25 False Things About The Sims 4 That Everyone Believed

The Sims series has continued to expand its virtual world. When the game initially released, there was only one neighborhood and a few community lots. The series quickly expanded to different neighborhoods with different themes and species to control.

The Sims 3 introduced an open world experience to players. Sims finally had the freedom to walk around their neighborhoods to meet with friends. Unfortunately, there were significant issues with the game, which meant that some players had to wait through long loading times to play. Fans weren’t shy with their criticism of the problems. They hoped that a potential sequel to the series would resolve these issues.

The Sims 4 attempted to create a smoother gameplay experience, while also improving upon the series. With so much hype growing around the sequel, rumors quickly spread online. Social media only increased the rate of these lies. Some gamers began to circulate edited photos and screenshots, only to disappoint real fans. The Sims’ community managers have had to work hard to stop the rumors before they spread, but can’t stop everything. The false facts have only increased as more content for The Sims 4 is in development. There are many features from past games that fans want to see in the latest game.

Our list compiles some of the worst false facts that made Sims fans question fact and fiction. These things have either been confirmed as fake or eventually added to the game. It’s an excellent reminder to wait for EA to confirm what’s real or fake before you get excited.

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25 Give Sims A Taste Of Farm Life

via: sims4-fr.com

Some may think that farming in a video game is a silly concept. With the success of games like Farming Simulator and Stardew Valley, players are taking an interest. Gardening is available in The Sims but on a limited basis.

When there was news of a farming-themed expansion pack, fans were excited.

Unfortunately, it wasn't real. The story hit due to a poll being run by SimGuruGrant on Twitter. He asked what features players would want in a farming expansion and only stated he would "do something" with the results.

24 The Ability To Travel Underground

via: modthesims.com

Sims can't own cars yet in the fourth game. If they want to visit a community lot, they'll have to take taxis or walk. This isn't a drawback for some. Some players prefer not to deal with the hassle of owning a vehicle. There were rumors that more public transportations would become available.

A significant feature would include a subway. Sims could take the train to different neighborhood locations. This turned out to be an April Fools Joke. There's no confirmation that any underground transit would ever come to The Sims 4.

23 Making Microtransactions Really Micro

via: newsweek.com

Expansion packs offer new animations, objects, and other features to improve the lives of your Sims. They cost more money than the item packs but are well worth the price. Stuff Packs offer a few more animations and clothing, but nothing on the level of an EP.

With the rise of microtransactions, fans worried that EA would ditch EPs for Stuff Packs. This sounds great for fans who want to pick-and-choose their content, but tough for fans who can’t afford to buy every pack. Luckily, this was quickly proven to be untrue.

22 We Wanted To Take The Wheel

via: youtube.com (Barış Coşkun)

Many gamers hoped to see a greater emphasis placed on vehicles in The Sims 4. They wanted to drive around the neighborhood to visit their friends, attend a community lot, or head out on vacation.

Fans wondered how in-depth driving would be since The Sims 4 would be developed with the latest technology.

It even had the possibility of being an FPS experience. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 removed almost all vehicles from the sequel. Fans couldn’t own a car or drive them. There’s hope this will change in the future.

21 See The Wind In Their Hair

via: thesimsresource.com

The Sims 4’ Create-A-Sim went through a massive overhaul. Fans could change up almost every part of their Sims and their pets. Fans hoped that the game’s graphics would also become more realistic. In previous games, hair was more stationary and lacked movement.

Some gamers wanted to see their Sims’ hair move in the wind or get wet in the shower. Many recent games aren’t capable of this yet. The Sims 4 did release with more hair options but didn’t have the capabilities to make it ultra-detailed.

20 Making Every Character Unique

When The Sims 4 was first released, fans were excited that they could customize almost everything. Gamers could go into fine detail to bring their Sim to life. Sadly some customization options were unavailable.

All Sims have set heights, depending on their age group. Since real life humans all have different heights, players were disappointed at the lack of customization. Edited photos of a height slider tricked fans into believing it would be implemented into the game, but it was nothing but a hoax.

19 Watch Your Sims Roam Free

via: simcitizens.com

The Sims 3 was an open world game. Sims could travel around the world with little holding them back. Unfortunately, there were significant software issues. Fans hoped that the problems would be fixed in the sequel without removing the open world. When the first screenshots were released, they saw the neighborhoods were larger with NPCs walking around.

