The Sims 4: A Definitive List Of All The Ways A Sim Can Die

Life is fleeting. This is true in real life, and it's true in the Sims. There are quite a few different ways that a Sim can punch their ticket in the Sims 4, but that doesn't necessarily spell the end of that character. There's a possibility that you can persuade the Grim Reaper to give them a pass (this time), or you could keep that character around as a ghost.

That being said, (almost) all of the ways in which your Sim can die are avoidable. If you're looking to keep a Sim around for the long haul, here's a handy guide of all the ways they can kick the bucket:

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An old classic. Veterans of the Sims series will remember this from previous games, but for newcomers, I'll spell it out here. In the older Sims titles, you could simply get your Sim to go for a swim, delete the ladder allowing them an exit from the pool, and voila: dead Sim. Nowadays in the Sims, you need to try a little harder. A Sim can still escape a ladder-less pool, but if you surround the pool with some kind of wall, well... Who knows what might happen?

10 Electrocution

It's paramount that you try and remember the skills of each of your Sims. This can be hard the more Sims you have, but it could mean the difference between life and death. One example of this is the Handiness skill. If you have a Sim that's trying to repair an electronic, it's well worth your while to check their Handiness skill. If it's low, the Sim could get electrocuted. If they get electrocuted a couple times inside of a certain period of time... then it's time to say goodbye.


One of the more obvious ones on this list, dying of hunger is a very real threat in the Sims. Don't get your Sim enough food, and they'll become understandably Hungry. After a while of being Hungry, your Sim becomes Ravenous. Go a full twenty-four hours as Ravenous, and your Sim is going to die of starvation. This is another death that isn't easy to manage, but if you're absolutely determined, it's possible.

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If you want your Sim to suffer a little bit before dying (or maybe it was an accident, we can go with that), then you could have them go the way of death by fire. If there's a fire in your home, it's imperative that your Sim has an escape route. If they don't, they'll eventually be trapped by the spreading fire, and burn to death. This has to be one of the worst ways to go out, not just because of the whole burning-to-death part, but that feeling of being trapped by the fire has to be horrible.

To be reserved only for Sims you have a particularly powerful grudge against.


If you manage to make a Rocket Ship in the Sims 4, you'll need to make sure that your Sim has the capability to properly manage it. If you go “Racing” with a low-level Rocket Skill, you can probably kiss your Rocket Ship goodbye. Similarly, if you go exploring space after stuffing fruit in the exhaust pipe, you'd better have your Will ready. (I mean, that one was self-explanatory) When your Rocket Ship crashes, it's not a sure bet that your Sim will die, but if they ignite with the rest of the wreckage, chances are they'll burn to death.

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Much like a Gremlin, if you have a Cowplant, you'd better know how to take care of it. These need to be managed properly, and if they aren't, it's a pretty easy way to an early grave. The Cowplant needs to be fed at least once every twelve hours. If you don't feed them that often, the Cowplant might resort to luring your Sim near with a cake. If the Sim still doesn't feed the Cowplant once it's been lured to it, the Cowplant will probably eat the Sim whole.


There's a variety of reasons your Sim can become Embarrassed, and usually, it's not that big of a deal. Your Sim will probably just have a bad day, but they'll shake it off and move on. Sometimes though, the experience is so traumatizing as to be dangerous. The progression through the Embarrassment effect goes Embarrassed, Very Embarrassed, Humiliated, and Mortified. The longer your Sim is Mortified, the more that Sim is risking death.

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Very similar to Embarrassment, your Sim can become Angry for a variety of reasons. However, if your Sim lets that Anger control them for too long, they'll become Very Angry. Eventually, they'll make it to Furious, and finally, they'll become Enraged. Stay enraged too long, and it could be the last thing you ever feel.


The polar opposite of Anger, your Sim can become Hysterical if they find something too funny. The progression goes Playful, Very Playful, Silly, and the final nail in the coffin, Hysterical. Just like Mortified and Enraged, if your Sim is Hysterical for too long, they'll liable to die on you.

I'd imagine comedian Sims have quite the burden on their hands, losing friends left and right simply because they told a joke that was just too good.


One day, you'll find your Sim looks in the mirror and realizes that youth has left them in the rear view mirror. When that day comes, they'll need to be a little more careful. Simple things that their younger selves could do is going to wear them out a bit more than it used to, and eventually, they'll get Tired. Dangerously Tired. Once that happens, it's imperative to give that Sim a rest. If you don't, you're risking death by Overexertion.


And then, there's the unavoidable truth of life. No matter how careful you are, no matter how you play your cards, one day, you've got to move on. Your Sim will take one last look at the world, draw one final breath, and go on to the next adventure, whatever it may be.

There are a couple of ways to delay and counteract the aging process in the Sims 4, though, all earned through activities in the game. If you're on a quest for immortality, then you'll have your work cut out for you.

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