The Sims 4 Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday With Free Stuff

The Sims 4 team’s Maxis Monthly Livestream has just seen the announcement of a selection of free content, coming to PC users in a patch later this week. The short stream was the first Maxis Monthly to be broadcast from the team's brand new set and discussed some much-desired new features, which are coming in the celebratory update. There was also an episode of SimsTV from the Firemonkeys studio, which discussed new content for The Sims Mobile.

The Sims 4 update was expected due to the release of Realm of Magic next week. Pre-DLC updates are common and often include some new content. This one celebrates The Sims 4’s fifth birthday and includes a range of Muslim inspired clothing, a selection of build and buy items, and some very customizable stairs.

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The clothing selection was said to be created in conjunction with designers and inspired by Muslim fashion trends. It includes a Hijab which is a great feature to further increase diversity and cultural representation within the game. Other items include some traditional girl’s dresses and smart shirts for boys.

In terms of build and buy mode, the big news for builders is the stairs. We were shown a new feature which allows stairs to be fully customizable, meaning L shaped stairs will be possible.

SimGuruGraham had even built an M.C. Escher inspired staircase in honor of the occasion.

As well as the stairs, which sent builders in the chat wild, we also saw a range of other build and buy items. Themed around pool parties, the items include a selection of lounge chairs with matching seats, a new table with tablecloth, some side tables, new fences, banisters, and deck foundations.

The swatches for the chairs and tablecloth include some iconic Sims items, including the plumbob, pink flamingos, and grilled cheese, as well as more traditional options.

As well as Sims 4 news, the Firemonkeys team also brought us news from The Sims Mobile; a range of items from the Moschino Stuff Pack is being brought to the game. Also, there are some new cooking themed events coming to the mobile version of the game. These are the Kitchen Klash and Fine Dining events. Both will reward a selection of cooking and kitchen-themed items.

You can see the objects in more detail by watching the video of Maxis Monthly on Twitch.

The Sims 4 update will be coming to PC on September 5 and Realm of Magic is due to be released on September 10. Console users will get the patch before Realm of Magic is released for them on October 15.

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