Fans began to become concerned that Sims had too much freedom.

They wondered if The Sims would become more autonomous. This wasn't true. There are settings to control your Sims' every movement or allow them some freedom.

18 Create A Natural Disaster

via: simsvip.com

The Sims 2 first introduced weather. Sims could now enjoy a variety of seasons. Unfortunately, bad weather had its consequences. Players would have to deal with getting shocked by lightning or cleaning up damage after a storm.

When Seasons was announced for The Sims 4, fans wondered how bad the weather could be. There were rumors that tornados, hurricanes, or worse would be added. The rumors all began from screenshots and were quickly debunked. Sims won't have to worry about bad weather ruining their day or even their homes.

17 A Tablet-Only Experience

via: thesimscatalog.com

The Sims is no longer exclusive to computer players. The series is available on consoles, handhelds, mobile devices, and at one time, social media websites. EA and Maxis are always updating The Sims on mobile devices.

Some gamers began to believe that they were developing a game only for iOS devices. They know how popular Apple devices are and feared PC and console gamers would get left out. It was proven false that EA would exclusively release content on iPads. The Sims 4 has continued to support all devices for years.

16 Put Your Pool Party On Hold

via: modthesims.com

When The Sims 4 was released, fans assumed it would come with all content from the previous games. They expected to see the game upgraded with new items and features, but not removing any material. One of the most important pieces of content were swimming pools. Sims not only use them for exercise but also as fun boosting activities.

Pools were not included in the release of The Sims 4.

In a statement, the developers said they wanted to spend more time on improving the Sims themselves.

15 A New Way To Dine

via: simsvip.com

The Sims 4 has many activities for Sims to enjoy. There are several community lots to socialize or learn something new. Rumors were being shared about new restaurants. Sims could take their friends out on group meals or on a romantic date. The new expansion pack was rumored to be named "Fine Dining." The tagline was "Take your Sims to the bistro!"

Sharp-eyed fans immediately spotted that the image was from The Sims 3's Barnacle Bay. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways for Sims to enjoy a meal outside of their homes.

14 Not Everyone Can Run It

via: forums.thesims.com

Many fans had to miss out on The Sims 3 due to the software issues. They may have had high-end computers but still faced long loading times. This made fans worry that The Sims 4 would require more hardware upgrades. This was completely false.

Maxis tried their best to make The Sims 4 run better on all computers, including older machines. Fans didn't have to worry about upgrading or getting a new computer to enjoy the new installment in the series.

13 A Modern Style Of Living

via: youtube.com (NU89)

Sim fans are a talented group. They create custom content and share it with other gamers. This content can appear so realistic that fans can't tell if it's made by Maxis or a fan. Images began spreading of modern furniture in The Sims 4.

Fans immediately assumed that Maxis was working on a new stuff pack themed after modern-style furniture.

It was only a false fan assumption. A talented modder did create modern furniture, but it was never included in the game.

12 It Would Be Existing Content Only

via: redbull.com

Mods have been part of The Sims since the first game. Fans wanted to create content of their favorite characters and items to use inside the game. With EA and Maxis releasing more Stuff Packs, fans began to worry that EA would limit content. Luckily, this was untrue.

EA has not restricted players to only use the items released in the game. There's even a store for custom content available for gamers to upload and download content for free. The only drawback is that custom content is not checked for issues by EA or Maxis.

11 Amuse Your Sims?

via: tikissims3corner.weebly.com

The Sims 1 included community lots with imposing amusement parks. Since the unique objects were released, we haven't had an amusement park expansion yet. The Sims 4 has a few lots where sims can celebrate various festivals, but they are limited to a few food booths and activities.

That hasn't stopped modders from creating unique content for the game, but this has confused some gamers. They believed that EA was creating an expansion pack with an amusement park theme. Sims could enjoy various park rides, food booths, and games to win prizes.

10 The Dreaded "Always Online"

via: forums.thesims.com

Most consoles and pc games require an internet connection to play a game. "Always online" games are increasing in popularity, but it leaves out many games. Some have unreliable internet connections or data limits. They can't afford to always stay connected.

The Sims 4 players don't have to worry about always staying online for a single player game.

Players connect to check for game updates but can disconnect while they enjoy the game. They may have to reconnect if they download custom content from the EA social website.

