadly, only one of those dreams will come to fruition. Simpspin's surprisingly emotional lineup presents television's greatest children alongside their older counterparts. Bart transformed into a fit version of Homer, Lisa could slot right onto the cover of a fashion magazine, and Maggie is built like a tank. For those wondering, the last member is Eric Simpson, the youngest child of the family and an original creation by the author.

2 Lisa, Check That Liver!

Via mastermead.deviantart.com

The Simpsons loves a touch of black humor, so we are fairly certain that Groening would approve. We bring this up because the artists' namesake for their art definitely steps in that direction (mastermead's work can be found right here). Obviously, the lovely Lisa art doesn't dig too deeply into the joke — it's a simpler look at the character from a new angle. And of course, Lisa is equipped with her trusty sax, and —oddly enough— a more obvious head of hair.

1 Never Change

Via i-love-icons.deviantart.com

Please, someone, make Lisa something to eat! She looks to be on the verge of fading away. On the other hand, Bart might want to cut down on the fast food and consider walking rather than riding a skateboard. Despite jumping forward a couple of years, i-love-icons's grown up duo appear to still be stuck in Fox mode. At the bare minimum, Bart should consider trying a new shirt or color; red is not the only shade that compliments yellow! In Lisa's case, the teenager seems to be wearing the exact same dress!

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