9 Social Media Plays A Bigger Role

Social media has become an important part of gaming. Many use social platforms to connect with friends or share photos with others. Some worried that EA would force users to log in to The Sims launcher with a Facebook or Twitter account.

Luckily, EA does not require users to log in with anything except an Origin account. They have to verify that players own the game and any additional content before the game launches. This may not be cut from the game any time soon, but is done as a security measure.

8 Have To Pay To Play

via: kotaku.com

The Sims series all have expansion packs and stuff packs to add more content. The base games can only contain someone for so long. When The Sims 4 was announced, fans expected there to be downloadable content along the line. Some take more illegal routes to play their favorite game.

There are serious issues that can happen if you decide to steal the game. One user tried to play the game after obtaining it illegally. As they began playing, the entire screen started to slowly pixelate. The soundtrack didn't turn off, but there was no way to keep playing.

7 Reducing Their Feelings

via: honeywellsims4news.tumblr.com

The Sims 2 introduced hilarious animations. Fans loved watching their Sims react depending on what situation they were in. The Sims 3 traded these amusing animations to make a more realistic game.

Fans were disappointed to see their Sims less expressive.

Gamers worried about what would happen in the next sequel. After viewing the Create-a-Sim screen, some assumed that emotions would be reduced even more. The Sims 4 introduced more emotions, making the characters more lively than the previous installment.

6 For Smartphones Only?

via: youtube.com (Sims 4 Mobile)

The Sims 4 was released when mobile gaming was increasing in popularity. Fans wanted to take their favorite games on the go. Many couldn't wait to go home to play. Rumors began circulating that The Sims 4 would be a smartphone-only game. It was unlikely that The Sims would ever stay on mobile.

The Sims Freeplay exists, but it doesn't have the same capabilities as the full game. EA has not announced plans to make The Sims a mobile-exclusive series any time soon.

5 Enjoy With A Friend

via: youtube.com (Theo Jabalde)

The main titles of The Sims series have always been single-player games. The exceptions were a Facebook game and The Sims Online, which is only running now thanks to fan-hosted private servers. Fans began to speculate that The Sims 4 would introduce multiplayer. This would enable gamers to share their Sims with others without uploading them on the EA Social site.

Others wanted to play The Sims 4 with their favorite online streamers. At the same time, some players feared they would be forced to play online with others. EA hasn't announced any form of multiplayer in the future.

4 Can We Remove Those Pesky Bugs?

via: modthesims.info

Previous Sims games had small ways of punishing unclean Sims. If they left food out for too long, it would become spoiled. If that spoiled food wasn't disposed of, bugs would attack a Sims' house. There were rumors that The Sims 4 would once again introduce those disgusting pests. If one wanted to get rid of them quickly, they could call an Exterminator service.

An NPC wearing an Exterminator uniform would drive to the house and get rid of any unwanted bugs.

Unfortunately, it was all an elaborate hoax created by SimGuruGraham.

3 Experience Every Walk Of Life

via: sims-online.com

The Sims introduces all of the stages of life. Fans assumed that they could make a Sim pregnant, have a baby, raise it to toddlerhood, childhood, teenage years, then become an adult. Fans were happy that they would become a Young Adult, which is younger than an Adult, but it came at a cost. Toddlers were not added to the game.

EA explained that they wanted to focus on other gameplay elements. Due to fan demand, toddlers were added three years later in 2017.

2 Sorry, Console Gamers

via: simsvip.com

There was a lot of excitement around the release of The Sims 4. After the previous sequel, gamers hoped that their computers would meet the minimum requirements.

Since the game would offer much more content and a more detailed Create-a-Sim, console players began to worry. They wondered if they would be left out of the release, similar to the base game. Their worries were proven right until 2017. At the end of the year, The Sims 4 was finally released on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Now everyone can enjoy all that The Sims 4 has to offer.

1 Abandoning The Game Early

via artistryingames.com

As soon as The Sims 4 was released, fans were talking about The Sims 5. A new The Sims game sequel is published every four or five years, which makes fans think that a new series is coming soon.

The Sims 4 continues to be popular with fans and developers.

Senior Producer Grant Rodiek said in an interview that the team is planning on development on The Sims 4 for the next three years. Though there's excitement over the upcoming sequel, developers aren't giving up on Sims 4 any time soon.

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